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  1. Can I just say I wish to give a big thank you to Ehallam services for the unlocking of my phone was an excellent price and speedy service thoroughly recommend this company thankyou
  2. Hi just wondering if any body know how much the cost would be to unlock iphone 6 plus on voda please ty
  3. Hi my son is aged 9 and is really interested in this activity could you give me any advice of where I would be able to take him to learn safely with prices and times plz ty
  4. hi does any one know if you can renew your driving licence there thanks
  5. hi confuse are you the person wanting a samsung s4 if so pm me please thanks
  6. just would like to thank everybody for the advice x
  7. hi i have just bought a peugeot 307 7 seater 02 reg diesel i have an engine warning light on my dash and a display saying antipolution fault which i think is an egr problem but thats not all it also today whist driving abs came breifly on and went off but when i reach about 30 miles an hour a triangle with an exclamation mark comes on and underneath esp and then my car seems to slow down i think into limp mode any ideas and cost of it to be fixed would be greatful for bit of advice thanks
  8. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 (7/10) first half was a bit boring but second half was very good!
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