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  1. HappyHoosier that wouldnt bother me the only concern i would have is being arrested afterwards,its not the streaking that bothers me is the stuff afterwards etc
  2. I think i chose my image because it just look right at the time robh
  3. I think some people do streaking dramadiva for harmless fun others because they have always wanted to do it and also seek ther 5 mins of fame etc
  4. I been given a few like that over my time shiesh m8 well two neautrals as a seller on e-bay but at least i didnt get any negatives lol
  5. good idea Sheish why didnt u then afraid of beening noticed maybe but at the very least u would have had 10 minutes of fame
  6. mm is it just because he might want to check you out at the same time hun
  7. i would probably streak if it was for some well known worthwhile cause or charity
  8. no but i did become a male stripper lol
  9. Hi Hun I am a male stripper and if you wont to spice up your hennight just pm or let me know.You might already had your hennight if this is the case then please keep me in mind for the future as i do birthdays,leaving dos etc harion male stripper
  10. speaking from a guys point of view Tom Cruise is a great actor and maybe his looks and personality have helped him to achieve what he has acheive but he has worked very hard to where hes at now thats for sure,I have seen some of his movies and i believe he does his own stunts well the ones he believes hes happy with anyway
  11. good luck with your exams Annoni_mouse i am sure u will do okay
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