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  1. the new Sydney street gym near niche is a hell of a lot beter than wellington street. its bigger and the equipment is a lot better and a lot lot cleaner too! Niche ? YUK i got my head smashed in inside ther wen i was like 17 LOL
  2. whateva!!! who discredited who? are you on drugs or sumthing ? no one said we are bigger and better well we are but who cares Who does chinese kickboxing and who fights in it? Who has had a fight in it can u please answer Mr farhads question?
  3. LOL really? St george are pullin out of all there fights always pullin out of fights in sheffield too LMFAO ! didnt there bodybuilder guy pull out of fighting Alex Macenzi? is it coz he knew that mackenzi was gonna pulverise him. Wot a bunch of clowns yousif wud of owned that kid anyway! Very very unprofesional club they are
  4. hey masterj do you want an assitant in that class, ask farhad i have taught for him and opened the gym for him. let me know master
  5. how many of them fights is still happenin? is it yousif or safa that has had 2 or 3 guys pull out of fighting him?
  6. Yea i agree there is 1 coach in sheffield who was like forcing his 9 yr old daughter to fight right? and she didnt even wanna fight either!!! yea i think this program was a gud idea to show the pulic wat kinda dickeads are in the sport.
  7. so you say you keep getting messages from the octagon promoter lmao so if you take the sdf fights out what do you think of the fights at the last octagon show u were at? did you think there anyone good apart from scot alex and shane?
  8. yea ok np mate most of these challenge matches are a load of bull**** anyway most neve ever happen anyways
  9. moroccan food is top notch but not as good as iranian lol
  10. fish and chips isnt always halal as sumtimes they cook the fish with the pork sausage
  11. lol yea i remmeber knokcing this guy out outside off of kingdom wen i was doin my a-levels and this big guy come up to me and asks me if i wanna join the hallam uni boxing team! so yea hallam dos have a boxing team
  12. good move youll see me again there under what name u never no! lol
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