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  1. I know what you mean Alko, as I was waiting to cross there today the lights went red and as we stepped out a car came flying past who had obviously ignored the red light. I neither like driving round it or trying to cross there!
  2. Fantastic pub, really love it. Friendly staff and a great outside decking area. Good beers, dog friendly and.....Also have to be the best crisps I have ever tasted... you must try their crisps!!
  3. Anyone know what happened at university roundabout earlier this evening? Police and ambulances at the scene
  4. I am looking for a good hairdresser in sheffield, not some trendy salon who try to get you to buy all their products and get a coffee and a massaging chair while watching MTV and charge the earth only to come away with something you didn't want!! I don't want my hair straight and neat but often seems that you get what they decide! I like to look ruffled! But no one seems to understand that... so a good recommendation would be really appreciated. Broomhill would be a good location for me.
  5. Hello does anyone know of a place in Sheffield where I could get a same day MOT for my car? Need it tomorrow really or saturday morning latest. Somewhere not expensive either!! I live in S10 area
  6. Ha ha ha ha well I hope you are walking behind me sometime Ousetunes!!
  7. JoeJoe I agree with you, it isn't fair at all and I know that my brother is going through the same as you are down in London. I moved here from a different part of the country and she would have attended a really good school so I didnt move just so that she got a certain school. In fact several houses before we moved here fell through and each time we found a different house it was in a different area! I had a lot of trouble finding a primary school and she is now in one that is not close by. Obviously I would say that your daughter is more entitled to a place in Tapton, I am not a selfish person!! I have mentioned many times that I know I am lucky to have been offered a place at King Edward for my daughter as it has such good reviews. As a parent I was just concerned about her making another new start and as I am new to Sheffield I was interested to hear what other peoples experiences have been. If your daughter has been offered a place in a school that you are not happy with then I know how you must be feeling and I do agree that it is all so unfair. Every child deserves the same chances no matter what their postcode.. Thank you too horribleblob for your message
  8. Thanks for that message, you are right she made new friends very quickly and I know she would again. I am proud that she is so good natured and I am sure that she would fit in anywhere. What will be will be! Good luck to your daughter too at Myers Grove
  9. Yes I noticed they had been taken away when I drove by at 3pm, left a lot of debris where they had been parked so quite a smash
  10. Thank you all for your replies, all very helpful and I appreciate it... Ducky1, the reason for the appeal is that we moved to Sheffield at christmas, I had trouble finding a primary school as they were all full and so I accepted a place at a school which was further away. The trouble is that all of her new found friends are going on to Tapton but our closest secondary school is King Edward. Because she recently left a school that she has been in since nursery, it will be like another new start having to go to a school where she knows nobody. She settled so well into her new school and has made lots of new friends. I have heard all good about King Edward and know that she is lucky to be offered a place there but she is upset at the thought of being separated from her new friends. As I am new to Sheffield I just wanted some advise as to if I am doing the right thing by appealing but seems that both schools are good and if the appeal forTapton fails then she will at least be going to a good school. Andrejuan, my daughter is particularly keen on music and plays the cello so Tapton would maybe be better for her. espedrille, my daughter is enjoying having friends from different backgrounds, we didn't have the mix of different cultures where we were before and she is finding it all so much more interesting..... glad that you turned out OK chocki !! Thanks also Dizzyblonde, you had a child at each, thanks for your advise.
  11. I am new to Sheffield and my daughter shall be starting secondary school in September. She has been allocated a place at King Edward but all of her new friends are going on to Tapton. I am appealing against the decision but would like to hear any views on both of these schools
  12. I noticed 2 cars badly smashed this morning up in Redmires road, it looked like they were both parked up and something had smashed into them and driven off... did anyone else see them? One of them was a fiat Multipla, I feel sorry for the owners if it was the case that someone smashed into them and drove off as both cars were in a terrible mess
  13. Yes I loved the film, and I agree what you you say Shaz, Michael is so polite and sweetly spoken, he is lovely to everyone and you wouldn't believe that he is so rich talented and famous... just treats everyone with respect. The film was amazing
  14. I wonder if anyone can tell me the title of an old film that I started to watch on TV once late at night but fell asleep and really want to know what happened!! I only saw the start of it while flicking through the channels one night (several years ago now) but I still want to know what it was because at the time it brought back memories that it was film I had watched with my Nan when I was a child... Anyway, it was either the 1940's or 50's, there was a married couple in the kitchen of their home and they had a bit of an argument. The wife walks out and goes to the cinema to watch a film. When she comes out she is obviously upset from the argument earlier and not concentrating and she gets knocked down by a double decker red bus!! There are crowds looking down at her in the road..... then I fell asleep!!! Can anyone help by remembering that film or the name of it even though I don't even know who starred in it!! Thanks:D
  15. Oh and try Fagans at a weekend, really different as some of the customers take in their musical instruments and sit and play while having a beer... it's great!
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