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  1. Looks like I might found a house in Tinsley. Anyone know what the area is like? Close to Meadowhall I believe. I'm visiting there tomorrow, but I'm just really impatient.
  2. A paper version. I would set up a website too. It would cover the 'rock' scene, mainstream and local.
  3. Not sure exactly what I want to do, but I have previously been a self employed PC technician, I also have a huge interest in music. I am tempted to start publishing a music magazine for Sheffield as I have had experience of this before.
  4. I'm trying to find a house to rent in a decent area of Sheffield with my partner and three kids. I'm moving from Cumbria and where I live there are NO jobs. So i'm on Jobseekers allowance. I've rang every bloody letting agency in Sheffield and they all say the same thing - NO DSS. Pants. Does anyone know of somebody that does except DSS? TA!
  5. One more!! - Hillsborough? (Thoresby Road to be precise!)
  6. How about Meersbrook avenue, Meersbrook?
  7. Hello again! I've been offered a property in Healy Green, is this a nice area? I'm hoping there's a school nearby. Any thoughts?
  8. Are there any Sheffield 'rock' music magazines in publication? As I would like to start one when I move there.
  9. Hello peeps. I'm moving to Sheffield soon and I'm wondering which are the areas to avoid living in and which to run to with arms open wide. I'm private renting by the way and I don't want to move to a craphole. Cheers.
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