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  1. We have always said to all the rescues we don't mind what breed of dog as long as it gets on with cats and gets on with us and we with it. We just wanted to have a companion dog as a kind of therapy for me and my partner to give lots of love and attention to and walks.
  2. Thanks for everyone's input but I think this is not what I started the thread for: an arguement about home checking lol. I suggest Graham that you PM pitnjules instead maybe?
  3. Hi Teeny, Thanks for the helpful advice. We definitely will ring Nigel at helping hands rescue. We have not tried helping hands rescue. The other rescues we tried didn't even allow us to give our information they just assumed we wouldn't be capable. Actually we had forgotten about helping hands rescue but now you mention them we have heard great things about Nigel. Thanks so much. ---------- Post added 04-07-2014 at 11:44 ---------- Hi VWKittie, Well your situation sounds like madness too. Don't blame you for looking for a dog privately in that instance.
  4. Hi, My partner and I have been to several dog rescues in the local area and we find people's attitude towards us quite shocking at times, we have several reasons for them to be prejudiced towards us, my partner is blind etc etc. We have been nothing but polite and we also donate many decent items to dog rescues so we have no idea why they find it a challenge to rehome a dog to us. We have a cat admittedly but even the cat friendly dogs they won't rehome to us. Has anyone had this experience? As I say we are polite and friendly. Even yesterday they showed us a dog that loved us to bits and we did the dog and yet they would not rehome it to us.
  5. Species of animal to be rehomed Abyssinian cross Guinea pigs Rehome or Sale? Sale Reason for Rehome / Sale : They came to us as rescues with their mum and we are now looking for a forever home for the 2 boys together. Sale Amount; £20 Location: S61 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes Age & Sex 7 weeks old, Male Breed/ Mix Abyssinian cross Colour/coat type honey coloured mix Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes Live in / out They live indoors Neutered/spayed No Chipped No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues. No Temperament Excellent cuddly temperament and have been handled since birth. Vaccinated & Wormed. No Any special knowledge needed. They need a complete food as Guinea pigs need extra vitamin c in their diet. General Information you can share: They come with their Guinea pig cage to make them feel at home and settled when they move. They also come with a bag of food and hay. They are gorgeous Guineas and love to sit and be cuddled with you. Great pets for children. Very vocal and excitable when food is being given especially cucumber! lol Guinea pigs move very quickly but when caught these are super tame.
  6. Hi Lily, Thanks so much for your very kind offer to put the cage together. During the weekend I did manage to decipher the instructions and we now have a huge cage ready for our very lively bunch of girls. It was really generous of you to offer though. Bet you are an expert. Take care.
  7. Hi We have just bought an Aventura rat cage from littlepetwarehouse and the instructions are not good and the cage is heavy for us to put together. Does anyone know of anyone that would be really good at putting together this type of cage? They would need a lot of previous experience and we will pay £35 plus £10 for the petrol costs. We live in Rotherham nearish to Meadowhall. Thanks for looking
  8. We have Pm,d you WoodhouseGuy. Yes we hope for a happy ending too.
  9. Thanks everyone. We probably will take the ratties if we can get in touch with WoodhouseGuy. Let's hope he is posting right now so we can Pm him lol
  10. Is there any chance we can come and have a look at them? We are very interested.
  11. Hi WoodhouseGuy, Thanks for the nice reply. They do sound lovely. Timid rats can become tame with effort and kindness. My partner would love them if they are just timid and don't bite. We have experience with rats. My partner has had rats for many years.
  12. Yes good point Nikita, people also take rats for snake food when free.
  13. Hi, WoodhouseGuy, Sorry to hear you wish to rehome your ratties. Are they friendly? Do they bite? Do they come with a cage? I think the moderators might suggest you fill out a template on here so you can advertise them on here.
  14. Hi, We are going to the Rotherham show next weekend but wanted to make sure we see the ferret display. Does anyone know if this is on both the Saturday and Sunday and what time? Many thanks
  15. Thanks for the advice Jas but that was not the answer i was looking for lol
  16. Yes that sounds like a brilliant idea. How should we all progress this? Perhaps we could pm each other with ideas etc?
  17. I know what you mean. I have seen this smog too. Very scary at times. Glad that the air quality is being monitored here. Although if its the M1 thats causing it then not alot can be done really.
  18. Hello Rupert in Florida. I live in Rotherham and definitely am part of its population thank you. Who said anything about wantingto delete it from the map? I actuallty care about what happens in Rotherham thats why i started this thread.
  19. Moderators can you please close this thread as clearly noone has anything to say about Rotherham that will help, thank you.
  20. One of the reasons I don't post on this forum is because people are so horrid these days lol
  21. But in those days there was no pollution from the M1. If it is so lovely in Tinsley surely you would be living there now?
  22. It's always the poor areas that these things happen. I used to live n Tinsley also for 2 years. Didn't have asthma until I lived there. One day I could not breathe well enough to walk to the shop. I was fine when living in other parts of Sheffield, like you say.
  23. We recently had a letter from Yorkshire water about the sewage works and problems with the incinerator at Blackburn meadows. We live in Kimberworth and have had to suffer the horrid smell all summer night and day here. Our eyes feel dry and we wake up feeling sck each day and exhausted. We are also coughing. Has anyone else had problems with their health in this part of Rotherham?
  24. Species of animal to be rehomed 2 Gerbils Rehome or Sale? Sale Reason for Rehome / Sale family illness, no time to take care of them now. Sale Amount; £40 Location: Kimberworth, Rotherham Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes Age & Sex 5 months old, females Breed/ Mix N/A Colour/coat type Clarice is ginger and Mildred is black and ginger Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes, very friendly Live in / out Indoors in warmish place especially in winter Neutered/spayed NO Chipped N/A Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues: No Temperament, They are both very friendly and will sit on hand, Clarice will be held in my hands and loves her cuddles, which is rare for a gerbil. Mildred loves to climb up my top. Vaccinated & Wormed: NO Any special knowledge needed: Good pets for children over 10 years and adults General Information you can share : They will come with an XL gerbiLarium and a bag of Gerri gerbil complete food. The price includes this. They are lovely and Must go to a good home. We have had them since they were babies and we have encouraged them to be tame and friendly and they are very active gerbils and love their wheel so will also come with that wheel. They will also come with a little pink car and track that they can exercise outside of the gerbilarium. They will need giving toilet roll middles or cereal boxes etc twice daily or more if you are able so they can chew them, The tank is filled with finacard so that they dont get dust problems and should be filled quite deeply so they can dig. We have pics if you send us your email address.
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