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  1. cheer corsaman132 wasnt gona take it apart myself anyway but thanks for the warning
  2. Asking price: £000 Condition of item: N/A Location: S2 Further details Need ps3 repair, i have yellow light of death i think its a motherboard issue but i put a fan to up to the rear vents and it started working now its dead again so need a cheap fix let me know your price, thanks Interested? Questions? To contact seller, click on their user name to access the Email or Private Message forms.
  3. the storm8 apps are ok, they pass the time but there not apsolutely brilliant
  4. also with the android phones, certain android phones will only support certain apps but with the iphones they will all support and apps in itunes
  5. yeah its android, but it depends which colour there is the black 1 has a higher version of of android
  6. if i had 1 of each of the android based and iphone an needed cash i wouldn't be able to choose either, i have the htc hero and it is brilliant but i'd still love a iphone, i no this makes no sense but thats my opinion i cant decide lol
  7. the name of the bike is specialized rockhopper but it says FSR of the rear suspension
  8. my brothers bike was stolen outside the hillsborough leisure centre earlier this afternoon, its got a white frame with yellow and black logos, its full suspension with bomber front suspension and red and black tyres, if anyone has seen it or sees it who is local or lives close please would you let me know asap. thanks
  9. iv been robbed 14times but im still here lol
  10. i didnt see that but last week i saw a car near peace gardens that had hit a bin the the bin hit a bmw motorbike :/ the motorbike owner **** believe his eyes
  11. if that is so then i wil pick up the sandwich an put the frog on it a feed it to the old lady
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