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  1. Looked for recent threads on this perennial topic but they all seemed a bit old, hence me starting a new one! So, does anyone have any recommendations for swimming lessons for young kids (6 & 3)? My daughter (6) has been in lessons for three years and my lad (3) for one year and progress hasn't been great. I won't name the current provider but both me and my wife gave grown increasingly frustrated with the current provider: the classes are too big (often 8 or 9 kids for my son's class), it's way too noisy (4 different classes in a medium-sized pool means they can't always hear) and they get v little individual attention (I'm in the water with my lad for his lessons and we're lucky if the teacher checks on him twice during the lesson, even though he's clearly struggling with the exercises). It's time to try somewhere else! Any recommendations? Ideally, looking for somewhere with class sizes of 6 max!
  2. Ging - it's round by the Aston bypass - about half a mile away by my reckoning. By the sounds of it, we'd stil get a whiff of it now and then. Still, it's good to hear it's not a constant hum! Am I right in assuming it's worse in summer?
  3. I'm currently looking at a property around Woodhouse Mill/(west) Swallownest & found a thread from some 7 years ago about how smelly (or not) the sewage works at Woodhouse Mill is. What's it currently like? I heard there were some site works done to reduce the smell circa 2006 but I wondered if it's still as bad as it was?
  4. Have now sorted for the work to be done this weekend. Many thanks to all who posted!
  5. Can anyone recommend a joiner/carpenter who can sort out repairs to wooden windows? part of the timber at the foot of the window (on the inside) is rotten but is detachable from the rest of the frame (which seems sound) and therefore should be repairable. Have tried a post on ratedpeople.com but alas no nibbles. any recommendations welcome! (p.s. as username might suggest, we're in S7)
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