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  1. Sorry to hear your situation. Might sound obvious or something you have already tried but have you contacted the RSPCA? They can often help with funding under these circumstances. Hope that you get things sorted. x
  2. Hi, I have for a long while suspected that I was different to others in the way I communicate and react to social situations in general etc. I strongly believe I have autism. I wondered if anyone else had gone privately in South Yorkshire to obtain a diagnosis and would you recommend anyone? I don't have unlimited funds but I am willing to pay to get the right help. I would be really interested in hearing how other people in similar positions have experienced this too. Many thanks for reading.
  3. My partner is totally blind and has experienced the same problems with buses in Sheffield and Manchester and pretty much everywhere. No wonder blind people find public transport so inaccessible. But well done to you for helping the partially sighted man. My partner says that this is lovely and really makes so much difference. Unfortunately disabled people suffer a lot of abuse these days and that makes life infinitely harder.
  4. That's a fantastic thing to do. :-). My partner who is blind always took the guide dogs that were owned back to see the puppy walkers. So you can still stay in touch too. Best of luck. :-) xx
  5. Hi, our cat went missing last October in Kimberworth near to psalters lane. But our cat was neutered and chipped. He had Felix type markings and looked similar to this cat. He would be 1 year old now. :-(
  6. Hope car boot is cheap and friendly and has great stuff
  7. It cost us £50 for neutering while on their healthy pet club scheme so that's including the 20% discount. I have to say they are really great though and being a vet hospital they have excellent facilities.
  8. Awwwww that's nice that you handle your animals each day. It always helps to know this. That's great. Will try again to find you
  9. Pet rats that are hand tame are great to sell as some big pet stores never seem to get them tame. And if you sold the cages too people might be interested. Plus gerbils are a lovely pet, for those big gerbilariums or massive tanks with a ventilated roof. . Mini lop rabbits that are tame or French lop rabbits. We tried to find you last week and we got really lost
  10. Sale Amount £15 Reason for Rehome / Sale family circumstances have changed Time Scale – How Urgent? Urgent Has the Cat ever been in Rescue no Location rotherham Age & Sex. 22 months old male Vaccinated & Wormed. Fully vaccinated and fully flea treated with advocate and drop it Neutered & Micro chipped. Neutered and micro chipped Breed/ Mix. Domestic shorthair Colour/markings. Black and white Long/Shorthaired. Shorthair Live in / Or in and out. He lives in and outdoors Used to a cat flap. No Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals. He has lived with other cats and house rabbits and is fine with them. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues. No Temperament. He comes to you on his own terms and fairly independent, OK with Dogs / Cats. Ok with cats. Unsure about dogs Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching. Yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching. No Good or Bad with Children. Never been around children Dislike of Men or Women. Likes either. House Trained. Yes litter trained Any further General Information you can share. Our family is in need of a lot more help due to illness so will sadly have to rehome our lovely cat. We can provide transport to bring our cat if the home is the right one.
  11. Thanks Keller, we are still thinking of this at the moment but when ready we will get in touch
  12. Do you sell pet fancy rats Keller? Always interested in finding handle able ratties
  13. Hi, we wanted to know if there are any recycling points at any supermarkets in Rotherham. We phoned Morrisons at Catcliffe and other supermarkets and didn't really get a response. We ideally want to know about recycling plastics as the council here does not do a kerbside side collection of plastics. If there are points for collection of plastics we would like to know what type of plastics ie: bottles or containers etc. Thanks for looking
  14. HelenaC, my partner and I are very careful and research breeds thoroughly.
  15. Very nice story Katkin. It's always lovely to hear people's stories. Thank you. x Our cat has come from a rescue and he is one year and 2 months old and he was 6 months old when we got him so we are not sure whether he was used to dogs before he was adopted by us. He goes out a lot and sleeps all the time he is in lol. He is very friendly and gets on well with the neighbourhood cats. We do of course feel that rescues work hard for the good treatment of animals and we would never deny this. We are definitely so grateful for our cat Sidney. We have hopefully an introduction soon from a rescue and home check. So fingers crossed. We have always said that the good thing about rescues is the help you get from them when you find one that can rehome to you. It's really good value too considering that you know the pet has been vet checked etc.
  16. No, most of the time we just never hear from them again. One particular sanctuary said they don't have dogs that can be rehomed to cat households and this wasn't the pound by the way. ---------- Post added 08-07-2014 at 09:47 ---------- I totally agree with you teeny. I wanted the dog to improve my confidence, not to mention I happen to love animals.
  17. Scousemouse, we do not have a problem with home checks. We are currently having a home check soon. ---------- Post added 08-07-2014 at 08:29 ---------- Of course rescues do a great job,but we are entitled to have an opinion also
  18. Jackie@rain. We were truly honest about our circumstances and we told you one of us experiences mental illness and you said we have had people with depression before take dogs from you and it's not worked out so it made you very wary of rehoming dogs to people who have had this! Surely most of us experience mental illness or could develop mental illness at some point in our lives. Should this be a reason without you knowing anything about us at all? ---------- Post added 08-07-2014 at 06:59 ---------- I have heard so much that dogs are great therapy when looked after properly and become great companions. How can you know Jackie that we were not able to look after a dog because of mental illness. I suspect most people don't tell you. ---------- Post added 08-07-2014 at 07:11 ---------- We do not have children, but my partner used to work with children and it makes no sense that adopting a dog should be equated to adopting a child. That's ridiculous now. Agree with you megalithic on that point.
  19. No pets@home u just said forward the details so you can put me on file. To be honest that's what every rescue has said for the last 6 months, we are annoyed at this all the time. My partner has had guide dogs for years why should it be so difficult? Now all the rescues have our very personal details on file, which is worrying. What is this information used for?
  20. My partner and I have nothing to hide, we have a house and garden, the garden has a fence and gate. But I still feel I don't want our home scrutinised by people that deem themselves to know more about dogs than we do. We would have always allowed a home check. But I'm sorry after all the prejudice we have received we won't be giving our details to anyone. If we get a dog we will look on preloved.
  21. Thanks Froger, I don't tend to go on Facebook much but it sounds like it might be worth looking.
  22. We agree with you megalithic and we won't be leaving our personal details with rescues again as we have done this far too many times unsuccessfully. Considering we don't know who runs these places and their data protection and confidentiality policies are.
  23. The reasons were not clear but the minute we walked into one sanctuary they said where did we live and grunted when we said so. They asked who would be walking the dog and they didn't like the fact that sometimes both of us together would walk the dog, which is quite ridiculous. They never asked if we had a garden or worked etc. the woman in question was positively rude in her tone and manner. Not to mention her assumptions.
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