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  1. yes i am very upset and im not having a go or saying it was his fault directly he asked for opinions so this is mine.i was merely saying if this was troubling him so much then he should have looked into it first or refused to do it. simple. if poison wasn't put down then cats / dogs wouldnt die.
  2. mice / rats you still put poison down !!! cats can eat mice/rats who have eaten poison this can cause a death. this is called secondary poisoning. maybe a bit of research before the decision was made not asking opinions after the fact
  3. No you didn't do the right thing. My beautiful cat has just been killed by someone Inhumanely killing rats with rat poison !!! Never put rat poison down there are other ways and means of getting rid if rats !!
  4. moorlands at owler bar sat and sundays only all you can eat fab
  5. yes bethsmummy a school not been awarded appeal letter. were are in catchment my little boy has special needs but the school is a catholic school but def the best for his needs in the area, so catholics get priority first, hes on the waiting list but will be appealing. thanks naomi13 will be looking on the net for inspiraton.
  6. hi really struggling on how to start a school appeal letter any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  7. apparently they do, the security guard just inside the door with the official looking tv stand on it records you as you drive in the carpark (so smile) and the cameras on the front of the store records the entire carpark, to monitor how long your stay is. they dont like to get involved in any other kinds of disputes. frustrating i know as its happened to myself not too long ago
  8. Hi, I was so undecided on where to go so decided to save a little longer and just booked yesterday to go to Florida next year I'm so excited, thanks to everyone for your advice. Looks like I'm braving the Sheffield winter afterall bbbrrrrrrrrrr.
  9. lol thats fine someone recommended cuba to us too
  10. can anyone recommend any where hot to go at christmas please ?? we are wanting really nice beaches and guaranteed good weather ,we have 3 children 2 teenagers and a 3 yr old but all are happy with beaches .need to escape the drizzle of the uk! thankyou in advance
  11. I've got a virus called csrss.exe on my laptop. And can't get rid of it. Any help appreciated !! thanks
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