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  1. too soft to imagine a world without Sorbent. Most don’t have any experience of using strips of newspaper. Perhaps our lack of resilience makes us more prone than previous generations to a panicky herd mentality, reacting to what the World Health Organisation calls an “infodemic” — too much information, much of it unreliable, like social media posts of bare supermarket shelves.
  2. What a yawning bore all these hypocrital " protests" by the usual suspects are. Hollywood is the world of fiction not reality. This outside the industry is meaningless. The Oscars are just an event for the movie world to promote self indulgence & for a few hours forget that they are just actors in a roll & think they are heroes. Yes they are heroes of the performing arts & good luck to them but no they are not the heroes of social reality. heroes of virtue signalling more like. Drama queens........oh wait, that's their job! Can a short (sorry, height-challenged), old (sorry, age-challenged), fat (sorry, weight-challenged), queer, disabled, gender-neutral, non-Caucasian director hurry up and make a film so it can be awarded an Oscar so we can all move on and not feel so exploitative and discriminatory?
  3. they are often second or third generation British citizens? . They go to jail. They get out. They do it again. And the British taxpayer cannot provide a plain clothed team to watch all of them. This, ie radicalised Muslims, will be an ongoing problem in Britain for many decades to come. I doubt I will see a solution in my lifetime britons ?you mean the ones who burn their passports as soon as they get to an arabic country to fight the infidel Perhaps a prison island as remote as possible? I hear it's been done before! or the desert, somewhere in Arabia may be appropriate for jihadists who hate infidels. Go ahead open my eyes explain to me why its the fault of the torys.
  4. That should read half is time. The criminal justice system is loopy . . Why does the judge order a sentence when only half will be served? Probably to make the average citizen believe that justice has been done - another classic case of the criminal's rights superseding those of society? And when will we learn that some criminals will not or cannot be rehabilitated and that regardless of sentencing guidelines they either need to be deported or kept in prison permanently?
  5. The Security Service, MI5, has more than 3,000 subjects of interest (SOIs) on its watch list, more than it is capable of monitoring around the clock, as well as a pool of over 20,000 former SOIs, some of whom are thought capable of moving to violent action. I am waiting for an announcement something like this: The government would like to assure the people that if and when any of these 20,000 or so terrorists strike, our police will be watching them to make sure they only kill a few passers by before we stop them.
  6. I don't think its an accident. The flight had literally just taken off from Tehran International Airport. It would have been in an internationally recognised flight path out of that airport at 8000 feet it would have been Under full Iranian air traffic control. Just another excuse from the 'we didn't fire anything' propaganda machine. The Iranians were no doubt hoping for US retaliation for their missile attacks and I wouldn’t put it past them to have deliberately shot down the airliner with the intention of blaming the US . Edited just now by frigate
  7. What, they accidently fired two missiles (reports are first one malfunctioned) at a civilian aircraft 6 minutes out of Tehran Airport carrying 175 innocent people and the missile accidently exploded at 8,000 feet. Accidently killing 175 innocent people. why would they shoot their own people? What was the motive? The only thing I can think of is that the airline is owned by the Ukrainian president and another friend oligarch, both of whom are Jewish.
  8. They shot down a plane full of Iranians - most of the "foreigners" were ethnic Iranians with other citizenship. The ayatollahs have had a bad week. A dead military mastermind. 56 dead at his funeral. Revenge strikes which did nothing but spook them into shooting down an airliner taking off from their own airport.I wonder if the "people who learned a lot"are working at the airport? lol
  9. you need to understand the US shot down that airliner because of two reasons. the iranians had been flying in close formation with airliners in order to hide in their radar shadow and this particular one did not respond to multiple radio calls from the us ship and continued staight towards the the ship the US had no choice but to shoot down a probable threat. "it wasn't an accident"
  10. The framework in which to assess the current Iran situation is this: The most likely future for Iran's Islamist regime is that it is out of office by mid-Oct, in time for the US elections. That regime seeks to dominate the ME, and by that to gain leverage on the wider world, by way of control of the oil supply. But there are very few parties in the Gulf and the surrounding ME that want Iran to dominate that region, and most will welcome the demise of the regime. Europe will soon get with the US/Trump program, and China, Japan, SK and the rest of Asia will smile warmly from the side-lines. Remember that Europe and most of Asia depend mightily on reliable flow of ME oil at OK prices. Turkey is most likely to become the dominant actor in the region, which will be OK for the rest of us. With precision US strikes on Iranian military targets along the way, and Trump's saying that the Iranian people have a great future in store, pro-Western forces within Iran will overcome the current Islamist regime.
  11. some of the closeup images i've seen shows already cleared land burning. In both SE Asia and South America fire is used to burn off previous crops in cleared land within rain forests to prepare for the next planting. Pristine rain forest is pretty much carbon neutral with new growth offset by emissions from rotting vegetation, but the rapid clearing of forest and the burning of cleared land produces a huge amount of CO2. Why are they clearing the rain forest? The simple answer is that there are just too many people in the world and as the population increases the environment will suffer until nature's solution to overpopulation kicks in. We have managed to feed most of the world through the destruction of natural ecology, monoculture and the immense input of fossil fuel energy. In this universe there is no such thing as a free lunch and in due course we will pay the penalty
  12. ON MAY 14th, San Francisco’s legislature voted to ban city agencies from using facial-recognition technology. Leading the charge was Aaron Peskin, a member of the city's Board of Supervisors, the legislative body. In January, when he introduced the measure, he said he had “yet to be persuaded that there is any beneficial use of this technology that outweighs the potential for government actors to use it for coercive and oppressive ends.
  13. PC is going too far.Of course we should acknowledge everyone ashaving equal rights while entitled to equaltreatment.But, why is it OK to say the Chinese, as a race,have a marginally higher average IQ but notto say some groups are below average?
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