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  1. Thanks patrick, do you know if they are a 24 hour chemist?
  2. HI, We are likely to need a chemist to dispense a prescription tonight. Is there a pharmacy open late near to the Northern general hospital tonight? Many thanks.
  3. Hi, Sounds like a great idea. Why don't you contact Dyane Midgely, Volunteer co-ordinator for Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind on 0114 2722757. I am sure they would welcome the help. Good luck.
  4. I know this sounds like a crazy question, but are there any hairdressers for women around hillsborough that are quiet natured and won't speak too much when cutting your hair? I have social anxiety and this puts me off most hairdressers as they often ask too many questions. Thanks
  5. Hi Lotti, Sorry to hear about your situation. Have you been in touch with Social services? They might be able to help but it could be a long shot.
  6. You're welcome Jenny. We hope that the little ratties settle in very quickly.
  7. Just to update this thread. We now have 4 places left in this group, which will start in the New year.
  8. Thanks Andy but I think most people get the gist so far
  9. That's great news. My partner is blind and has benefitted from SRSB. We just got the SRSB newsletter and read it on there. Thank you. :-)
  10. The insurance have given £10,000 towards it but it now means they will have to raise a further £30,000!
  11. The minibus for Sheffield Royal society for the blind has been stolen and written off! That means that it will cost SRSB a further £40,000 to replace out of funds that are desperately needed. It also means that in the meantime there are a lot of elderly blind people that cannot go to the centre for much needed company. It is shocking!
  12. We are thinking of setting this up and wanted to gauge how many of you might be interested. Especially if your social anxiety means you feel this would be an impossible step please PM us for further help. This group would be very structured and each session would be time limited with no more than 8 people in the group. The room we would potentially use costs £12 per hour which spread over 8 people would be £1.50 per person per session. We are going to produce a short questionaire which would help us identify what you would need to participate and what you would need from the group. There are 2 of us who are looking to set the group up, one of us has social anxiety, the other doesn't but has the skills and experience necessary to facilitate the group so that it feels safe, structured with relevent exercises, ground rules etc. Please PM us if you might be interested. Thanks for looking.
  13. I can believe this. They were very good with my disabled partner, not at all patronising either. They were only too happy to find a room on the ground floor for us.
  14. Well I don't know about getting really alternative style frames but the service in Specsavers I have just had in Hillsborough beats Boots hands down and they did everything they could to get a fair price and they were very helpful.
  15. Thanks Cherry, but I have to say that what Lotti is selling is cheaper and also more weight.
  16. Thanks Lotti. We have heard of that. Sounds great! Will let you know when we need some. Won't be long.
  17. Thanks Lotti would appreciate you getting back to us with the name of the card. We have just had one delivery of finacard but it won't last long and then we will need what you sell. I am glad it is not just us that is getting the smaller finacard bales now. We thought we were going a bit crazy. :-)
  18. Does anyone else think that the £13.99 bales of Finacard have reduced in size over the last year? We use it for our gerbils and it seems to only last a few cage cleans now with having 3 gerbilariums.
  19. Sorry to hear this. The best thing is to get in touch with Motability. They should take the car back but they might charge you £250. Best of luck.
  20. My partner and I are thinking of setting up a small business and are both disabled. Is there any private organisation or even public organisation that would help set this up including help with websites etc? Many thanks
  21. Species of animal to be rehomed. Rat Kitten Rehome or Sale? Sale Reason for Rehome / Sale. Bullied by cage mates Sale Amount £8 Location, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes absolutely Age & Sex 9weeks old, male Breed/ Mix Silver fawn type, top eared Colour/coat type Golden/creamy colour Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes Live in / out In Neutered/spayed No Chipped No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament: Initially a little shy, but affectionate friendly and playful Vaccinated & Wormed No Any special knowledge needed, About rat care and environmental enrichment General Information you can share: Do you have the time and commitment to give Isaac a home? He is 9 weeks old and is a top eared, silver fawn type (golden). He is very well socialised, loves his free runs using boxes tunnels and other out of cage toys. He loves his wheel and people and treats of carrot and other vegetables. He has been raised on the shunamite diet and is healthy. He is now on 50% dried food and 50%fresh. Please remember rats need time out of their cages and Isaac would be suitable for children of 10 years and over. He needs a large cage for example a Savic Freddy 2 and toys such as igloos, hammocks, ladders. We are currently using a substrate of Breeder celect cat litter. Rats can live on average for 2 and a half years.
  22. Have you thought about fancy rats? They make great pets. You have to give them at least an hour a day free running time, clean the cage once a week. They are so affectionate especially if you get boys.
  23. Will Maxim hairdressers in hillsborough do unusual hairstyles? I heard they are good.
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