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  1. I really wanted to ask the forum for their stories about property buying in Sheffield. My experience has been dreadful. I wanted a 2nd house as a buy to let. I found the property, negotiated the price and found contractors to update the home to a high standard. However, the property had a useage issue which needed local authority paperwork. It should have been simple but no mainstream lender would fund the house simply due to it's use class. Instead, I was told on many occasions that I would need a bridging loan costing a collosal £7000 per MONTH interest until the council had made it's changes! Five months later and dozens of phone calls, the Est agent has gazumpt my bid for someone elses and the whole process has been a waste of time for me. The agent has been useless. Failing to keep in touch, failing to ask even once whether I needed any help to buy the house. The moral of this story is - do not hesitate with the right property for you, and dont trust estate agents who are there for their own commission and their clients, not for you the buyer.
  2. Really surprised to see that the co-op in Firth Park has closed. Co-op say the store was unprofitable, but it has been in the village since 1950. Not only that but it had competition from it's next door store Fine Fare/Gateway/Kwik Save etc and always thrived. So how come it suddenly became unprofitable? Was it the range of goods, value, customer service or other issues that has ended decades of co-op? I feel saddened that one by one national names have left Firth Park leaving it with few quality shops left.
  3. First data or worldpay. Don't pay over 1.1 on transactions and £15 per month for the machine. Ignore paypal, its too easy for them to suspend you.
  4. Hi, We have run one in the past. You will need access to reliable part time staff, at least one sign written vehicle (with a knowledge of a good hire company as backup), an account with a janitorial supplier, a telephone line with unlimited outbound calls (keeps costs down and allows your telemarketing calls), matching fleeces which can be easily washed and a margin of at least 30% nett after costs. Remember that commercial cleaning offers add ons like floors, carpets and regular work, domestic can be personality led by the rapport you gain with the client. Check with your insurance broker for the right cover and employ a good accountant and book keeper to ensure legitimancy in all affairs, especially paye. Lots more to consider but done correctly it can be a good business.
  5. Thanks for the reply but we prefer Laundrypoint, always get such good service from them
  6. Hi, Laundrypoint are the best in the city for dry cleaning. They are open 7 days and have a 24/48 hr turnaround for suits. They are on 01142666000
  7. Hi, Laundrypoint are working with Hallam FA to offer a flat 12.00 on all sports kit washing in Sheffield. It is dependant upon a lot of clubs using the service where they just drop it off and the company do the rest. Are you involved with a club in Sheffield? Contact Laundrypoint to set it up with your club - tel 01142666000
  8. Thankyou ann and lyndix. We have been back to Laundrypoint today, they took 2 hours to clean our duvets and even sealed them in a bag for us to protect from the rain. We just can't get better than that. They are also open 7 days. xx http://www.laundrypoint.co.uk
  9. The wig n pen on campo lane behind the catherdral can handle that, great service
  10. Bellhouse rd would be excellent. The missing service there is delivery plus later opening hours. Greggs do v well there but there could well be a gap for traditional evening meal delivery - hardly anyone on just eat doing that! Also, godfather pizza on carlisle st east is for sale. If that switched to sandwiches and delivered, theres no one on that ind est until the portakabin near tesco.
  11. There is an ideal premesis coming up on south rd walkley. Opposite adsa, it's currently a huge antique shop closing down. It's on a major bus route and the rent won't be much. Needs a repaint and a bit of tlc. Oh, theres also no competition until siv at hillsborough.
  12. There is an ideal land at the junction of wortley rd opposite the jet petrol station in s35. It was used as a car boot for years and has access to M1 jcn 36. For foodstalls, ask nikki baker at eat sheffield (part of hallam uni) as she is linked to all the local foodstalls
  13. Hi, the hand car wash on rutland rd next to challenger do caravans. Also, laundrypoint on barber rd clean caravan sofa cushions, curtains and bedding. http://www.laundrypoint.co.uk
  14. Hi, 3 main business networking companies in sheffield. The firm, run by alan fenn Networking by becki jones Federation of small business at costco. Remember to use networking as an addition to your marketing and dont get sucked into spending most of your day networking, easily done!!
  15. Before you sign with footprints, talk to garry thickett & co, he specialises in start ups incl payroll.
  16. Hi, I would start with Dale Robinson at the source, meadowhall. He helps start new businesses. Then, lookup Andy Hanselman, a business mentor in the city, both very well recommended.
  17. Yes, laundrypoint on Barber Rd Walkley are our choice as well. We have been going there for a couple of years now - big machines! http://www.laundrypoint.co.uk
  18. pa jewellery at commonside walkley repair rare and valuable watches.
  19. launderettes / dry cleaners. Just up from Hillsborough off South Rd is Laundrypoint launderette and dry cleaners. We have used them since speedclean closed and wouldn't go anywhere else. Free parking as well. http://www.laundrypoint.co.uk
  20. Laundrypoint on Barber Road are one of the busiest in the region for curtain dry cleaning. We have used them for over two years and the service has been great. http://www.laundrypoint.co.uk
  21. We have used Laundrypoint on Barber Road for a couple of years now. They have always done a great job with our bedding and dry cleaning. Hope this helps.http://www.laundrypoint.co.uk
  22. Ask nicola at the sandwich stop at commonside. She is linked to great value caterers and has never let us down. Tel 2670005,
  23. Hi there, I wonder if Betty Simmonite the florist is still in the castle market in Sheffield. She has years of experience. Alternatively, florascope at Firth Park have a great range. Good Luck.
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