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  1. hello. I am Japanese high school student. my teacher have ordered me to do the homework of Politic and International Relation. But I am busy this weekend with my particle Physic and French also I have to part-time work Sunday busy day in the cafe. My teacher recommend the Sheffield Forum to help me. my question is : what is the most stable country in the Middle East? stablity meaning 1) low chance for regime or government change 2) low chance political upheaval or violence, mass big demonstration, and assassination 3) consistency in policy, and not constant changes of direction. Middle East meaning every of the 22 members of the Arab league, plus Iran and Israel. thank you.
  2. there is no way that a majority vote electoral system where the winner is whoever gets 50% +1 could ever possibly be applied to the US. the country is far too big and also it is going against an integral part of what it is, perhaps THE most integral part, that it is composed not merely of 330 million people, but 50 states that each have a unique identity too. only a very minimal number of people in the USA apart from a few whining left-liberals who will whine about anything, not just the electoral system, want to change it. with electoral systems it is very difficult to change them anywhere. People have got used to way it is, whatever it is. Basically, what ever you've got, you're stuck with it.
  3. late September 2001. it's only a couple of weeks after 9/11, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair has just completed a visit to the USA where he has cemented the special relationship and committed himself to ally with US president George W. Bush in the wake of the terror attacks. job done, to much fanfare, he gets on a plane in New York bound for Brussels. only . . . . the plane never makes it. It ditches into the Atlantic with everybody on board it lost. Everyone at first thinks it's another terrorist attack, but when they find the black box and complete the investigation, they find out that it was just mechanical error. It also turned out that one of the pilots only had one eye, but the RAF rushed to his defence and said that only having one eye doesn't matter if you are a good pilot. Blair, obviously, is no longer Prime Minister. In fact, he isn't anything at all. They never found his body. what happens next?
  4. are you allowed to bring tablets and power banks on a plane to Hong Kong? are they disallowed only to Middle East destinations?
  5. I want to get a train to M'cr airport next week. I want to get the ticket delivered BY POST. Because of a difficulty with my card I don't want to pick up the ticket at the station with one of the machines there. is there a train company does this? And is a week enough time? does anybody know the walk-up price for a train ticket from Sheffield to Manchester airport?
  6. au contraire. I think it might be. maybe the New Member for Sheffield Hallam is a divvy anyway, and the fact that he has cerebral palsy also, is totally irrelevant.
  7. The last Vice-president to succeed 'the throne' was not Gerald Ford. It was the first George Bush, in 1989.
  8. The Editor is not a reporter. Especially not Osborne, who has never done any work like that.
  9. No he won't. He's not a reporter. He's an editor, in fact THE Editor. I don't have a problem with Osborne doing this job at all and it will in fact be interesting to see how he gets on. But rather mysterious how he managed to get it in the first place.
  10. Somebody said you can get them for £25 from Asda. Is this true? And is it any Asda, or just the big Asdas?
  11. what's silly about it is that it for the good teams, especially European ones, who of course don't include England, is that it will make it even easier for them to qualify than it is now. And it's too easy now as it is. There is no incentive for a team to qualify from their group in 1st position. They can come 3rd. It doesn't matter. Germany could field their youth team in the qualifiers, come 3rd and they'd still be seeded as one of the favourites. the most thing wrong with it is that the way they are planning it in the finals is that the qualifying groups are groups of only 3, which is garbage. having it over 5 weeks instead of four isn't so bad and in fact that's the only thing that's good about it. Some people have been trying to make out that it will be more tiring for the players, but it won't be, as the champions and the finalists still only play seven games, except over 5 weeks instead of 4.
  12. the really big speech is apparently coming up later this afternoon. That's not an interview. It's an actual public speech, in Peterborough, a massively Leave area but which is exactly the seat Labour need to win if they have a chance to form a government - unlike the Copeland by-election seat coming up which is not a marginal and which Labour, can and do win even when they lose General Elections, Peterborough really IS a marginal. Labour have to get Peterborough if they are ever going to govern again. of course with Corbyn they have no chance of getting even Copeland never mind Peterborough.
  13. HGV drivers spend a much greater proportion of their time on motorways than do ordinary car drivers, some of whom almost never drive on motorways at all. when in Sheffield I drive around 400 miles a week and the amount of mileage I do on motorways is negligible. 5% or less. With HGV drivers it will vary but I'm guessing it might be as high as 80%. in Sheffield there is just not that much call for a lot of people to drive on motorways at all. But in some places, like Manchester and Birmingham, which are totally surrounded by motorway by necessity people have to drive on motorways a lot more.
  14. if there is any restaurant or eatery anywhere in the world that DOESN'T sell takeaway food and will refuse to sell it to people that ask for it, then I've never heard of it. Just because they don't advertise it, doesn't mean they don't do it.
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