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  1. I was there that particular Friday Evening at The Empire Cinema, Killamarsh and had a Spud Gun! I was so worried after they closed it down early and called the Police, that I threw my Spud Gun into a garden along Kirkcroft Lane on my way home to Norwood. I thought better of it the next morning though and went back early to retrieve it. The Sheffield Star did run with the story as their Main Headline soon after the event. I kept a copy of the front page as a Souvenier for years, but don't know where it is now. Nelly and Queenie were the names of the two Attendants and it was owned by the same family who operated the Rex at Intake. 'Fag Ash Lil' was not at Killamarsh Cinema. I remember the gent - 'Maigret', who used to smoke his pipe standing at the back sometimes on Friday Evenings, he may have been part of the Ward family. It was often so rowdy on Friday Evenings, that the lights were left on for most of the performance. I remember sago balls fired from pea-shooters going through the projection light and the odd egg flying about! The local village Policeman would also sometimes call in and stand at the back as well. If anyone wants to search The Star Archives for the front page, ... I think that it happened sometime between 1963-66.
  2. 'Like' Shape Of The Rain on their Facebook Page and join other Fans in receiving the latest news of the Boys and sharing Memories! ... http://www.facebook.com/roy.middleton.92#!/pages/Shape-Of-The-Rain/144648272268908
  3. The S21 Music Project, Eckington UK. Shape Of The Rain are involved with helping people, young and old from the local community to follow their Musical Dreams. At the end of the clip, The Band can be seen playing their new recording of 'Wasting My Time'. Many Thanks go to Eckington Parish TV and the Compress Media Group ...
  4. Brian Wood of Shape Of The Rain, explains old and new instruments used by the Band ...
  5. A 2012 Sample Mix of all the tracks from Shape Of The Rain's 1971 RCA Album - Riley, Riley, Wood and Waggett ...
  6. See an Advertisement from the Derbyshire Times of Friday 21st March 1969, promoting a show at St James's Hall, Chesterfield, England on Thursday March 27th 1969, featuring Pink Floyd and Shape of The Rain. This can be found on SOTR's Facebook Page along with Pink Floyd's Set List for the show ... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shape-Of-The-Rain/144648272268908?sk=info#!/pages/Shape-Of-The-Rain/144648272268908
  7. See an Advertisement from the Derbyshire Times of Friday 21st March 1969, promoting a show at St James's Hall, Chesterfield, England on Thursday March 27th 1969, featuring Pink Floyd and Shape of The Rain. This can be found on SOTR's Facebook Page along with Pink Floyd's Set List for the show ...
  8. I have just found a 'New' Video Clip for SOTR playing 'Dusty Road' that was Posted on You Tube in January! ...
  9. The 2012 Mix by Shape Of The Rain of 'Wasting My Time', .... Now Available to download on cdbaby, Spotify, Amazon & itunes. Download it Now ... You know it makes Sense.... ;-)
  10. Check Out Shape Of The Rain's lengthy Video Interview! ... It's now revealed that as well as Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, Love, Free, Jethro Tull etc, the Guys also played with ... Led Zeppelin!http://www.eckingtonparish.tv
  11. 2012 'Sample' of the New Recording and Promotional Video Clip by Shape Of The Rain, of 'Wasting My Time'. The Full Version will be available to download soon on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify .... 2012. Well Done to the Band, Production Team and Kenny Riley ...
  12. This Link to The Wikipedia RCA List Of Records/Artists makes Interesting Reading! Look under S for Shape Of The Rain! ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RCA_Records_artists
  13. A Great Shape Of The Rain Acoustic Track Video, has just been posted on to You Tube! 'Castles' ...
  14. See the Shape Of The Rain Facebook Page, to look at the newly posted simple poster advertising the Band supporting Fleetwood Mac at Queen Mary College, University Of London circa 1969/70 ...
  15. Wow!! Latest e Bay Auction of Special Test Pressing, Promo Edition of Shape Of The Rain's 1971 RCA/NEON - Riley, Wood and Waggett. Album located in Japan. Starting Bid of $299.99 - £188.69. 20 Hours left to go at this time . . . . Link to eBay Details ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SHAPE-RAIN-SAME-Japan-LP-TEST-PRESS-G-Fold-Slv-NEON-VERTIGO-/130599119514?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item1e68506a9a
  16. Great News! As well as Amazon, the Shape Of The Rain album, Riley, Riley, Wood and Waggett can now be listened to and purchased from iTunes! Many Thanks from the Band, to everyone who has shown interest in them and their Music!
  17. A copy of Riley, Riley, Wood and Wagget was sold on eBay in August for a winning bid of $149 US .....http://www.ebay.ca/itm/140589423445
  18. Hello Glyn?, I'm an Administrator for Shape Of The Rain's Facebook Page, would you like to join us on there for the latest news of the Boys etc? If so, search on Facebook for Shape Of The Rain and then 'Like'! As you probably know, the Band have been in the Studio during 2010/11 recording some new versions of songs from their Riley, Riley, Wood and Waggett Album. They are hoping that the results will be made available soon. Brian Wood - Guitarist and Pedal Steel Player with the Band, contacted me the other day, he has heard about you from somebody and would like me to try and put you in touch with him. I think that he wants your recollections of the Weston Park Concerts etc, in relation to Info about the Band that he is putting together, to go with the new recordings. I would be grateful if you would contact me and then I can give Brian your details. Brian has for some time has been a member of Dave Berry's Band, The Cruisers. Hoping to hear from you, Regards, Roy
  19. Shape Of The Rain - They are on their way Back! See Promo Clip on YouTube.
  20. A list of Artists who released a single or an album on RCA/NEON ... The Who, Yardbirds, Van Morrison, Procul Harum, Soft Machine and Shape Of The Rain! See RCA/NEON Site. http://www.rateyourmusic.com/label/neon_records/
  21. Online Shape Of The Rain now on Facebook! Visit their page at ....... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shape-Of-The-Rain/144648272268908?sk=info
  22. Hi, Thanks for the reply. From what you say about the gig being at Chesterfield R U Club, we are I think almost Certainly talking about the same thing. When I said I remembered it was a 'Daytime' event, I can remember it being light when it started, it was probably late afternoon/early evening, as you say. I remember that there were other people on the Bill besides Edgar Broughton, but couldn't remember who. Now that you have mentioned it though, I do remember One band was The Strawbs. It was disappointing that Shape Of The Rain didn't manage to play, as that was one of the main reasons why we had gone. It's strange that we have a connection being at the gig all those years ago. Take care. R
  23. I remember going to a Daytime Music Performance at Chesterfield Rugby Ground around 1970 which featured Edgar Broughton. Is that the one you are talking about? Take care, R
  24. Another Shape Of The Rain You Tube Post, This time the song ... Patterns!
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