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  1. if you are using a good removal company they will supply them free of charge and take them away when the jobs done
  2. thanks chuggster i know where it is now any tips on fishing it think i might go on tuesday how deep is it and what is the best bait to use are there some better pegs than others many thanks
  3. hi chuggster glad to here you had a good day is morehall fisheries the one on the right hand side before you get to deepcar and how much is the day ticket and what time can we start fishing there
  4. hi p and d was your reply in answer to my post for carpet fitter thanks
  5. hi all can anyone recomend a carpet fitter have not seen any on this thread many thanks
  6. hi tom if i remember right when i was at barbers the transport manager was a guy called derek plant not a bad sort of guy but if you got on the wrong side of him you got some sh*t runs and dont forget we were all on trip money then
  7. hi bryan just got back of my hols hence the late reply yes the guy with the transconti at barbers was morris deacon and as you said a great guy i remember on friday night i picked a 20 ft container up at felixstowe at about 1800hrs it had to be in glasgow for 0800hrs sat morning when i phoned barbers and told them i could not make that time as my time was up at 2100hrs he told me to swap trailers with morris and he would take it he ran through the night got there on time HAPPY DAYS OR WHAT
  8. hi all just been reading this thread and i remember a lot of the haulage firms you mention some good some not so good i worked for barber road services around about 1987 and we used to have a owner driver work for them he had a white n blue transconti did mostly container work cant remember his name he was a great guy bald head used to do middle east and ussr before he started at barbers when you said you drove one at barbers maybe it was his cant see old man barber buying one of them he loved his leyland road trains to much mine was the B reg black n silver
  9. i did not imply that they were better people simply they got a good bargain of which any one could have the way they were better off was not having to pay rent for the house for the rest of there life and having nothing to show at the end of it
  10. why do people slag maggie thatcher off she was the only PM to enable working class people who wanted to better themself and at the same time get a great bargain and in doing so helped thousands of people in this country NEVER LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH your labour goverment would never do any thing as good as RTB they only waste our money and get us all in dept
  11. if it was left to people like KEN CLARKE he would get a slap on the wrist and told to go home and not be a silly boy again
  12. i will leave it to your imagination remember burngreave road used to be a nice road a lot of years
  13. i used to live on norwoor road and may be a few years ago you would be right but not any more the road has gone into decline to much multicultureism and what goes with it
  14. what a load of tripe any one that will listen to these physic fools is only fooling themself if they were any good they would find the lottery No each week
  15. not heard of garlic oil but have u tried raw spud slice a raw spud into scollops use a 6mm punch to get as many pellet shapes as u want then marinate in 2 spoons full coffee and 2 spoons of gravy granuals with a little water over night makes great hook bait if fishing with pellet does not come of the hook good luck
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