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  1. We live near Graves Park, opposite where the old library used to be in Woodseats, and have had problems with random youths trying to set fire to the trees and bushes in the park over the past couple of weeks. We called the fire brigade last night and have also notified 101. We managed to get some clear footage of the responsible youths last night which has now been passed to the police for ID. Hopefully they will be apprehended and this mindless vandalism will stop but please notify the authorities if you see anything.
  2. Thank you so much for all your kind replies - it has given me a great start and I am really grateful for your time and advice. xxx
  3. Hi Forumers, I am going to start researching my family tree and am bewildered by the array of websites out there that offer subscriptions services for access to records. Is anyone able to recommend any one particular site, or those to avoid? Merry Christmas and thanks for reading.
  4. Hi, I am looking for a person / company who can maintain Newlec extractor fans in a domestic property. There are three fans, one is not working at all, one does work but is very noisy and the other seems ok but I would like it checked. An internet search has not revealed anything so I was wondering if anyone out there knows of someone who may be able to help? Many thanks for reading.
  5. Hi, We employed a builder, who employed an architect, whom both advised we did not need any sort of permission for the RSJ. We are now selling our property and have been told that we need said certificate. Are there grounds for us to sue both parties if we do not get this from the council?
  6. Hi, Had anyone had experience of obtaining a Building Regularisation Certificate from Sheffield Council? We are selling our house and need one for a RSJ that was installed in between the kitchen and the dining room. Many thanks
  7. Hi, We have had some flashing replaced on our kitchen roof and have a pile of old flashing to dispose of - does anyone know if any scrap metal merchants are interested in this kind of thing? Many thanks for reading.
  8. Thank you so much for your replies. I am counting down the days until my injection and am hoping this will cure me. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, I have been diagnosed with an L5 / S1 bulge of the disc but been told that this is inoperable as it is not pinching the sciatic nerve. I am having a lumbar injection in January but I am led to believe this will not completely cure me and, if this does not work, I will have to rely on pain management for life. I am feeling very down about this and am desperate to speak to any fellow sufferers or back pain support groups. If anyone can provide me with constructive advice or help I would be eternally grateful. Thanks for reading.
  10. Hi, My hubby is very interested in this. Please could you email me on narcissus4@sky.com. many thanks.
  11. Hi, Did anyone else attend the Strictly Confidential show on Saturday? I was in a party of four, paid £43.00 each, and it was more like the Lisa Reilly show. There were only three Strictly dancers in the performance and we left feeling distinctly underwhelmed. We overheard others saying the same thing. I think had we known it was going to be mainly about Lisa Reilly, her life and her "journey" on Strictly we would not have paid the ticket price. Shame on me for being fooled into thinking it was to be a spin off from the show......
  12. Hi, If you go the Sheffield Eagles website: http://www.sheffieldeagles.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=275&Itemid=566 you will find the information for season tickets. They don't have set seats, you can pretty much sit where you want. The average crowd is only around 1000, so there are plenty of spare seats wherever they play (Don Valley or Bramall Lane). Hope you do get one - see you there!
  13. Oooooopssss.......bout bleedin' time!!!! Will be going to see the team on Tuesday night, hope lots of other people come too!
  14. Does anyone else find it strange that Sheffield Eagles, and their achievements this season, have been completely ignored by Sheffield Council. Last season, Sheffield Wednesday gained promotion from League One. They did not win the competition, but were promoted from the third tier of English football into the second tier of the game. This was a reasonable achievement and The Lord Mayor invited the club to a civic reception in their honour. This year Sheffield Eagles have over come great odds to become Champions of the second tier of European rugby league. As far as I am aware, The Eagles have had no recognition, whatsoever. Doncaster's rugby league team achieved a similar feat to the Eagles. They became Champions of their league (one below the Eagles) and they have also gained promotion. Doncaster's mayor afforded them an open top bus tour through they centre, with a reception at the Mansion house!
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