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  1. Fabulous and very atmospheric work. Peter also does a couple of wet night time Sheffield views which contain the old Abbeydale Picture House. If its any help, a couple of years back I bought a few of Peters cards from a framing shop in Attercliffe up the side street next to Banners old dept store.
  2. For anyone who fondly remembers, The Mojo, the Penthouse, Down Broadway, The Ark and other local clubs. The murals and posters that I and others painted and produced in those places are all included in a new book, 'Pop Art of Sheffield's King Mojo Club & Beyond' that I co-authored with Dave Manvell and Peter Stringfellow. It can be bought in Sheffield or online at local publishers youbooks. Its only £9.99 and the authors royalties are going towards a new brittle bone canner for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital. Please spread the word. The 60s! What a ride! Regards Paul Norton
  3. Hi Xenia, Lord Halifax belonged to the Savile family not Saville! The Saviles have property in Yorkshire including near Emely Moor and Thornhill. The present Lord Savile lives in Cornwall.
  4. The book signing went very well thanks, Bassman. Very crowded, very busy very loud! A bit like a Mojo all nighter I suppose! Sold quite few books and got some good TV and newspaper publicity over the weekend too. So will hopefully sell many more. Peter donated another £1000 in the pot for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity, who are receiving all our author's royalties. The more books sold, the more money for a new brittle bone scanner.
  5. Hi Sirglyn, Your name is certainly familar, maybe we did meet. I used to go the Broadway fairly regularly. Interesting what you say about Peter Stringfellow and 'new music'. We were talking a bit about this last weekend when he came up for my book signing. At the Mojo, Peter was well OK with the soul & blue beat sounds, but by 67 was sometimes guessing a bit when it came to the likes of booking say Pink Floyd (booked on the strength of their single Arnold Lane, when of course their Mojo gig was all Interstellar Overdrive type material with a light show!) or Jimi Hendrix (who he advertised as the weirdo from NY and spelt his name Jimmie!) But overall he did fairly well and played a good selection of 'hippie type sounds and US west coast stuff like Love and the Doors. But he said by the time of the Broadway the music scene was diversifying quite a lot, and he wasnt always sure what would go down well on a particular night. I suppose trying to have different sorts of music on different nights didnt help either! BTW Peter did play the occasional classical music track up at the Mojo.
  6. Hi Sirglyn, Just out of curiosity, what was your real, or DJ name then?
  7. Yes it was a Sunday that Billy Stewart played the Broadway! Two reasons. Big name artists & groups were cheaper to book on Sundays, and yes it was the same day that Junior Walker and ther All Stars played the Broken Wheel. I had real dilemma that day. Junior or Billy. Didn't have a car so couldnt do both. Went to see Junior at the Wheel who was a blast! Sad to miss Billy though. With some of his band dying with him that sound was gone forever.
  8. Hi Paul The Mojo book signing is Nov 3 at Trippets Wine Bar from 7.30 onwards. Peter Stringfellow will be there. The books are availalble from Sheffield branches of W H Smiths and Waterstones, the Sheffield Star shop and online. All authors royalties are going to the Sheffield Childrens Hospital charity
  9. Hi Folks, Check out the recent Forum thread about a new Mojo book. Its about local Pop Art painted in some of Sheffields clubs in the 60s, including the Broadway. I did some of those paintings, Broadway included. There is a book signing with all three authors including Peter Stringfellow on Nov 3 at Trippetts wine bar from 7.30 onwards. Yes, the Broadway was amazingly small, and certainly was not the Mojo, but I did get some really good nights there. Incidentally, really good soul (now known as Northern) Ska, Blue Beat and Reggae had all regularly been played at the Mojo, so those sounds you heard at the Broadway were just continuing the that ideal.
