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  1. Let’s Hope Robert Jenrick nowhere in sight
  2. But only the wealthy can afford the fees of the top notch accountants who can seek out and implement the loopholes. Might be legal but moral??????
  3. I think in these times when a lot of chiropodists and beauty salons offering pedicures are closed most of us have ‘horrible feet’ along with bad hair, baggy bodies and teeth in need of a professional clean but hey ho we’re still alive
  4. It seems odd that McDonalds employees feel they can stop you accessing your property. Have you tried speaking to the manager or contacting Head Office? It must be really frustrating but don’t let it get in the way of you and your family’s well being
  5. Good on you Bob and I bet you’ve used the easing of lockdown restrictions for better effect for your kids than a long car queue for fast food
  6. to be honest I’m beyond caring, I might not want to be confronted by uncovered man boobs and beer guts but I also would rather not see female chunky mottled thighs and bulging midriffs. At the end of the day there’s far more important things to get upset about
  7. Bob’s story makes the theory that the lockdown has made all of us long term converts to home cooking and healthy eating a mockery. The myriad of internet videos losing out to the lure of fast food
  8. Can’t fault my GP. After 1st month of treatment for symptoms whilst waiting for diagnostic scan, given another month but told no more. 3 weeks after finishing 2nd course symptoms really bad, rang doctors and had phone call with doctor. As shielding he arranged for 8am appointment so I avoided other patients, he was very reassuring and prescribed further medication. He saw me waiting in car park and came out to make sure I had the means to get home
  9. But not for tax avoidance
  10. I don’t hate millionaires or billionaires as long as they and their companies pay the relevant taxes
  11. Still smouldering this morning. Seemed like a large fire and i heard several explosions
  12. My friend and I regularly take coach holidays and often the coaches are only half full. We’ve had good holidays with Shearings but, if they can weather the storm, there are a lot of other companies who will be only to glad to pick up Shearings business and hopefully some of their employees and hotels
  13. 10 weeks of shielding and although of pension age I’ve been craving like a pregnant woman. On line shopping, family, friends and EBay cater to my needs but only one super friend satisfied my ultimate craving........thank you Bev for bringing me a large pork sandwich complete with crackling and dip.
  14. I thought about that but would have to wait for referral again. Also I m shielding and don’t have transport so Carlow return by taxi would be really expensive. If HH starting up again hopefully NGH won’t be too far behind
  15. Looks as though it’s below ski village in the wooded area, it’s certainly a big blaze with thick black smoke. I’ve heard a few explosions whilst watching out of my kitchen window in lower Walkley
  16. Wonder when NGH will re-open for diagnostic appointments. I was referred for a heart scan on 17 February and had appointment for 21 March which was cancelled the day before. I got a letter 2 weeks ago to say appointments suspended for foreseeable future. My worsening symptoms are being treated by GP but admits to being in the dark without a diagnosis. An acquaintance on the other side of the city has had the same scan at Chesterfield during lockdown with only a short wait. Why the difference?
  17. I’m shielding but had to attend GP surgery. I used City taxis (GP suggested) the controller I spoke to was very understanding and both drivers had PPE and were also considerate. There was an option to pre pay by card. First time out of the house since 14 March so a bit anxious but City did reassure me. The driver who brought me home did say how bad business had been
  18. Previous to Covid 19 Boots collected my repeat prescription from my GP surgery every month, prepared it and text me when it was ready to collect. When I became designated as ‘extremely vulnerable to the virus’ I asked them to deliver but was refused unless I paid £5 per item. I signed up for Boots online free delivery. 1st month ok but 2nd month, despite reorder 2 weeks in, no delivery. Took 3 days to get through on phone, then passed around various phone numbers. Another 2 days, now without medication, trying to reach Boots, when I got through told my prescription was waiting to be dispensed. I finally got it after 6 days with no medication. Last saw hub GP 17th Feb with symptoms, given prescription and referral for heart scan. GP refused repeat prescription and scan cancelled. Symptoms now much worse and having to go to GP after 10 weeks home confinement, worried about taxi transport, GP appointment and collecting prescription when NHS letter advises not to leave home under any circumstances
  19. That’s why vegetarian sausage, bacon, burgers and Linda McCartney meat free lasagne etc have been on the go for years. Laboratories are working hard to find meat free meat to appeal to carnivores to try and reduce real meat consumption
  20. I get priority access to supermarket delivery as am classified as extremely vulnerable due to chronic lung disease and have been advised to stay in my home (no outside exercise) for 12 weeks at least. After registration, as per the Government letter, it was 4 weeks before access to supermarket delivery was confirmed and I received very basic food parcels in the intervening period. I am normally self sufficient and people might wonder why I’m getting deliveries- perhaps some of the people or family members observed have similar classified conditions. There are numerous local and national organisations who have CRB checked volunteers who will collect shopping lists, deliver goods and be able to accept cash or debit/credit card payment. The supermarkets are giving priority access as per government lists and to others often accessing slots in overnight. I don’t understand the correlation between being ‘out of work/self employed’ and still being able to ‘afford deliveries’
  21. There’s no generic ‘essential’ purchases. What’s essential for a young family will be completely different for an older single person. We’re not on ration so if shops are selling and an individual wants to buy why shouldn’t they be able to. Well done Bob for contacting the store, even though you’ve not made a formal complaint I think the guard will have had some ‘staff training’
  22. Difficult to change now when this month’s prescription has been issued to Boots electronically by doctor and they won’t issue another this month. I will change once I get the medications. Not sure what you mean about friends/neighbours getting a few bits in their deliveries??????
  23. Boots have been terrible about repeat prescriptions. I normally collect but when I had shielding letter I rang Boots at Hillsborough and, despite letter stating chemists were being paid to deliver free, they insisted I would have to pay £5 per delivery. Signed up for on line free delivery, ok fist time but this time nothing arrived 2 weeks after prescription issued by doctor. Took 3 days to get though on phone and then passed between phone numbers. Got through today again after 2 more days and with only 2 days of medicine left only to be told prescription not even dispensed yet. Agreed to do it urgently but won’t arrive until early/mid next week. No apology and not even interested about leaving people without medication. I complained on 24 March re Hillsbourough branch and still no response.
  24. Sheffield Community Helpline-0114 2734567 or WRVS 08081963646 for volunteers who will do your shopping. WRVS on radio today saying they have lots of volunteers with nothing to do
  25. Bob-glad things are a bit better for you. 25 years ago I was in a very similar place, it took me quite a while to get back to something like normal but ,once I did, it gave me a greater understanding of me, what I wanted and what I didn’t which has stood me in good stead since. Whilst Mental Health Services aren’t as good as they should be try them-sometimes you can’t see the benefit until you’re on the up. Main thing is don’t beat yourself up if you have a dip-I can tell by your posts you’re determined to get through this
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