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  1. hi, this is mark mandys husband, im not a member so im using mandys account, id just like to thank everyone for thier kind wishes and support and to say how pleased mandy would be that you all liked her so much many thanks
  2. well if your lucky you might just get a date out of this ;-)
  3. I have a cup in a morning and maybe 1 later but very rarely in tjhe evening
  4. Has anyone got any ideas how to stop restless legs at night or even how to prevent them, I have been sufferring for the past few weeks and it is driving me mad, as soon as I get into bed my legs feel as though they are twitching. It can last a few minues or even up to a couple of hours.
  5. This is an official statement from an ex member of Gemsoft, one of the main reasons we had to close was because many people started buying from internet based companies and larger stores such as PC World, some of our customers would rather travel to Rotherham or Barnsley just to save a £1 on a product. We prided ourselves in offering personnel service not just selling you any old thing just to make a profit. We also had large overheads and had to deal with suppliers, as we didn't buy as many products as the like of PC World we didn't get as big a discount as they did, but what we did get we passed on to the customer. We would like to return the favour and thank our loyal customers and the people on here who have wished us well even "The Daddy" (I know who you are, mark says wheres his jam roly poly) gemsoft wont return in any new form, sorry thats the end.
  6. Try the Central Librairy, they used to have back copies of the Star on Microfilm
  7. I did this yesterday because I had never heard of Stormfront. I came across their Forum. I have never read such Nazi/Racist rubbish in my life. They had threads such as, What books are good for white childrens to read Where can I buy Swastika shaped biscuit cutters My neighbours neice is seeing a black man, should I stop talking to her. The members were discussing these threads as easily as we discuss where we can buy cheap paint. Although free speech is important these sort of sites are very frightening.
  8. Hello, Are there any SF members who work as dinner ladies, a friend is looking for work in this area and would be grateful for any tips, ie- where do they advertise the jobs/rates of pay/hours that sort of thing. Any help or advise would help her immensly. Many thanks Valentine
  9. My Mum was told salt and alcohol both play a big part in high blood pressure, so you may need to cut down if you use a lot
  10. Over the weekend someone told me that the entire plant on shepcote is being closed, does anyone know anything about this. The person that told me wasn't somebody with any authority at Outo Kumpo so it could be totally untrue before anyone starts panicing.
  11. I saw them walking up Sawnbourne Road yesterday afternoon, it did make me wonder what would happen if they witnessed a crime in progress, would they tether the horses to the shopping trollies outside Netto or do they radio for back up.
  12. I'm sure Matt wasn't been nasty, from some of his other posts he comes across as quite caring and kind.
  13. I miss Mint Cracknel (spelling?) mmm
  14. Thank you for understanding the point I was trying to make, perhaps I should have worded it differently as other people didn't get the point.
  15. On last night Question Time a labour MP said Prisons, Care Homes and the smoking room in the house of commons would all be exempt. So a convicted murderer can happily puff away to his hearts content in prision, but people that served their country in WW2/Falklands and Iraq can't enjoy a smoke with a pint on a Sunday Afternoon. If we had Smoking and Non Smoking pubs we would all have a choice, by banning it, the choice has been taken away from many people.
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