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  1. Hi i know this is years after but get back to me please
  2. Memories! memories I still have the scars m8
  3. Well chalicefc3 you have never been to Donny for a night out then, something half of Yorkshire has done, Becauls its so good. What about the Mallard! or Flying Scottsman! Finningley itself! Donny has a lot to offer just becauls a few ignerent locals dont know about it dose not mean it has nothing going for it. The obvious name is Doncaster Finningley Airport. Its in Finningley that is in Doncaster that is in South Yorkshire for thosr who do not know Ps the football team have just been promoted also!
  4. we were toled that they caried nutcrackers to crack your nuts?
  5. Mr Wilson, My sister worked as a nanny for him. Mr Rogers "Ginger" Ms Holt? Lovely woman Mr Best One of my faves Mr Bancroft (RE), great guy would talk about anything Mr Wordsworth(PE) Coulht me smoking gave me an essay on Cancer I did three pages and he sent me to see the head Mr Crowther Was a nutter he took my essay and riped it up maintaining eye contact Prat! Mr Bertram (English)... Bas...rd used to show me up something rotten. Would love to get in contact with others I left in 1972 and went into the Army and lost contact with everyone. Frank
  6. Absolutely disgraceful! Robin Hood is associated criminal activities in Sherwood Forest associated with Nottingham. WTF has Sheffield it to do with it, there airport failed miserably. The airport is in Finningley, Doncaster so why not call it Doncaster, Finningley Airport! Would you call Manchester Airport “Moors Murderers Chorley, Airport” or Leeds Bradford, “Nora Batty Sutcliff Airport? I think not.
  7. When I was at Bradfield we had no need to advertise that fact
  8. I had my first legal pint in the Middlewood Tavern after the odd one over the previous couple of years. The guy who ran it was called Jack. After that they knocked all the rooms into one. I also used to live on the end house on Middlewood rd I left in 72 my perents left in 77. The firts two houses on Stockarth lane used to belong to the police and i remember a retired copper living there. My Dad used to call it Commonwalth Close. I rememder Irish, Scots. Welsh, Indian. Australian. Chinese. South african. Nigerian o and the odd English
  9. I understand that most of Middlewood Hospital has also been demolished. I thought it was a listed building?
  10. Is there any people who were at Bradfield comp in the early 70`s. I left at easter 72, and have lost contact with everyone. As I left the area then moved out of Sheffield altogether. Also anyone who lived in the Middlewood Hospital houses in Stockarth Close, now demolished. That was a shock I can tell you. Would love to here from anyone.
  11. Hi I am looking for Shirley Furness. She lived in Low Road Stannington In the early 70`s. She has two older sisters, one was called Caroline (i think). Her Dad had a Betting office. We lost contact I would like to get in touch with her. If any one knows of her please get in contact.
  12. geoffbowen said. "Why are you asking "why"? Because I did not know Why and the only way to find out is to ask. Chris, said; "Because people might want to see them?" Frank Sez thanks for the info Chris. Geoffbowen don’t be so defensive I only asked. I may at some time post some pics now I know why!
  13. You posted, "Please post any interesting photos you have taken of sheffield " I simply asked Why?
  14. Hi RPG why post photographsfor you????
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