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  1. I have got 2 sets for free - they are plastic and are the right height for climbing up onto a chair/sofa/bed. They are beige and brown so don't look tacky in a living room. I had them for my 3 legged cat who prior to purchasing these, used to pull himself up clawing the chairs. Lost him recently to old age. Also have nice blue/beige fluffy cat bed. Laundered and sanitized.
  2. Took Dad today, he was beginning to look like Cousin It out of the Addams Family! - Had to revisit the original post just to say he looks amazing. What a really smart haircut! He used to go into various barbers around Hillsborough and maybe because he's in his 80's it was always bog standard old guy haircut. It's knocked a few years off and he looks well cool. All for £8.
  3. Hi. does anyone have a phone number for the hairdressers (near Oceana fish bar). I think it used to be a barber's. Found a new name which is 'Hair Wise' but no number listed anywhere. Many thanks, stay safe everyone.
  4. Brilliant - thank you for that. - Off to come up with some kind of plan.....
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply but link unfortunately not worked. Will try another forum. Problem is each forum mod moves my query into general covid site/thread and it gets missed.
  6. Firstly can I apologise for putting this in general discussions but I cannot find the info I need on other threads. Could anyone who has been to the Arena vaccination centre lately advise whether it's a true drive through i.e. stay in car throughout the procedure and any waiting time, or do we need to walk at some point? - even a few steps. I am a carer for 2 family members who are unsteady walking or standing any length of time without support. Unfortunately I am no longer able to lift or push a wheelchair as I (unwisely) put off a hip replacement prior to the Covid crisis. We cannot use volunteer services as the above persons have anxiety issues with new carers and apparently none of us fit into the 'housebound' profile, which in a pure sense is fair. Many thanks for your help & stay safe everyone,
  7. Cheers! and thank you for your reply. Much Appreciated.
  8. Hi, hope everyone is keeping well. Just been past Tesco Express in the car and it looks closed - its the one our shopper uses so need to let her know. Also wondered if it's temporary/reason? Thank you!
  9. Hi, Absolutely brilliant place to be. Something for everyone. Wonderful scenery/walks/good bus service/decent school/doctors/pubs and garden centers with cafes. People pass the time of day and are interested in newbies. We moved my elderly Dad onto Loxley Road six years ago from Essex and were worried about uprooting him. Now he tells me the neighborhood news! Can't wait for things to get back to normal. Stay safe everyone.
  10. - Noticed what looked like a small secondhand clothes shop on the opposite corner to Tesco Express, next to the chippy. Does anyone know whether this is a charity shop, or new business? I only get out by car and it would be very near to take a few bits to. We donate via the collection bags already but would like to help locally if they'd like some of the newer items. Many thanks!
  11. Ferretman is replying to my post about Chinese 2 Night on Wisewood Road - post moved, so title lost in transit. - He's absolutely right in his observation, thats why we stopped using it too. So pleased we had a flip and tried it once more, as its back to original standard and better. - Hope they keep it up as its so handy for us.
  12. Wow! - We haven't ordered here for a few months. Had 3 meals last week and the same tonight, so order was varied. Absolutely brilliant! Food very quick, HUGE amount and flavours lovely. Whatever they are doing (and who is cooking it) they're spot on for us. Someone else is going to have to wash up, because I can't move. Lol.
  13. Thank you so much again for all the help you have given - I've got it now! The bit about the ramraid really made us laugh though, on an otherwise sad and awful day. H.
  14. Thank you so much for the advice Tesco is my safest place mobility-wise. Never been advised of a card limit - just wasn't sure if the machine has a top payout. I need £700 so fingers X'ed. - H
  15. Hi Folks, Just a quick question - does anyone know the cash withdrawal limit at Tesco Infirmary Rd? I've just had a panic call for cash from one of the kids. I don't walk well and although I can normally get parked up near enough to my bank, I'm worried as it's busy with Xmas. We went to Hillsborough the other day and I really struggled to get 50 yards from the nearest carpark. Thanks, H
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