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  1. But the food poisoning was from a food prepared But this was a meal prepared for you. I don’t know if this was fresh or tinned tuna, if fresh I’m sure your nose/eyes would have detected gone off food, if canned your eyes would have seen defective packaging and your nose the results! Seems this issue might have been the producer/retailer. I’ve heard that some wealthy people like Sainsbury’s because it keeps the rif raf out of Waitrose😀
  2. Sorry if I’m repeating myself BUT I really believe that some of the changes to unprofitable routes are designed to deter customers thus providing evidence that the service is not required and top of the list for cuts next review. I appreciate funding issues but the destruction of public transport across the city is not only at odds with the green agenda but may well bite the powers that be on the bum at the next election.
  3. It doesn’t take a mastermind to work out that making services unreliable and/or impractical for customers will result in reduced passenger numbers thereby justifying further cuts.
  4. Further up date on the hourly 135 replacing the 31. A couple of incidents in the last week where the bus has bypassed lower Walkley area altogether, don’t know if this was because they were late or because the drivers’ still don’t know the route . Apparently some drivers are making unauthorised drop offs between stops on Walkley Road/top of Burgoyne Road in sympathy with elderly/disabled customers but passengers can be left with the steep climb up Whitehouse Road if they fall foul of this ‘Russian roulette ‘ route. Incidentally the bus stops remain on the now unserviced route with no information re the new ‘service’. Complaints to SYPTE and the Council elicit politically correct responses which basically say ‘you’re old/disabled, don’t pay so don’t really matter’
  5. Not sure what’s meant by the Public sector organisation comment re good customer service. I’m sure they will have protocols/charters/commitments etc but that doesn’t always transfer into actions or do you mean I’m a fool to expect customer service from such an organisation?
  6. How long did it take for drivers and subsequently First to highlight the error? I would have thought it would have become apparent on the first day , notices applied to stops and drivers instructed to give information or is that just me expecting decent customer services
  7. Ok so can’t talk about cyclists obstructing pavements but can I raise the issue of delivery drivers? Towards top end of West Street last week and delivery being made from 75% of a van parked on pavement. I managed to shimmy past but the guy behind me in a wheelchair had no chance. When he remonstrated with the driver he was told “I’ll get done for holding up the tram so you will just have to bloody wait’. I waited for 25 minutes with the wheelchair user before the van driver left saying “all your’s now mate”
  8. They’re a nesh bunch. Until I was 14 I lived in a terraced house with just a coal fire in the living room and a shared toilet across the yard. Now I live in a well insulated bungalow and very rarely use the central heating. What a legacy- corn beef legs, strong bladder and low heating costs😀
  9. I grew up before best before and use by dates and follow my mum’s example of using my eyes and nose to identify what’s ok to eat and cook properly-never had food poisoning so must be doing something right or else growing up in ignorance gave me good immunity 😀
  10. It’s not the parking but the riding that’s the issue, just another hindrance for the humble pedestrian
  11. Unless there is a universal age restriction, which providers will never agree to, it’s a real problem. I’ve spoken to my son and grandchild re this and both acknowledge the problems but also identify how kids without access are bullied and ostracised
  12. I agree and that includes bikes, by all means campaign for more cycle routes but until then keep yourselves to the road. Motor bikes have a bad reputation for undercutting etc but at least they tend to stay on the road and avoid endangering pedestrians
  13. Oh and what about when several busses use the same stop and one is there picking up fares when yours arrives. You hot foot it to the rear of the stationary bus, wave your hand like mad but he sails past because you’re not at the designated stop. Worse still he sees you, pulls in front of the stationary bus, lets people off them sets off before you can get there
  14. I agree. I used to live on a cul de sac of terraced houses and many of the households with adult kids had 4 cars, The solution the majority came up with was to park bonnet on pavement, boot in road side by side. As the road was quite narrow this meant very little pavement was available to pedestrians during evenings and weekends and the gaps between cars were impassable for prams/wheelchairs etc. Wardens said is was obstruction so police matter, police said parking issue so warden responsibility. After several months of some cars sustaining paintwork or wing mirror damage whilst neighbouring drivers were attempting to access their cars normal nose to tail parking resumed. It was quite comical to see the dash retrieve cars parked elsewhere once any space became available. Truth is many of Sheffield’s older housing stock was not built to accommodate multi car ownership and there is no God given right to be able to park one or multiple cars on the road outside your house
  15. Could you not instigate an early morning family aerobic class to warm them up😀
  16. They obviously got it wrong in this case but they do get a lot of often undeserved negative press. I use disabled toilets and have walked into or discovered more sexual activity or drug taking in up market pubs, bars and hotels (if they even bother to provide disabled facilities) than any Weatherspoons. There’s no compulsion to useWeatherspoons so people can look down their noses on their way to the upmarket venues and try to live and let live
  17. My ‘strapping lads’ are now in their 30’s and have their own homes but still seem to have the compulsion to confess all over Sunday lunch
  18. OK but if the start is anything to go by will go downhill quicker than Benidorm
  19. Saw this once and it was cringe, what’s with the last latest craze of bringing your mother to work, thought that Romash had done that to bits and that wasn’t funny either
  20. Almost from the beginning of joining Britain had issues with the EU but always fought from within, I know Cameron came away from negotiations without his stated aims, did this have an influence?
  21. Surely the latest antics will bring people to their senses. I’m bloody glad I don’t know my place
  22. And we thought class divided Britain- when will this madness end?
  23. Sorry if I’m being dense but in the British election where would the UKIP, if I remember rightly deemed ‘a racist party’ votes have ended up? Would it have been enough to damage Cameron?
  24. I agree, sometimes you just have to get down with the serfs😀
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