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  1. It would be far far simpler to just cancel Halloween! I may be a party pooper here, but cannot help but feel that we are being lured into the same mindless hype that Americans put on it.
  2. When I can't sleep, there is always a song playing endlessly in my noggin, and if I do doze off, as soon as I wake again, it just starts straight up again - same song (whatever it happens to be) over & over.
  3. I was passing the Birley Hotel today, and saw some blokes piling into a minibus, (most probably off on a stag weekend); and it triggered some lovely memories of picking up excited Brownies there for Pack Holiday! I was lucky enough to go to several places:- Owston, Snowball Plantation (York), Paxtor, and latterly Whiteley Wood. Be nice to hear from anyone who remembers these, from late 1960's through the 70's
  4. You could hire a shredder, might be cheaper thatn the skip option
  5. I began reading this thread, assuming that it would be of use to find out if the burglars had been caught, if not, if there was any useful info to help protect our properties. Instead it has deteriated into a personal slanging match that helps no-one at all! As far as I can see, the police are doing their best with an increased presence in the area, and quick responses to call outs. It would be helpful to concerned Frecheville SF members if this thread remained positive & to the point please. Everyone has their own opinions, but this is not necessarily the right place to air them so aggressively.
  6. I'm sure that it will all look better when the grass has re-grown, although it's going to struggle in places where it gets trampled on - why anyone feels the need to walk in all that mud puzzles me though. With regard to the Community Centre, if anyone knows of any grants that we could apply for to help us maintain & improve the building, we would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you.
  7. "Mavis & Ted Weston were hoping for a peaceful afterlife. But when news reaches them that their son's wife has died, their little corner of heaven is turned upside down!" This insightful, and often humorous drama was written by Drew Biggin who, last year won an award for his first play "The Balance". It is to be performed by Frecheville Amateur Theatrical Society at Frecheville Community Centre, Churchdale Road, Frecheville, Sheffield 12 on Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th & Friday 16th November at 7.30pm. Cost only £4.50 (£4 concessions) pay at the door. For further details of this play, or the drama group, please pm me
  8. Work has now begun round the pond to repair/improve the pond & immediate area.
  9. Frecheville Amateur Theatrical Society present this, their 64th production, on 23rd,24th & 25th May at Frecheville Community Centre, Churchdale Road, Frecheville S12 4XT. Touch and Go is a very funny comedy, 2 couples, a Red Cross nurse and coq au vin all combine to make a great evening's entertainment. For info about tickets please pm me, or simply pay at the door. £4.50 and £4.00 concessions. Bar facilities available at the interval & after the performance. Curtain up at 7.30pm.
  10. Sometimes the grass does look greener on the other side, but it often isn't. My advice would be not to rush into anything at all while you are so confused. Time has a habit of sorting things out, so just be you for a while & see how you feel then. Good luck.
  11. You could try Stepz - classes at Frecheville S12, I know Kirsty has a boys group there
  12. Never normally watch the olympics, so won't be doing so again. For myself, it is a complete waste of time & money whichever country hosts it.
  13. First night of Treasure Island was fantastic. Seats still available all week, plus if your child(ren) arrives dressed as a pirate they get in for £2
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