  10. For anyone out there who is interested in the Mojo Club and local Pop Art. There is a new book coming out on October 17 called 'The Pop Art of Sheffields King Mojo Club & Beyond'. Its been put together by Dave Manvell (author of the book 'Memories of the Mojo Club) Paul Norton, who painted murals in three of the Stringfellow Brothers clubs, and a helping hand from Peter Stringfellow himself. Its published by a local firm called Youbooks, and enclosed below are details from their website. Peter Stringfellow is coming up especially for the official book launch and signing which will now take place on Nov 3, at Trippets Wine Bar from 7.30 onwards. MOJO IS COMING! Take yourself back to the swinging 60s and the club where it all happened .. Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, the Small Faces. Mojo is back! The book will be released on October 17th, Peter Stringfellow’s 68th birthday. There will also be a book signing to be held in late October at Trippett’s Wine Bar, Trippett Lane. £1 from every Mojo sale will go to Sheffield Children's Hospital. This fascinating book reveals a glimpse into the pop art history of Sheffield’s most famous club, King Mojo. The book is produced by Mojo Club owner Peter Stringfellow and artists Dave Marvell and Paul Norton. All author proceeds from the book are being donated to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. Peter Stringfellow talks of how the Mojo Club originally became decorated with art, “Realising the club looked a little austere, I painted African warrior dancers with full headdress and tiled mirrors for eyes, the reason being I couldn’t paint real people. The effect was surreal and looked great.” This look through the history of pop art in Sheffield includes the famous Mojo Club as well as The Ark Club, Broadway, The Penthouse, Chesterfield’s Victoria Ballroom and even the C&A shop. It is a real slice of local history. The book also looks at the artists who produced this art and looks at how it affected them. Paul Norton says of his days painting the King Mojo club, “Sometimes I can still smell the paint and hear the music.” Through looking at how the pop art developed within these clubs we see how culture developed from gangster art painted on the walls, to psychedelic and flower power art. The book contains posters, adverts and membership cards from the clubs as well as pictures of paintings on the walls. These paintings ranged from the original African Warriors and stunning flower power murals of Medusa in Mojo to the biblical murals in The Ark Club. These clubs gave many young artists the chance to express their creativity as well as a fantastic sight to the many people and famous faces who visited them. So, Pop Art of Sheffield’s King Mojo is an important piece of Sheffield history and will be a welcome walk down memory lane for anyone who remembers it as well as a stunning collection of art for anyone seeing them for the first time. The book is published by youbooks.co.uk and is priced at £9.99.
  11. The two unknown band shots on that photo link are Shape of the Rain, who came from the Chesterfield area. They did a lot of West Coast covers, and also good original material.
  12. Mikey, the big Penthouse bouncer was Brian Turner. I saw several people who should have known better (and probably would have if they hadnt had a drink!) try to take him on. Those stairs were an awful long way down. Its sad but true that in the end the first Stringfellow club to have an alcohol licence ended up having far too much booze fueled trouble. An eventual big change of crowd from the original Mojo-ites.
  13. Hi Kirky, Whats the name of your Auntie? I used to go out with a good looking, long haired, slim GoGo dancer from the club! Regards, Paul Norton
  14. Hi Rubydazzler, I have hopefully sent a private mail to you. Let me know if you didnt get it. Paul Norton
  15. I used to go to the Mojo, Down Broadway and the Penthouse regularly as well. I also painted the murals on the walls of those clubs. So many good times, good people, good bands and good music. Hi sirglyn and rubydazzler might I know you? I'm Paul Norton and came from Chesterfield at the time. Usually danced up front or on the small stage. I was buddies with the Stringfellows, Dinky Dawson, Dick West, Steve Glaves, Steve Hackett, Dave Henderson, Tony Sandford, and many others that I have forgotten the names of. Three of my fave female dancing partners were called Gill, Kath and Judy. I used to meet Gill sometimes at dinnertime sessions at the Top Rank in Sheffield - hi are you still around! I think Kath moved to London in the late 60s. Judy now lives in Dronfield. I knew Pat Sweetwater who used to DJ at Down Broadway as well. I went to the Mojo re-unions at the Leadmill and the London Hippodrome too. Did you? I have posted some Mojo, Penthouse and Leadmill info and photos on a new Sheffield history web site. http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk Hi to anyone who remembers me. Get in touch. Love and stuff Paul
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