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  1. Totally agree-said friend lost previous job as provider withdrew due to unprofitably. System totally wrong-eg people with DownsSyndrome have to undergo regular PIP assessments WHY! Chromosomes aren’t going to change
  2. I’ve used Hermes in the past to send charity parcels and had quite good service from home collections to delivery. However in the last couple of months the charity forum members nationwide are reporting issues with both collection and delivery. I couldn’t log into the website and requested link for password change which didn’t work either. After 2 weeks I’ve still had no reply to my complaint
  3. My Nan, my mum and me have all chanted this mantra- can’t say it works but makes me feel a bit better when I’m putting wet stuff on the clothes horse
  4. Commentators are predicting a softer Brexit now Boris doesn’t have to cow tow to the ERG or the DUP
  5. The Labour Party failed for several reasons: . Their wishy/washy policy on Brexit . Jeremy Cornyn, alienating the traditional labour voter . throwing money at it leftist policies without clear costings . An electorate who are too young/have forgotten or forgiven the Thatcher years and brutal decimation of manufacturing
  6. Believe me, it is possible and it did happen - I don’t lie!! it’s a regular occurrence in Hillsborough where there are long waits and 2 or more busses turn up together.
  7. In the 70s my mum worked at Middlewood and on her day off would sometimes bring four elderly ladies home for tea-their only excursion outside. All four had been placed in the hospital decades before for social ‘crimes’ such as prostitution, pilfering and having illegitimate children-prior to the welfare state. By the time of the Reform Act these women were so institutionalised they had to remain in ‘care’. My friend now works in the community where people with learning difficulties and enduring mental health are cared for 24 hrs in 2-4 bedrooms bungalows. They attend regular social activities/excursions and have a variety of brought in therapies. I know which I would favour.
  8. I think you’ve missed the point-the escalation of family breakdown and unemployment of the last few decades combined with lower standards in education, health and other social provision has weakened the work ethic for a lot of people whose offspring then perpetuate having no example or motivation
  9. Is this supposed to compensate bus users for the terrible service they receive. Given 30 minute waits for 51 and 52 services this week and then have 2 busses arrive together I can only conclude that busses are ‘riding shotgun’ for a cowboy service. No doubt my complaint will elicit the standard weather excuse- after all it has been a bit cold/sunny/drizzly this week
  10. ooh- can of worms opened here! So where to start family, education , lack of social activities, mental health provision, relationship breakdown, poverty etc. My work ethic came from family and education but was nurtured by the rest- not everyone is so fortunate
  11. Glad to see the beggar who assaulted me in King Street 18 months ago and her partner were brought to justice but sorry their victim, a middle aged woman, had to suffer
  12. Not red wine-makes the headache worse but white can make recovery tolerable 😀
  13. I don’t know enough about Epstein’s activities to say all his victims were of age but he certainly used his power and influence to groom and coerce women. The documentary I watched seemed to also implicate his partner, Robert Maxwell’s daughter, who also socialised with Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. I think this will echo Jimmy Saville, perpetrator dead, damage limitation for associates and a lot of damaged, unsatisfied victims
  14. Any viral infection will have to run it’s course so all you can do is treat symptoms. Various over the counter/dietary treatments available to help boost immunity- I find Propolus works for me
  15. I think the issue here is that these girls, albeit above the age of consent, were groomed by Epstein and then “supplied” to his friends
  16. To all four- after 10+ years of public service cuts, wage constraints and rising costs just how big is the sofa you’ve found all the promised money down the back of?
  17. Your time will come-when your too ill//old/poor to drive or cars have been banned from where you want to go you may think differently. I don’t use education, libraries, thankfully have never used the fire brigade or the police so shouldn’t I pay for them?
  18. Try Alpha, Shearings, David Urquhart, Gee Vee. It won’t be that cheap for Xmas but Mystery is usually cheaper and you may get waiver of single supplement. Have a look at the sites but also give any you’re interested in a ring-sometimes customer services are able to advise of special deals. Hope you get something- when I went there was something going on every minute of the day from film screenings, board games, quizzes, evening entertainment and trips out. There was a real sense of inclusion, 3 meals a day and free glasses of wine😀
  19. Have you contacted your housing officer if you believe a fellow tenant is responsible for the infestation? Unless the source of the problem is dealt with any action you take will be temporary
  20. As with all services there will be a minority who abuse them but too intensive scrutiny of soup kitchen/food bank users just deters the people the service is trying to help. Most users of food banks do need a referral from statutory or voluntary agencies, as a previous voluntary sector worker I’ve had a few suspicions but how do you prove this when people appear to be in need. I’d rather 1 person got one over on me but 20 got the support they needed
  21. I think you’ll still be able to find a holiday if you’re not fussed about locate and possibly at a discount price. A few years ago both my sons were working over Christmas so I booked last minute on a mystery holiday. I ended up with 5 days in Brighton and had a lovely time with other singles, couples and families. Would definitely do it again if only kids would stay away 😀
  22. Bringing this down to personal impact I learnt that my friend’s son who has a young family and has worked at the hotel for several years is to be made redundant on December 15th. A worrying Christmas for him and all the other staff
  23. I take it you are a car driver otherwise you’d be aware of the number of people using busses and trams to get to work, university, college etc. Given the city centre parking issues of supply and cost a lot of drivers park their cars free in residential areas such as mine and then use public transport to complete their journey into the city centre. All public services are paid from local or national taxation- are you suggesting that the majority should not contribute to services used by a minority?
  24. There are a lot of services I pay for which I don’t use, education, parks, libraries, fire, police, dog wardens etc. but they are there if I or other need them. Glad I don’t subscribe to the “I’m alright Jack” mentality above
  25. Just an update on the previous changes to 31 and 95 Sheffield services. I received another letter from Paul Blomfield’s office re his dissatisfaction with SYPTE response, almost a carbon coy of the one I got, and his intention to follow this up if he is re-elected😯
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