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  1. I used to see my GP every six months and six moths' routine prescriptions were sent to the pharmacy; this is what has happened this time. Phoned GP Surgery for appointment; told to phone Sheffield Prescription Line. Phoned Sheffield Prescription Line; told they do not issue repeats of the medication I needed; phone surgery. Phoned surgery; told I needed to speak to pharmacist so receptionist made appointment for pharmacist to phone me (a week later). Pharmacist phoned; needed blood tests before prescriptions could be issued; issued prescription for ONE month only; would make appointment for me to have blood tests. Blood sample sample two weeks later. Results received at surgery. Still awaiting prescriptions. All phone calls required being in a queue and were time consuming. Everyone was helpful, patient and polite doing the job the system had assigned to them. I never spoke to a doctor. I wonder what it must have cost in staff salaries, etc. for such a simple need to be met (i.e. reissue routine prescriptions) and how frustrating it must be for the personnel working in such a system? "The NHS needs more money" we are told; may be it would need less if processes were more efficient!
  2. Having been with BT for over 20 years I've just had a nightmare renewing my broadband. Their phone lines send you round in circles, you get put on hold for ages, the details of the contract agreed with the "agent" are not confirmed; you can't call back the "agent" you previously spoke to, etc., etc. I spoke with, or "chatted" with, at least 10 different people....... I've ended up with a broadband deal (something called "Halo" whatever that is!) costing £40.99 per month. I KNOW I should have gone elsewhere but as a housebound, disabled octogenarian, I couldn't face the hassle and my broadband is my only means of keeping in touch with family and friends, almost all of my shopping, my GP and other medical professionals, my banking..... So good luck to anyone who gets a half price deal with BT!
  3. I once owned a house on a private estate on land originally owned by the Duke of Norfolk. When I bought my house the ownership of the freehold had been acquired by "United Sheffield Hospitals". Once a year a Sheffield firm of solicitors sent a bill on their behalf for ground rent; this was for a very small sum [about £10]. Then I received a notification indicating that this charge was no longer to be levied because it was costing more to collect than the income generated. As far as I can recall when I sold the house it was still leasehold but neither I nor the purchaser had any problems because of this.
  4. I'm no expert in these matters but I suppose that HRH (in whatever capacity he owns the freeholds) receives ground rents even though the properties themselves on his land are not owned or used by him?
  5. I think it's something to do with how the builder/developer acquired the right to build houses on land, and sell them, without actually buying the land on which they wanted to build; hence the term ground rent.
  6. Sorry, I don't know. On reflection our property deals were different. I had been the owner for some time (not myself residing there) and when I transferred the ownership to my relative the Inland Revenue valued it at the time of transfer (ignoring the fact that I was in fact making a LOSS) and deemed that I had made a GAIN because the value at the time of transfer was greater than the value at the time of my initial purchase.
  7. Some years ago I transferred ownership of a property to a needy member of my family who simply paid me enough to cover my costs in so doing. I had to pay capital gains tax on the value of the property at the time of the sale and that value was determined by the district valuer (I think that was his title) who was appointed by the Inland Revenue.
  8. I phoned Lloyds about something else and was told incidentally that there was going to be a £5 per delivery charge from October. In response to El Cid - I would LOVE to get more exercise and not only to get my medication; I am housebound as I expect to be the case for many others who have their regular medication delivered probably for the rest of their lives!
  9. This thread is interesting to me as a quarantined octogenarian relying on my computer links to maintain outside contacts (personal, banking, shopping, etc). Unlike my grandchildren I am far from "computer literate" and was reluctant to update recently when my very old computer more or less ceased to function. My new one came with Windows 10 ready installed. Every time there is a Windows update (DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER!) there seems to be problems and sometimes the same update seems to be made a second time. For the likes of me putting things right [or having to ask someone else to do so] is very stressful.
  10. The website recommended by iansheff is a fantastic, FREE source of information for family researchers. It is organised by the Mormon Church but anyone can register; I have found it extremely helpful, no hassle or adverts; after a little patience finding out how to navigate, very easy to use. You can even record your own family tree records on there, if you wish.
  11. Thanks for replies. I'm glad to say that a public library is taking the books and has arranged to collect them.
  12. Unfortunately I am housebound but would be glad to give them to a public library if they could collect
  13. Due to lack of space I have a few dozen books to dispose of and would welcome advice on how to do so. I would be glad to hear from any local library, other organisation or individual who would be willing to collect and use them as I am reluctant simply to recycle the paper. Most are hardback and include political and other biographies (Thatcher, Blair, Blunkett; Michael Parkinson, Stephen Fry, Alan Bennett et al), fiction (classics, detective stories, etc) and books of general interest. Replies on this forum or PM acceptable.
  14. I've already voted by post; deliberately and knowingly "spoiled" my ballot paper having read the flyers from the various candidates. Enough said!
  15. I'm NOT a Facebook user and don't intend to be. I would be glad to answer a questionnaire about why but I suppose this research isn't about this!
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