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  1. Anyone any good recommendations for xmas lunch in the s20 area. Thanks
  2. Anyone know where i can get video footage transfered over to DVD and the likely cost ( only about 1.5 hours of footage ) Thanks
  3. Can't really recommend as i have never used them but a place near work may be able to help. Wheel Clinic, Norfolk Bridge Business Park, Off Foley Street, Sheffield, S4 Sorry but have no Number.
  4. Its very good for the little one's if a little dated. Take a picnic, leave the pram in the car ( very steep ), and wear some flat shoe's. Took our two year old daughter last year but beware they do not let kids on some rides if they are under 90 cm ( even if with an adult ). from memory i think the 90 CM rule applies to about 40 % of the rides. she was gutted ( bless ) that she could not go on the log flume so we promised to take her again this year.
  5. it would only be a two storey side extension to a semi, so anyone who's qualified to draw & submit plans to council would be fine.
  6. We require a quotation for house extension plans to be drawn up. could anyone recommend a decent architect for this ? Sheffield south cheers all.
  7. advice required. Will builders give a budget quote for a house extension WITHOUT detailed plans ??? or do i have to have the plans approved before i can get an accurate quotation ?. cheers
  8. Would like to stay in the centre - duomo/parco sempione
  9. Sorting out a trip to Milan for next yr anyone know of any good hotels ??
  10. absolute scooter, bardwell road, neepsend - ask for Jason, top guy
  11. Anyone know how long the tram journey from crystal peaks to catherdal takes
  12. Thanks for the reply's, going to have a look at a couple of houses on the estate this week.
  13. Its so funny arriving/leaving hillsbro on match days watching all the daft folk sat in their cars ( And busses ) , why or why do people travel past hillsbro at these times on match days - i can never understand this. Just a little forward planning would not go a miss. " oh its saturday i fancy a drive today i think i will go to hillsbro park perhaps about Qtr to 3 ! "
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