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  1. There is one massive problem with all this that no one talks about - the local media. I know people who have been trying to talk about the situation for 10 years and they have been constantly ignored by all local media, as well as councillors and police. There were discussions on a certain morning radio show, and the presenter was disgustingly rude to callers who uttered the words Muslim or Pakistani, or Romanian. I tried to find the presenters tweets on the subject but they have been deleted. Suddenly as National media has covered the subject, the locals are all over it, especially a certain radio presenter who has had access to the abused girls. This totally disgusts me. Hypocrite !
  2. On behalf of mild mannered pensioners everywhere, I would just like to use a rare visit here to state that "No User Name" needs either a/ banning or b/ a smack in the mouth. Thank you for providing a forum where people are allowed to be obnoxious.
  3. Forgive me for giving a sensible answer, but I saw a fire engine and paramedic heading there. No other info as yet though.
  4. I used to have a business web site which simply cost £60 a year to host and £1.99 for the domain name. I added a forum which was completely free, which attracted 400 or so members, but I found there was all sorts happening behind the scenes... people using PM's to message members and advertising their own businesses etc, or just sending abuse. It's a very corrupt world.
  5. Great thread. My wife and I have been put off using the forum unless we have anything really useful to say. Have discussed the abuse problems with Medusa but it seems I an seen as the problem. In my view if they can' t moderate the forum properly, it should be close down. In these days of litigation someone will get sued before long.There are lawyers scanning forums like this to make big money for libel cases.
  6. There are a couple of postings about the Digital Switchover Help Scheme, but I don't want this to get lost in the threads as it may be of use to anyone considering using the scheme. I have been helping an elderly lady with the switchover, she finds it all confusing, and I could write a book about what has happened over the past few months... but to be as brief as possible. Everyone at the Scheme's call centre is pleasant and helpful, but when it comes to the actual work, they seem to mainly use a company who is offering training to people and promising 8 jobs a day, but then paying them peanuts, (mentioned on various forums as from £5 to £20 a job), so the result is that half the jobs don't get done, and anything complicated gets left. Despite explaining exactly what wanted doing, and the vulnerabilities of the lady concerned, two aerial fitters arrived and found every excuse possible not to do the job, although they found time to recommend a over priced digital recorder that the lady would never have been able to use. Then they walked out, putting us to a lot of trouble over the next 2 weeks. One of the things they demanded was written permission from Sheffield council, then for some reason they reported that it was a flat with a shared council aerial - all totally untrue. On the next attempt, the lady waited for them to arrive, dreading what would happen this time. The appointment was between Noon and 4pm. At 5.15pm I rang the call centre, who rang the installer. He claimed he was on his way, a few minutes away. By 7pm it was going dark, he was now held up on a job where he had been for three hours, but would definitely still be coming, and was going to ring us. No call.... no visit, and a lot of tears and upset. This all brought back memories of something that happened to this lady in the past, and she just couldn't see why they were treating her this way. So, we cancelled, got the £40 back, and had a call from a manager who took notes and said we could have a new aerial fitted but not a digital receiver, which proves it was all about money. He also claimed that we would get ripped off by ANY aerial installer in Sheffield, and said that the going rate for an aerial was between £180 and £250, IF we could get anyone to do it at all. Step in Simon from Slaters Aerials http://www.slatersaerials.co.uk/ The lady concerned was treated with respect, charged £110 for an aerial that gets her full freeview service in an area which struggles with the signal, and was totally put at ease by Simon. Everything was fully explained and Simon even took down two old aerials from the property. I have actually heard a number of horror stories recently of companies charging £250 for new aerials and the householders still not getting digital pictures, so it is a pleasure to be able to recommend a true gentleman and tradesman.
  7. From what I see, it's because of the people who keep moving in on Greenwood Road. They never stay long though, but there is always another lot ready to move in. What puzzles me is why, for every drugged up/alcoholic thug that moves in, there is a really decent looking teenage girl following them about, carrying their bags, getting punched in the face, etc etc.
  8. Quote HMRC - HMRC will never send notifications of a tax rebate by email, or ask you to disclose personal or payment information by email. If you have received an email claiming to be from HMRC that you suspect may be fraudulent, please forward it to phishing@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk.
  9. No it's true, it's not at all funny. It has already happened and caused huge tailbacks, so they are trying to restrict it to Sundays. Honest !
  10. I would also suggest British Heart Foundation. At least they will collect. I found most charities very unwelcoming when I had to clear a relatives house. One said they would take everything... but when the "3 idiots and a van" arrived they just wanted to scam us for money. A complaint just got abuse. Freecycle and you will just see other people make money on your goods.
  11. Beauchief Abbey is beautiful but very haunted, so I wouldn't recommend it for a wedding. I have taken friends there who seriously don't believe in ghosts, but they soon change their minds. The people who live on the lane leading up to it can be a bit "funny", parking cars so you can't get through, Then there are the peeping toms, doggers etc. Just saw that Staindrop Lodge between Chapeltown and High Green have applied for a license to stage wedding ceremonies - or their sister hotel at Cubley, Pensitone is perhaps a bit grander. Give them a google !
  12. All I know about this subject is that I am sick of yobs on buses taking orders for clothes cos they are getting their clothing vouchers from the DSS. Nearly as bad as pregnant girls selling fruit.
  13. There are many people who avoid Sheffield City Centre because of the toilet situation - my mother hasn't been for 20 years - she simply couldn't go without ! I used to use TJ Hughes, only other option I know is bottom of Moor. I spend all my money at Barnsley or Meadowhall... if I have to use Sheffield it is off the bus, dash to shop, and back on bus. Certainly ain't paying 20p for one p. Disgusting with the amount of council tax I pay.
  14. http://www.meshccs.org.uk/neighbourhood.html
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