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  1. is there still a butchers van at joblot barnsley road on a friday
  2. Can you 'recommend a good dry food
  3. my 4 month old springer eats anything and everything out on our daily walks is this natural being a first time dog owner also how much should i feed her she is 6.5kg i feed her 3oz 3 times a day on bakers dry puppy food on box it just gives for adult dog sizes
  4. can you give to many treats in one day to a 14 week old pup
  5. we have a 12 week old cocker spaniel and she will not go out for walks with my partner she pulls back always so he comes back and its upsetting him and me .if i go shes fine any ideas
  6. Is it OK to lock a cocker pup 10 weeks old in a cage at night or should I let her have run of kitchen where her crate is
  7. I have a 8 week old cocker spaniel she's adorable but she just lunges at me when she wants to play she jumps up and bites hard I say no or ouch louder and give a toy I need help
  8. where can i get passport photos in the vicinity of hillsborough /town prefer not to using photo booth
  9. can someone tell me how to get to medical assesment centre on vickers 1 at ngh
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