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  1. They should be slapped with a 99 percent tax. If they can charge outrageous thousands of percent in interest - which they do -- then they should be paying similarly outrageous taxes on all of it. I'm actually amazed the UK allows these companies even to exist. They simply don't exist in most other countries, including some of the third world countries I've lived in.
  2. Shame the Boardwalk is not still with us. Have you tried The Greystones" ?
  3. Saw this at the Showroom yesterday, and could not believe what a sick film it was, never mind the stereotyping. Even more surprised that I've read good reviews in the "liberal" media, without condemnation of some of the appalling misognistic scenes and characterisations in it. Stay away unless you want to come out of the cinema feeling sick.
  4. The person you know, could be paying a higher rent, if they are in private accommodation, the rents are much higher than in council homes.If they have kids, disabilities, different incomes, different age etc can all make a difference to whether they qualify or not. Youve got nothing to lose by putting in a claim, but assesors cannot tell you about the other persons details
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