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  1. [ Blacks have won 20% of the Best actor awards since 2000....there is no evidence that members of the Hollywood Academy are biased against Blacks...but there is evidence they are biased against white Americans, since they prefer British actors....21% of the winners have been British....this year just 6 of the 10 best actor and best actress nominees are Americans
  2. Why isn't there more white NBA players? Is that a black conspiracy? quote/ African-Americans who represent 12% of the population are over-represented in American football (62%), baseball, (17%) basketball (75%) and boxing (70%). I can't say I've ever heard of white athletes boycotting sports award ceremonies or complaining at all actually. ---------- Post added 23-01-2016 at 14:18 ---------- [ The issue is We've lost sight of what the issue actually is. What it isn't is this bull**** about how everyone's feelings are being hurt by everyone else. If non white actors want Oscar nominations, then they should act better and they might be in with a chance. But now, everything's "racist" or "sexist" when we don't get our own way. So black people should be nominated for Oscars because they are black, not because they are good actors.How stupidly patronizing. .
  3. Here was a list I found of films with black leads in 2015. Seriously, is it any wonder there are no black actors in the list when this is the best films they were cast to act in: http://theurbandaily.com/2015/01/09/2015-black-movies/ Black people are 12.6% of the American population, and 10% of Oscar nominations since 2000 have gone to black actors. But just 3% of nominations have gone to their Hispanic peers (16% of the population), 1% to those with Asian backgrounds, and 2% to those of other heritage. There is hardly a white out for black actors, hispanics on the other hand... Will smith just has sour grapes because he is SO sure that he should have been nominated but was not.
  4. 80% of black professional soccer players have blond wives... Racists!
  5. Charlotte rampling's got more ball's than you'll ever have halibut ,the people that push these agendas are like you halibut they don't want to eliminate racism, they want to perpetuate it... This is why everything has to carry a label. They thrive on controversy... Guess who they are? "Activists" who depend on controversy for their livelihood and the media who depend on it go get them ratings and sales. This all began because two rich actors didn't get their way in Hollywood - a town that made them millionaires. If Hollywood is so racist, why is it that the Smiths have enough power to make it an issue? if race and equality are important to these people, why stop on the Black issue and not include Native Americans and Hispanics/Latino,Asian actors? What next Bollywood too racist, hire more non-indian actors? Who wants to see white actors in a Bollywood film?
  6. And the Sunni killed the Shias And the Shias killed the Sunni' And they both killed the Kurds And they all killed each other Until there was absolutely no one left Peace Allah Hu Akbar maybe we have reached the time when all religions will die out ........ .... .......there is no better advertisement for atheism than Islam:thumbsup:. Allah Hu Akba
  7. The danishTax laws, from the 1960s.are ,If you have more than 10 000 pounds, in cash & valuables, you have no right to any form of Social Security. Why should these economic migrants, be treat'd differently than the hardworking tax paying Danes ? there's poverty in Denmark and many national Danes are on welfare they are subject'd to means testing so should migrants.
  8. They have been given the opportunity to apply for asylum in France and chosen not to do so. The reason most of them are trying to enter Britain illegally is because they know they do not have a good chance of getting genuine asylum in France and once in the UK they can either disappear or play the system for a few years. It`s the good citizens of Calais and the surrounding area that I feel sorry for, the illegal economic migrants have no right to be there and the genuine refugees can claim asylum in France, the camp should be broken up and the illegal inhabitants removed, the genuine refugees offered asylum. it's a camp full of stupid economic immigrants who believe the lies that they were told by the traffickers that the UK will give anyone who gets there free housing, clothes, money and a (well-paid) job for life
  9. As recently as 1979, Jimmy Carter banned Iranian nationals ---------- Post added 15-01-2016 at 13:47 ---------- The parallels to Mussolini are obvious, but the people he wants to ban are like the nazis:hihi:
  10. that would be hillary clinton , read up on some facts before you start spouting your usual ill informed drivel. the saudis gave between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation between the time the foundation was created through 2014, the Saudi royalty have called for Trump to withdraw from the presidential race meanwhile/Donald Trump has opened a double-digit lead over his next-closest Republican rival, less than three weeks before the first votes of the 2016 presidential race are cast, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.
  11. It should be registered as a mental illness....positive enough for you?
  12. Turkish news Radikal reports that 9 of the 10 who were killed by the explosion are German citizens. The 10th is probably the suicide bomber.
  13. [ here's something for your dinner "Imagine the sex.."... ---------- Post added 12-01-2016 at 14:31 ---------- here's one of rupey when he's in a sexy mood http://cdn.movieweb.com/img.news/NE1PMoHwXS3r54_1_1.jpg
  14. I just hope there isn't a "sextape" I don't think I could handle seeing rupe after he's taken off his leopard-skin thong,
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