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  1. I really should buy a map, the TPT baffles me in that it supposedly spans the country but I can never find more than about a mile of it at a time... While my map comes, if I wanted to follow the TPT, can it be done between Sheffield center and Meadowhall? If so, where do you join it? If I follow it from Chap I get to the hotel at Meadowhall and then couldn't see where it went after that.
  2. That was where I was. There is no facility to ask a question, only to leave feedback or tell them there is a damaged shelter. If it had come to it I'd have rang them, but SF tends to give a more all round response anyway (and my experience with Traveline is comparable to my experiences with HMRC) I will give it a try one day and see how it goes.
  3. Surely they don't let you do that? Asda sulk if you park for more than an hour, does the non P&R carpark let you stay all day?
  4. Hmmm, that would require a bit of planning to get there that early, but it would be do-able.
  5. Given the P&R organisation doesn't seem to have a 'contact us', could someone help me out please. The Meadowhell park and ride system: a) Is there a time you have to be out by of an evening? b) Is it a case of you park, buy a tram ticket and show it on the way out? c) How full does it get? As in, if I try and use it will I be doing the Centretainment lap of increasing stress or do they have more spaces than cars? Thanks all
  6. It's tricky, the only people who could tell you will never see your thread
  7. To be clear, I didn't go to watch a match :s I ended up going to a sandwich shop down the end of a road. Can't fault the place, but their coffee was... well, I've had worse, but at least it was made from actual beans. I managed to spill one of the coffees on a chair at the ground if that makes any Wednesday fans feel better about me...
  8. I make a point of trying a coffee from a different place whenever I can, but 75% of the time it either tastes of water or is otherwise unpalpable. I used to be of the elitist opinion that coffee has to be made by a small one man organisation, with love, but the more I drink the more I come to appreciate the fact that I know what I will get from the chains (for instance, if I want to go into a diabetic shock it's Starbucks; if I want bitter coffee it's Costa). So, given I need to be sure I will have a decent coffee to drink later, I need to go somewhere that I can rely on, hence the chain desire. Actually, Subway's coffees aren't so bad, and there's a Subway on London Road... Might swing by there.
  9. Hi all If I wanted a corporate coffee (so Costa, Starbucks and the like) on my way to a course at Brammal Lane, where is the nearest one? Is it back in town? Thanks!
  10. What would his angle have been? I would have said he was a loft insulator fishing for trade, but if he never tried to sell you anything...
  11. Because you've paid £500 for a mobile?
  12. Just done a speediest and I'm getting 1.77 if I'm lucky. Any way I can check if that is typical for my street (short of going door to door) as, now I'm getting with the 21st century and streaming, I need 2 as a minimum (and my package goes up to 10).
  13. Darn, I knew something wasn't quite right with my logic!
  14. Sheffield lass. Post a video when you do it please.
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