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  1. The majority of benefits claims have now to be made online , confirmation of job seeking commitments, and on line job search/application are required by UC and many organisations won’t accept hand or postal delivered CVs. Not everyone receiving benefits can afford home broadband but need a phone/package that can allow them to fulfil benefit requirements and then there are those that are IT illiterate.............

  2. It’s the automated scam calls that get me. I regularly get the broadband service from termination calls (none naming my provider), Amazon Prime charge and bank fraud notification which all ask me to ‘press 1’ to resolve the issue. I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognise but get them on voicemail 

  3. On 10/02/2020 at 11:52, Mattcheese said:

    Facts aren't a 'point of view'. 


    My friends and colleagues are also "informed by years of work with rough sleepers" - these are the facts and statistics they operate by. 


    I'm not quite sure when the figures returned "3" as the number of people rough sleeping (certainly more than 10 years ago, as the current records only go back back 10 years and this figure isn't part of them). 


    A bit surreal how you claim people have their view "defined by friends anecdotes and statistics" (the two things are at stark odds!) then offer.....personal anecdotes as to why we should not believe facts and statistics at all.


    As mentioned before- those I know closely, who are very involved in this line of work, abide by these facts and statistics in their professional operations. Offering an anecdote about something that presumably happened more than 10 years ago really shouldn't change that. 







    Sorry, but your confidence in official statistics are misplaced and manipulation of the true picture continues as many of my ‘friends and, former colleagues’  will attest. There are a group of people who rough sleep regularly in my area who don’t engage with statutory services and will never appear in the statistics 

  4. I accept many older people’s opinions on current services are coloured by the days of cheap and reliable services with employees who were proud to deliver good customer services under the SCCsubsidised system which became unsustainable. However, just as with many other areas, the idea that competition would provide better services at lower cost has not worked and customer service has become a thing of the past as many of bus driver 1 posts confirm. In response to the poor bus services in the city Sheffield Green Party are asking users to complete weekly diary sheets of the routes they use and submit them as complaints to the supplier and cc the party so they can evidence just how poor public transport is in Sheffield 

  5. On 08/02/2020 at 11:49, busdriver1 said:

    You are paying for a cheap service and getting what you pay for.  Simple.

    It is a way of delivering the service at the price the public want to pay for it.  If you want better, like most things in life you have to pay more. 

    ‘Cheap’ ‘Service ‘ - wrong on both counts I think. First have acknowledged poor performance on the service front by offering the BGOF weekly ticket and are using this as a sweetener for price rises

  6. 7 hours ago, Mattcheese said:

    Well......I have many friends who work with the homeless who stand by these figures. Some even claim these figures overstate how many homeless people there are in the city. 


    So, rather than the hearsay and "eye witness" accounts of internet users, who claim to have helped out on a count some years ago, going by the official facts and figures available is preferable I feel. 

    Well we all entitled to our own points of view. Some of us are informed by years of work with rough sleeper as well as the, statutory differently defined, homeless ,others by friends’ anecdotes and statistics. The year I took part in the count resulted in Sheffield registering 3 rough sleepers officially-my eyes and my working experience registered this as a gross misrepresentation  

  7. Harry was not happy with the impact of being a Royal long before Megan. Look at his responses to reporting of his student antics and withdrawal from Afghanistan after security breaches. He blames the press for hounding his mother, he might have a point, but there again both his parents used the press to their advantage during the breakdown of their marriage. They’ve made the decision to make their own way in the world and no doubt will be very successful so should pay for their own security. Apparently not happy can’t use HRH for publicity and Harry losing ceremonial armed forces positions 

  8. The 5 week wait for initial payment forces most people into needing ‘advanced payments’ which is then recovered via instalments (much higher than social fund loan repayments) from subsequent monthly payments. I can appreciate paying HB in the payment mimics the responsibility of a wage earner but can be a big ask for long term claimants who are used to rent/council tax benefits being paid direct. When people have had weekly benefits with housing costs paid at source the move to UC can be a minefield. I don’t think the benefits agency staff ‘holistic approach’ portrayed in the programme is available widespread 

  9. If we were paying for a reliable service that catered for the needs of users then an annual price rise would be justified. However in recent years price rises have accompanied loss of or increasingly reduced and unreliable service. Providing a one off buy one get one free weekly ticket does not solve the problem, neither does Clive Betts review unless someone has the clout to make changes 

  10. On 06/02/2020 at 13:32, Mattcheese said:

    People might judge by individual experiences.....but it's far better to judge by the facts. 


    All of which are available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/live-tables-on-homelessness#rough-sleeping-tables


    At last count there are 26 people in the entirety of Sheffield who are rough sleeping. 


    There are so many beggars in Sheffield because there is a huge drugs problem - NOT a homeless problem. If you give money, you give it virtually directly to drug dealers, and continue these individuals decline into addiction. 


    The facts are all out there - but people like ignoring them to favour their own worldview. It's not nice to think that all those beggars are at the mercy of vicious drug dealers...but they are. Watch one of the beggars next time you see them. You can usually see their dealers loitering nearby, or come past every so often to pick up money and drop off drugs. 


    If you give money, you're the reason this is happening. There really isn't any other debate other than that. 



    The statistics you quote are from the annual rough sleepers count undertaken on one night of the year and with very specific criteria. Having helped out on the count some years ago only people lying down ‘preparing for or actually sleeping’ could be counted. If a group of people sitting or laying were talking, even in sleeping bags/under blankets, they couldn’t be counted. The count only covered the city centre thus ignoring a lot of rough sleepers who move slightly out of the centre to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Anyone working with rough sleepers knows the count/statistics are therefore a gross under representation 

  11. On 28/01/2020 at 09:48, Resident said:

    There are a number of possible reason it didn't show up. 


    Take last night. ALL services that use Rock Street/Nottingham Street (Pitsmoor) were diverted away from 2045 till end of service due to the local wretched crotch fruits throwing bricks and other 'missiles' at passing buses. 


    The above is increasingly happening in several areas of the city. 

    When I complained about hourly service busses missing SYPTE replied blaming shortage of busses/ old vehicles subject to breakdown/ inclement weather-I think the delete as appropriate but was missing from their stock response ☹️

  12. On 07/01/2020 at 05:49, Lex Luthor said:

    Well done, Bob, it takes guts to admit you have a problem.


    It seems to me that you have taken the first big step in recognising this.


    I'm sorry to hear that you have not had a good experience with your GP.  I hope you will be able to access other help/services in the near future.


    Totally agree that it takes courage to acknowledge the problem publicly and, although sadly unsuccessful, have taken steps to find help. There are a lot of non statutory organisations (not just AA) who can help. Have you thought of trying Fitzwilliam clinic?

  13. What is wrong with people! Why can’t we all choose what we want to eat. I’m not a vegetarian but if I have a vegetarian coming to eat I’ll give them something suitable just as I would I’d avoid giving food they didn’t like/have an allergy to etc. If my friends and family were as disrespectful as those mentioned in the original post It wouldn’t be my food choice I would be questioning 

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