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  1. Looking for a keeper for tomorrow night (Thursday) at goals 5 a side football and then for the following few weeks. Tomorrow's game is at 7pm. Let me know on here or 07940214841. Cheers.
  2. Looking for a midweek game, nothing that involves weekend commitment. I'm reliable and just wanna have a good game each week. Pm me on here if you need a player Cheers Matt
  3. Hi, Looking to join a football team, preferably 5-7 a side, I'm 25 and reasonably fit. I played down at Goals for a few years but the teams broken up now. I don't mind where I play as long as it's not a million miles from town centre. Let me know on here or pm. Thanks Matt.
  4. Hi, need a player for tonight at 8:30 at goals. We've got four so could with a few. Let me know. Thanks.
  5. Hey, I work for a Garden Maintenance company so don't really deal with trees but any work that people ask us to do we forward on to a tree surgeon called Geoff who runs a company called ACME Tree surgeons. They are definitely reliable and know what they are doing so always a good starting point for a quote. Anyway, hope you find the right guys. Matt.
  6. Looking for a 5 a side team to play for midweek, preferably either Tues, Weds or Thurs at Goals, Norfolk park. Played at a pretty good level but I've not played for four months so getting the itch for a game now. Contact me on 07940214841 Cheers, Matt.
  7. Hi, I'm looking to improve my fitness and get into boxing, is there any coaches down there who can help me start off as I'm a complete novice as to where to start. Matt
  8. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I've only just checked the post. Yeah if you fancy it mate we are having a game at 7pm tomorrow at Goals. Have you played before? Matt
  9. Hi, A space has come up in our five a side team on a Tuesdays, we currently have around 8 players but someone has just left so were looking for a new person to play outfield. We are a fairly strong team and I'm looking for someone who's reliable and can play regularly. Get in touch if you fancy a kick about. Matt
  10. I need a player to come down to play at Goals tonight from 7-9, if anyone can help me out I will be eternally great-full. Matt
  11. Hi, We are playing down at goals on Tuesday and a few people have ahead to leave due to work commitments so we are looking for a few new people to play for us. We're a decent team we just need a few players and desperately a goalkeeper and striker. Feel free to contact me on here if interested. Matt
  12. Hi, We are looking for players to come and play down at Goals on Tuesday's. we are currently 4th in the third league and need two outfield players and a GK. if you're interested give me a message on here directly. Hope to hear from some people soon Matt
  13. We need some players for tonight, game starts at 8 and were a new team so starting in the bottom league, if you fancy a game DM me Matt
  14. Hi, Need some players tonight for a five a side game, only an average level of football so don't be afraid to play because none of us are any good Game is at 8pm at Goals. Reply on here if interested! Matt
  15. Hi, We need a striker for tomorrow and for the future upcoming weeks. We have a good solid team but no one has that finishing touch so we are on the lookout for a new player, if you're interested get back to me on here. We are a bunch of friendly lads so if you fancy a game just message me. The game is tomorrow (Tues) at goals 8pm Thanks Matt
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