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  1. there's one at Harewood House i think, seem to remember seing an advert.
  2. but there's no good reason for him to be nebbing through the window is there?
  3. i only use EF lenses. i have EOS film bodies and a digital SLR, the focal length changes but all that means is 28mm becomes 40mm (on a cropped sensor camera that is) AF still works. Use it, enjoy it.
  4. Harrison's won't give you a great price. Sadly old cameras aren't always particularly valuable. What are they?
  5. not keen on the different colours on the sky and water. sorry.
  6. film, if processed well and stored correctly will keep for almost ever. Will digital files? i like film, i shoot it alongside my EOS 40D DSLR. I have a compact that i paid £2 for, a 35p EOS 1000f, an EOS 33 and an EOS 100, they're all but worthless but priceless to me.
  7. consider me for first refusal on the lenses if you decide to sell please.
  8. you can still drive it to a place of repair, just park in gear with the front wheels turned towards the kerb.
  9. the one on darnall is called Mehran's. Or it was, they used to do a "belly buster" took me 2 days to eat.
  10. "parked at the bottom of the hill" they're often situated in places like that, and where it drops from National Limit to 30 or 40. It's too easy.
  11. could be one of many things; coil spring, drop link, bushes. Needs popping into the garage soon as possible.
  12. have you informed the school or local plod?
  13. hmm, you can legally drive it *to a place of repair or MOT station* the place of repair could be home or to wherever, let the buyer trailer it. A car doesn't have to be tested or taxed to sell it.
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