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  1. Lex Barker and Gordon Scott. Johnny Sheffield was "Boy". Tarzan actors depend on the era you are searching for.
  2. Interesting, we had an Albert Lupton an ex Royal Marine from WWII who taught PT at Owler Lane Sec; Int; in 1956. I wonder if he could have been related. I imagine he would be in his late 80's if he is still with us.
  3. My mate from the Navy was in the Fire Brigade, he attended the National Carriers disaster and was very badly burned. He has never worked since. He still lives in Sheffield.
  4. Are Bev and Andy still running the Coach and Horses for Eddy Housley ??
  5. I remember in the early 50's seeing young lads carrying trays of beer in the mornings. This was on Penistone Road and was for the furnace-men and hammer drivers. Imagine this in todays PC and H&S world.
  6. My apologies Janner and a sad story regarding the Tyne. We had similar on the Lincoln in the Fez '64. Our CERA jumped over the side and was never seen again.
  7. Obviously you don't like Ex MAA's Janner.
  8. Sorry, I don't want to hijack this thread to Royal Navy, but I thought Janner would like pictures of his "Old Ships". Thanks for your forbearance. http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l279/rba93/hmsunicornmpl805.jpg
  9. Here you go Janner. From one old Matelot to another. http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l279/rba93/tyne.jpg
  10. " When you go home, tell them and say, For your tomorow we gave our today". We will remember them.
  11. Going up to Sheffield on the 17th July. On the 19th I will be in the Shakespeare at Hillsboro' enjoying a few pints with my old school pals. Then the usual things.
  12. My apoligies, it was De La Salle where my mates went. Both Hillsboro' lads. Not being RC, I'm not up with the schools.
  13. Two of my mates attended Notre Dame in the 50's. Kevin Meehan later to join the Royal Navy and Jimmy Sellars later to become a Metallurgist. Do you know them>>
  14. Hi Roger, This is Pete Swann. You were my scoutmaster many moons ago up until I joined the Navy at 15. You knew my sister Anne. I called on you a few times at the "Pig" after I left the RN. Good to know you are still around. I have many fond memories of you. Keep well.
  15. I am up there myself on Thursday, 17th July, for a long weekend. I am meeting some schoolpals from Hillsboro' Infants circa 1950. Looks like the Shakespeare at Hillsboro Corner will be taking a bashing on the Saturday Lunch. I may have chance to see Pat but my schedule is pretty full. We'll have to see. Good to see your meetings are progressing.
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