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  1. And we thought class divided Britain- when will this madness end?
  2. Sorry if I’m being dense but in the British election where would the UKIP, if I remember rightly deemed ‘a racist party’ votes have ended up? Would it have been enough to damage Cameron?
  3. I agree, sometimes you just have to get down with the serfs😀
  4. My monthly direct debit went up £5 last month probably as a result of increased electricity usage since my retirement in May. So although it’s felt chilly this evening the heating has not gone on but the cardi and the throw have
  5. There’s a lot of knowledgeable people on here so can you tell me why Cameron instigated the referendum in the first place? What was his motive?
  6. Oh a sort of 007 or pied piper leading the rats to leave a sinking ship And we thought the expenses scandal brought politicians into disrepute!
  7. Is there an Anne Summers in Hillsborough?
  8. I brought up 2 ‘strapping lads’ too and whilst ever they lived under my roof they told me where they were going, who they were with and, post 18, what time they’d be home. I’m not saying they always told me the whole truth but it certainly was my business and responsibility to try and keep tabs on them
  9. What I don’t understand is why re-route 135, which are largely double decker, down narrow, double parked, steep Whitehouse Rd onto Burgoyne Rd rather than down the wider Whitehouse Lane onto Burgoyne Rd. 135 will not run this route for long- it’ll have to come off in bad weather and in the first week they got stuck trying to pass one another. They’ll be under used because they are always late (40 mins on an hourly service) having such a long route to negotiate and don’t go where people want to go.
  10. I’m glad there’s obviously loads of northerners who could support an array of designer shops or even have the desire/time to window shop. Most people have to focus on making their money stretch to the basics. Hope a Mulberry bag is big enough to hold the wedge needed
  11. Good luck with you complaint. I contacted the Mayor’s office (as suggested by local MPs office) Yesterday I received response, cc wrong MP for my area, reiterating SYPTE blurb re financial viability and low usage (service was well used daytime) There was also comments showing a complete lack of awareness re the area eg relatively flat access from Burgoyne Rd to Whitehouse Lane- true but when you’ve done the flat access with few houses you face a stonking big hill where most dwellings (including a development in progress) are. The response then tells me I can make use of the free Community Transport mini bus-this runs Tuesday mornings to Morrison’s - so stuff the other Hillsborough traders particularly independents and stuff access to medical, social amenities. There’s a lot of elderly and or disabled people in this area who have been badly affected so as I say good luck 😉
  12. Listened to Emily Thornberry on Today. IF Labour win they will negotiate new deal for trade/jobs etc and the put this to the electorate in a deal/remain referendum. Given the amount of young voters who missed out on the previous vote I can see yet more years of political infighting.
  13. This machine was the bane of my life in my first job as office junior 1969, I’d emerge from the print room/stationary cupboard covered in ink. Neither of the two 15 year olds who followed me mastered the beast either
  14. Joe Johnson, PMs bother, just resigned as can’t support Boris’ strategies
  15. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Can’t wait to see how the double deckers will cope with the very steep Whitehouse road in winter weather. I’ve a feeling it will be the perfect excuse to avoid the area altogether
  16. I donated my body to medical science at age 18 years, now I’m 65 they are unlikely to want me so my kids have been told to give as much of me away as possible and negotiate a reduction of cremation fees. Sometimes people are kept ‘alive’ via life support systems when they have been certified brain dead so that donated organs are in the best possible condition for recipients
  17. Would love to but wouldn’t last 5 minutes. No uni degree but worked in NHS for 25 years, housing/homelessness/benefits for 18 years whilst single parent with caring responsibilities and now a gobby OAP. Somehow don’t think I fit the bill!
  18. I emailed Gill Furniss office and got quite a speedy response telling me I was a constituent of Central ward, rang them re bus service changes and spoke to a very receptive person but could hear someone in the background saying ‘tell them we know all about it’- not very encouraging! Gill Furniss office suggested contacting Lord Mayor’s office as issue was Council issue-got an email saying response would be made by Friday last week-still waiting!
  19. Tried the 135 re-routed service replacing 31 bus around Langsett estate. The now hourly service was 20min late (not surprising as it has such a long route) and cut off even more of the old route by entering the estate via the first available road rather than the central Normandale Rd. Both the driver and his SYPTE companion admitted they did not know the route they should be taking and were relying on a colleague boarding the bus at Hillsborough interchange to guide them- this was at 13..55 on the 3rd day of the new service. I got off the bus at the nearest stop to my home which involved walking across the top of the poorly lit field and down onto the access road through overgrown bushes. Not a walk I would want to take in bad weather or a winter afternoon. Both lower access points from Langsett Rd tram and bus stops at the Creswick end of the estate are also via poorly lit steep isolated routes overgrown with bushes and trees- and the council threaten use or lose services!!!
  20. I appreciate that some of the services are not economically viable (the 31 service is known colloquially as the old farts bus) but when the council provide housing for elderly and disabled people at the top of steep hills do they not have a responsibility to subsidy a bus service? Many of the people using who used the 31 service have said they would pay a top up fee on their concession pass to maintain a service which served the whole area
  21. I think there’s quite a campaign going on re this -see Sheffield Star this week. Met several distressed people who will be housebound as a result of this decision and some drivers who are to be made redundant. If you house elderly and disabled people at the top of hills with few facilities do you not have a duty to support their access to necessary resources? The area is not particularly well off so-car ownership in the demographic is low and taxi fares prohibitive for regular travel. Several passengers will now require hospital transport rather than public transport thereby pushing costs onto an already stretched health service. Several people I’ve spoken to would be prepared to pay a reasonable top up fee to travel up the hills. Sheffield transport and the Council are obviously not signed up to climate change objectives or preventing social isolation. It’s obvious that the tortuous journey the 135 will be taking will make the service unreliable and subject to weather affected diversions- probably leading to the eventual decision to bypass Lower Walkley altogether. Admittedly most of the passengers have bus passes but as one traveller said this week ‘they take your rates/poll tax/council tax for 50 years and then sell you down the river’
  22. The 31 service is well used in the day time but I agree mainly by concession passengers. Carr Rd is a problem but recently only alternate busses have gone up to South Rd and I think there’s the same issue on Whitehouse Rd re parking. The road is also very steep so I can see the 135 being re-routed in icy conditions. Perhaps the eventual intention is to bypass lower Walkley altogether. By all accounts there’s not going to be a stop between the bottom of Whitehouse Rd and half way down Burnaby Crescent so it’s not accessible for more than a few bits of lower Walkley
  23. Just found out the 135 is to bypass my area altogether. Stop at bottom of Whitehouse Rd with next on Walkley Lane cutting off an area with many elderly and disabled residents. So much for concern re social and health isolation- there’s nothing in the area as most centred in soon to be inaccessible Hillsborough.
  24. I use the 31 to lower Walkley, it gets me +shopping up the hill from Hillsborough or city centre along with a lot of other older people. It’s going to be replaced by rerouted 135 whose timetable says it will travel on Whitehouse Rd rather than Whitehouse Lane but I can’t find out where the stop nearest me will be and can’t think where one would be feasible. Anyone any idea where I can find out?
  25. 2nd July Gee Vee day trip to Skeggi, on return home driver played CD which included Silent Night on a really warm and balmy evening-perhaps just hoping for quiet journey home
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