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  1. I posted evidence of this but the mods took it down?
  2. it was just a post about whats in between your ears but thanks anyway
  3. . Women cast about 60% of votes, so if there's someone electing this so-called patriarchy, it's women. And politicians know this and pander to feminists. This is why laws are written with a bias towards women.
  4. the same society that voted in obama for 8 years who also had a muslim father? I think you're trolling The people who bring up the color of people's skin at every opportunity they get are the TRUE racists, they constantly keep thinking of superficial stuff, and they use these tactics to keep the country divided.
  5. you're right race is an issue she was Indian and joe was racist Last year 2019. Now she's black and Joe's not racist year 2020. Fun fact: kamala Harris has a career of locking up black people.
  6. As if it matters not the least that a politician is a woman or a man... What matters is that you try very hard, that you are honest, that you are not corrupt, and that you do everything you can to do things right. That she is a woman is anecdotal and totally unimportant... But what I have never done or will ever do is vote for a woman, simply because she is a woman... that seems totally absurd to me..
  7. "we "? ......does it bother you she's not white? Listen to her speech. Females. Colour. Different ethnic groups. How about just plain old Americans as a group Why keep talking about her Heritage/race , heritage and Sex should not be an issue. Look at the person . PC nonsense is divisive and insulting.
  8. he's dealing with a classy woman Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist ,child molester and a rapist and now she's in bed with him.LOL
  9. what about option d) playing the race card She registered as an Indian American for Senate. but she changed to African American to win the black vote. she didn't even say she was black until the debate before that she was jamaican and indian correcting people when they called her black, but then suddenly she was black. she didn't want to claim to be or be called african american until she wanted the black vote. Before that she corrected people about her heritage being indian and Jamaican. I ask how is she black now ? Considering she was sworn into senate as the first Indian woman
  10. Gunmen armed with rifles have opened fire in six different locations in central Vienna, killing three people and wounding several more, police say.
  11. Did someone release another cartoon?. Time for a candlelight vigil, folks.And the flowers. That always sorts it out
  12. jihadists,wahibists ,Islamofascis all have functioning brains and they don't ignore this gentleman
  13. https://au.news.yahoo.com/malaysian-ex-pm-mahathir-says-131421297.html "Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s two-time former prime minister, has claimed Muslims have a right to “kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past” in a Twitter thread posted just hours after a Muslim man killed three people outside a church in Nice." within two hours of that Twitter thread being posted, tens of thousands had re-posted it. He also goes on to criticise and describe many women in the West as "totally naked when on certain beaches." Yes, that's what freedom of expression is all about. We may not always like it but we defend those who choose to ignore the threat of skin cancer. As we defend satirical cartoons depicting Allah. Watch The Life of Brian sometime. It's sacrilegious but few of us would condemn it. Or seek to punish the members of Monty Python. That would be insane wouldn't it?
  14. Religion which ones support this?. There is NOTHING in Christianity, Buddhism that supports this - no ambiguity in it. No debate. Nothing to say that you should kill or injure if someone casts aspersions on your religion, absolutely NOTHING. So please, get your facts right
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