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  1. I feel that Wilder's team will try and cash him out and go for the fight with AJ next April. They have just seen their man get badly outboxed by somebody who has been out of the sport for a long period of time. Fury will only be in better condition when/if the rematch with Wilder happens. Exiting times!
  2. Personally, I had it 3-1 to Golovkin after four completed rounds, but that does not tell the whole story. Brook was getting beaten up convincingly, and the only reason anyone can consider it even remotely competitive is the fact they are looking at the fight in relation to expectation. Brook landed a few good shots, and because everyone expected him to get bombed out they therefore put more emphasis on those shots. Watch it without the commentary / crowd noise and it is a bit of a massacre. For me, Brook did not hurt Golovkin once despite what he claimed in the post fight interview. But having said that, I applaud the effort Brook put in and his stock has not diminished.
  3. Yep. Not sure which way this will go to be honest. Some folk on the RealGM Forum are saying GSW in 5 ! Personally I don't see that, but that's their opinion I suppose... Although it's a team sport, I wouldn't want LeBron James to lose in a 5th NBA Finals. You know what we're getting from LeBron and Kyrie Irving, but for me, the x factor is Kevin Love and JR Smith. All Smith needs to do is play at the level he's been playing at throughout the playoffs (which has been very good), and the same with Love. He had a couple of quiet games against the Raptors, but on the whole he's been solid. GSW can be beaten as I don't think they're as good defensively as they were in the 2014/2015 season, but their firepower from Steph Curry and Klay Thompson is what's scary (even when their shots are contested). I'm going to go with GSW in 6 or 7 games, but would like to be wrong.
  4. Series might be already over after that blowout in Game 1, but every game is different I suppose. I don't think the Raptors match up well to the Cavs, coupled with the fact that the Raptors are banged up a bit. I'm predicting it'll be over, at most, in five games. I think the Raptors will win one of their games on their floor, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Cavs sweep them 4-0 to be honest....
  5. Yes, I go on the RealGM forums myself. I think it will be another Cleveland / Golden State NBA finals, but I did tip San Antonio to win it all at the start of the season. Oklahoma City have a 3-2 lead on San Antonio, and I think they will beat the Spurs in game 6 to go on to meet Golden State in the Conference Finals.
  6. Cheers Alex, I might take a look at Zen Internet myself. I'm with Virgin Media (cable broadband), and been with them a little over 2 years. The download speeds are fine (upload speeds are another matter :-)), but in that time there's been so many problems with it. I was with Sky ADSL broadband for 6/7 years prior to switching to Virgin, and the broadband only went down twice in that period. Virgin cable broadband has been down close to a dozen times in the two year period I've been with them, but it's been fine for the last 5 or 6 months. I saw a deal for SSE fibre broadband (currently have my gas and electric with them) yesterday. But since I have a BT line that is not active, they cannot activate the line themselves by switching my services from Virgin to SSE, which I understand to a point as my landline is with Virgin and on a different network completely. Sky Fibre isn't available in my area yet, but we'll see :-)
  7. Yeah, I have noticed it is now saying 'Accepting Orders' for me, so my cabinet must be enabled. I can see that PlusNet Fibre and BT Infinity is now available, but Sky Fibre is not. Am I right in assuming that Sky have their own equipment in the exchange? I believe this to be the case, but not too sure with my limited knowledge of telephony etc !
  8. Most definitely. I'm lucky to get Virgin cable broadband but I'm finding it expensive for what it is. Plus the upload speeds are rubbish (3Mbps I think) on Virgin. I need better upload speeds for conference calling as I work from home a couple of days per week. Looking at going back to Sky (was on their ADSL broadband until I went to Virgin two years ago - just under 3Mbps download speed on that) on their fibre package or PlusNet once the everything is up, but we'll see..
  9. Yes, I can see new cabinets all over the place when driving around the S5/S9 area now. 1st quarter of next year it will be enabled maybe?
  10. Yes, I thought to myself that there would be at least a 6 month wait. I'm still under contract with Virgin cable broadband for another 7 months, so hopefully they will be taking orders by then (assuming my cabinet is upgraded also).
  11. I've received the same email as well for the Attercliffe exchange!! Thanks for telling us that you're interested in superfast fibre broadband. We're really pleased to let you know that your local exchange, Meadowhall Attercliffe, has been added to our rollout plans. You can get more details about the current status of the Meadowhall Attercliffe exchange, and find out when superfast fibre broadband will be available, using our new interactive map at http://www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/where-and-when. Because there are instances where we can't upgrade every single street cabinet, we'd advise you to contact your preferred Communications Provider and use their line checker to find out whether or not your property will be able to get superfast fibre broadband. Satisfy your need for speed, with downloads of up to 100Mbit/s – and join our superfast fibre revolution. Regards, Openreach Marketing
  12. Went for the first time on Tuesday night, and I was impressed. Just wondering, can we park cars in Tesco or are there rules against doing that? Parked on Carlisle St on Tuesday as I wasn't sure.
  13. Great stuff. I knew it was being trialed last year. Last time I checked, my exchange (Attercliffe) wasn't FTTC enabled. So might have to wait a little while longer for this unless I decided to switch providers from Sky BB
  14. Thanks for this. I will contact Sky and see what they say.
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