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  1. The flash is nice for a walk around, has been for many years. Catcliffe is actually greened up pretty well and is one of the links to Orgreave and Treeton Dyke. Over the hill you have Ulley Res'. Things are on the up in this area. It's the areas such as Darnall, Attercliffe, Wincobank, Brightside, Firvale and Burngreave that need to be put back to nature now that the industry has finished.
  2. Orgreave is pretty cool, and a nice place to spend a bit of time early morning. Two very peaceful lakes and an abundance of wildlife to watch if that is your thing.
  3. They have got to be kidding right!? Is there not enough land around that they are forced to use a now well established country park?? How about levelling the troubled slums of our city and building it there? Two birds with one stone!
  4. Your eyes are open as a child. As you get older you get more and more wrapped up in work and the daily drudge. Open your eyes again, and take in what is around you. The Skylarks are still here!
  5. I didn't, or maybe I did, but didn't realise I had! Looks pretty good now though.
  6. Corn buntings were as common as muck around Ulley about twenty years ago, as were grey and French partridges, not now though. Abundance of both flycatchers around Dore and Totley Brook in the same period, but it's the same story for them now! As I said earlier, I was down in Cornwall earlier in the month. Trevose Head nr Padstow to be precise. Always been a stronghold for corn buntings, but now is fenced off in most of the area to help protect this and another rare species, the Skylark!
  7. A hundred species is really good going. After your post yesterday I did a mental tot-up of the species I have seen over the past month. My memory got a bit fudged, as I was at the South West coast for one week and obviously the Manx Shearwaters and Gannets are from that week! I have managed to retrieve 60 species (Sheffield and surrounding area) from the old memory banks. The thing that puzzles me is that a lot of the species that I have seen seemed to be quite rare when I was more avid in my younger days. The more common ones back in the day seem to be less common now! Where are all the Songies, Corn Buntings and Yellowhammers!?
  8. How dare these sort of folk enter into a country park! perhaps the entry fee should be higher?. This would sort out the wheat from the chavs! If the Autumn entry fee were even higher still, you would enjoy your free peaceful walk even more! Problem is, the park would soon be underfunded and eventually close.
  9. You should have been more choosy about the birds you have taken back there!
  10. That sounds like it was good fun, and a great incentive to get out doors and see what is around. Do you still have any of the lists? I would love to see them if you have!
  11. Made me wonder how good the area from Meadowhall up to and including Burngreave could look in several years time, if it were cleared and turned into a similar kind of park.
  12. Saw a Kingfisher on the Rother at RVCP! Saw another on the Rother at Orgreave lakes, along with a group of 12 Gadwall including young on the small lake. I headed this way because I had seen a report of a Hobby chasing Swifts on SBSG. Didn't see it though, unlike you did near Blackburn Meadows! Lucky devil!
  13. Yes I did. It seemed very lively, and what a great place to camp! There were a group of mini-hovercrafter's setting up on the small offshot lake as i rode off (about 8.30am).Was that anything to do with the Scouts?
  14. Hi Bloomdido. It is still there, but now comes under the area called Old Moor Wetland Centre.
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