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  1. Thanks Felicity. :-) I contacted PAD UK and they emailled to say they have had a personal tragedy and they will be in touch when this has ended. :-( I feel sorry for them, but feel it sounds a little precarious at the same time.
  2. I totally understand this Fabcakes. My partner had to do the same with many Guide dogs.
  3. I am needing the assistance dog to help boost my confidence with people when out, especially when on my own in places. At the minute I am sort of confined to the house unless my partner is with me. I get very anxious when on transport on my own and I think a dog that is used for assistance would help with this. Plus the assistance dog, wearing the fluorescent jacket would point out to people that I can take the dog in places I would not otherwise be able to take it. The dog would act as a buffer between myself and other people, So it would be the focus of first meeting conversations.
  4. This is all very interesting. My partner used to have Guide dogs and agrees that the dog will feel how the owner is feeling by the lead. Apparently you shouldn't work a dog when you are feeling ill with Guide dogs for this reason. My wish is that "Support dogs" trained dogs for mental health patients as I have not seen much in favour of PAD UK.
  5. Thanks for the interesting thoughts and links etc. I thought the same in terms of it seems like the dogs will be asked to do too many things in training that they would find difficult to keep pace with. I think in principle it's a good idea for people with mental health problems to have a support dog just as it is for someone with physical disabilities because for those people their condition can also fluctuate and they would possible also be taking medication. Look forward to people's thoughts on PAD UK.
  6. Has anyone had any experience using this charity? I am thinking of getting in contact with them about the possibility of having an assistance dog to aid my mental health. I thought about contacting some other assistance dog charities like Support Dogs but they do not as yet help people with mental health problems. Any info on this would be really appreciated. Thanks
  7. The pain clinic at Northern general is really good. I have been there and Gill and Miranda were really nice and friendly and helpful. They can do lots of things such as gym work, swimming, acupuncture, teach self massage etc. Best of luck.
  8. Glad that you have had that experience Busdriver1. I am beginning to think that maybe the few streets where we live must be the worst bit of Rotherham. I do like to think the best of situations and maybe when we have to give things more time.
  9. Well it was a half choice really. We had a damp flat before and there was nothing that could have been done about it as everything was tried with it including air vents etc. We got fed up of all our stuff being ruined by it and Rotherham offered us a house. It seemed so great but I am afraid all that glitters is not gold.
  10. Awww, Thanks Sarah, that's so nice of you. :-) It's very interesting what you say. It was the same where we used to live in Wadsley Bridge in Sheffield. Everyone knew us by our names and always were kind. We do what you do now and keep ourselves to ourselves too. It's safer haha. We live near Psalters lane. Happen to have a neighbour from hell! hahah I must say though that there was someone who was very kind also to us here who fixed our cooker and he even gave us a card to say welcome to our new home. So I apologise to him and his family as he was very nice. :-)
  11. Thanks gwmp. I have to say that people in Rotherham town centre have been fine with us and like you say they say please and thank you etc. But we have had a different experience of the local buses.
  12. What does socks and shoes mean by the way? a hidden code perhaps? Anyway when all these trolls stop ruining my thread. Maybe we can have a good discussion
  13. Well I have lived in many places, many many places, even Birmingham and I am from leicestershire ( a small Quiet town) but it never ceases to amaze me how unfriendly some people are.
  14. We have moved to Rotherham and are struggling to find positives since being here. The people seem so different to Sheffield people. Where we used to live in Sheffield most people were really kind and friendly and would go out of their way to be helpful but now the street we live on in Rotherham noone speaks to us even when we speak to them. We are quiet living people and create no problems for our neighbours but now feel we regret moving. It's not like we have moved so far from Sheffield but why are Rotherham people so different?
  15. Hi, Our friend is a gardener, who has a customer, who might be interested in joining the Gleadless valley garden share. Before she does though she wondered what people's experiences of it are whether they are negative or positive. Many thanks
  16. Thanks for all the advice. We will try to wedge it with a towel and hope for the best hey! haha
  17. We are moving the week after next and have managed to lose the bolts that secure the washing machine drum in place whilst moving. It's a small (eg: caravan type size) Zanussi ZWC 1300W. We would be really grateful for any help in finding some. Many thanks.
  18. Thanks for that. Will give Charm carpets a try.
  19. Hi we are moving to Rotherham and will need a carpet shop that will also fit carpets as well and also offers free measuring. Does any one know of any apart from United carpets and beds? Thanks.
  20. Hi, We are thinking of renting from South Yorkshire Housing Association and wondered what people's experiences of them are as their landlord?
  21. Just interested to know if their policy on No pets in Flats will be reviewed soon?
  22. HI, We have had gerbils and rats and love both. However it depends how much time you have. Rats need at least an hour a day out of their cage to explore and free run as they are very intelligent and need this stimulation. Handled from an early age and housed in a large cage such as a savic freddy 2, with lots of environmental enrichment they make fabulous pets. On the downside they can often develop tumours and respiritary illness as they get older and if your environment is not warm enough. There are rat clubs you can join such as yorkshire rat club for morr info and these are very friendly and full of ratty people. About gerbils, they need a cage like this http://www.petsathome.com/shop/extra-large-gerbilarium-by-pets-at-home-15972 And again handled from an early age and kept at least as a same sex pair they make friendly pets. They need less time than rats although you will need to get friends and family to save toilet roll middles as they are prolific chewers. Rats and gerbils should not be kept using shavings as this can irritate their respiritary systems and eyes. A substrate such as finacard is much better and a litter like Bio Catolet for the base of the rats cage. Hope this helps.
  23. Really sorry to hear about Hobbes. What a wicked thing for anyone to have done!
  24. Yeah as everyone has said it is perfectly normal. It really shows that they are happy. A wheel is a good thing too to keep them exercised. Our 2 boys love it. We have one of the larger gerbilariums and it is best to get as big a tank/gerbilarium for them as you have room for and can afford. We use finacard and they love to sleep in this and chew it. It is dust free. They love wooden toys to chew but they especially love toilet roll middles and boxes, so try and get family and friends to save them for you as that is what we do as a low cost alternative.
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