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  1. Can anyone recommend or give me the details for somewhere to hire a party fire engine for a hen do please?
  2. The one i am viewing this week is on Eyre Gardens and Ive seen one on Charlton
  3. Hi, I have been looking at moving and an area I have seen a few houses is High Green. Ive had mixed comments from people but would like some advice from the lcoals please?
  4. As above, I wasn't asking for your opionions on sunbeds. This is just for anyone who knows any deals!!!!
  5. Does anyone know anywhere in the S6 area with good sunbed deals on block bookings please?
  6. I've been twice now for meals. Chicken and mushroom pie was gorgeous!!
  7. I can already do nails but I am wanting a qualification. The course im looking at is for beauty guild. Has anyone else done this or do you need to do nvq?
  8. I have already done the course at hillsborough and I have held a driving licence for 6 years
  9. I would really like to work for South Yorkshire Ambulance service possibly as an ambulance driver. Could anyone give me any directions where I need to start?
  10. Ive sent you a message. Ive just started and in sheffield
  11. Thank you Ladies. This has helped as I was just going to leave it. I had taken my last pill last week so when it came to last night I realised I had run out of pills. I have just been and got some so that I can take them for 7 days. Hope this works out for me. Even though I was on the pill for 6-7 years I was still rubbish at remembering it.
  12. I had the implant contraceptive fitted yesterday and the doctor told me to continue my pill for 7 days. Has anyone else had to do this?
  13. Thank you everyone. Will have a look on ebay tonight and see if i can get a bargain!!
  14. They want £25 to send it off and if it is £100 to repair it they will deduct this from the bill but if it can not be repaired it will be a waste of £25 I could put toward another camera! Good thought though, thank you.
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