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  1. Hmm, not sure adding anything to the water in a steam stripper is wise. wont the (whatever you add into water) cause a problem with the element. when water boils its only the water that evaporates and the rest is left in the machine. Just sounds dangerous advice to me spider.
  2. Thanks Andy and Nicola for your recommendation. It was a pleasure to carry out the work for you. Have a fantastic Christmas!
  3. These guys know their stuff and have a large showroom etc, details are.... Sheffield Floor Restoration Co Bridge Inn, 509 London Rd, Sheffield 0114 250 7675 Closed on Mondays
  4. In my opinion it looks cheap. Tiling is much more resilient and looks infinitely better if done correctly. Also I always waterproof any wet area BEFORE tiling, completely free of charge. This tanking system ensures many more trouble free years from the tiled area. The cladding stuff looks exactly like what it's made of.....plastic . But that's just in my opinion :-)
  5. Cheers Phil, I'm sure the action I suggested will sort out your problem, thanks for the recommendation . Andy
  6. Hi Dr Mac, thank you for the recommendations and for the work. Always happy to help. Many thanks. Andy
  7. Hi Graeme, thanks for the work and the recommendation , your new system is a corker! have a good Christmas , Andy
  8. An "ignition" button on a washing machine!? hmm, I think as you say the washer is "elderly" and as such will use plenty of water, if you are on a water meter a new washing machine could well help to pay for itself in reduced water consumption.
  9. err, title says it all really, can we have one please?
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