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  1. After reading this post last week I joined the meet up Sheffield site.Had my first meet last Saturday,good bunch of people. They have lots going on. My next meet with them will be this Sunday for the games evening at Queens Head at the bus station in Sheffield ,Hope this helps x
  2. Ty Taxman.As an older person ,I like face to face ,so much easier.
  3. Thanks for the replies . Will try phoning again tomorrow.
  4. Are there any local tax offices in Sheffield? Phoned one off Gov website but of no help what so ever. He also said there are no local offices but surely this cannot be right . Thanks
  5. Ah ok ,sure it will be back for Xmas.I hope so xTY
  6. Can anyone tell me,is there a continental market in fargate? Ty
  7. Thankyou,yes it's a disabled one,meant to check before,but only thought about it last night x
  8. May seem like a silly question,but can u use a bus pass on Isle of Wight. Went to Blackpool a couple of weeks ago and it cannot be used on their Supertram.
  9. Hi just seen a black golf back,dumped on ground near me in Waterthorpe
  10. Hi Steve ,sent u a message.Hope to hear from you soon x X ---------- Post added 11-12-2015 at 09:43 ---------- Hi spoke to Claire earlier ,she would like to talk to u soon,I have her number so will pass it on to u when we speak X X
  11. Ty for all replies, and Blade I'm probably old enough to be your Nan ?
  12. Looking for any sixties clothing for fancy dress,any recommendations for best charity shops in Sheffield .thanks for looking .
  13. Thankyou Annie,much appreciated.
  14. Hi does anyone know,if I can use my mobility pass on the train to Doncaster. Thanks in advance.
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