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  1. 11 minutes ago, onewheeldave said:

    That's about long term conditions. People with long term conditions are not necessarily especially vulnerable to covid. Being autistic as I am,  is a life long condition- I'm not especially vulnerable to covid.


    Obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, elderly etc- they're vulnerable.

    Obviously, I'm talking about the vulnerable who do know they have an underlying condition that makes them susceptible- it makes sense for them to self isolate, rather than quaranteen everyone [thus causing economic devastation and the ensuing mortality]

    At the beginning of lockdown in March NHS sent letters to everyone who had a longstanding health condition which made them ‘extremely vulnerable’  to the virus advising them to shield and pack a suitcase in case of hospital admission. Given the rise in infection rates shouldn’t these people be supported, if they choose, to shield again?

  2. 12 minutes ago, Longcol said:

    That's about 25% of the population of England, Where is the infrastrucure to ensure they get food deliveries etc? Who is going to do their jobs presuming they're not retired?

    I’m back to self imposed shielding, not overweight or diabetic but have a longstanding lung condition. Fortunately I’m retired, have priority access to on line shopping and supportive family and friends. Not every person classified as ‘extremely vulnerable to the virus ‘ had the same advantages and won’t receive support to shield unless government orders it

  3. After major works a couple of years ago works are again being undertaken on the tracks along Langsett Road with no service this weekend or next. Does anyone know why? According to posters at bus stops busses are being diverted down Flora Street onto Penistone Road and up Bamforth Street but are actually running normal routes with only tram replacement busses doing the diversion. Posters say busses from Hillsborough towards city centre are unaffected but are actually not stopping at some stops due to Supertram placement of traffic lights. Total chaos!

  4. I can’t see what a 2 week semi lockdown would really achieve given that children would still go to school, workers still be working and students still at university. Many people I’ve spoken to wouldn’t adhere to any new restrictions. I think the time will come when the government has to give people the facts and let them make their own decisions. 

  5. On 16/09/2020 at 08:30, DerbyTup said:

    Allow me to just add a little perspective to what you've put...


    The French, have seen a sharp increase in new coronavirus infections, from 500 a day in July to 7,000 a day last week.  Despite this huge increase, the numbers of patients becoming seriously ill or dying from it had remained stable until about a week ago.  In the last week there has been a small increase in the number of patients admitted to intensive care and the number of deaths attributable to the virus.  Whilst the increase is not large, it does appear that there is a general trend of slight increases in both.  


    Considering the huge increases in the number of new infections seen, the increases in patients admitted to intensive care and deaths are very, very small indeed. I would have expected to have seen far greater numbers than that, if the virus was causing serious illness in those who have contracted these new infections. It further underlines that the majority of people contracting the infection, will not suffer serious illness as a result. A very small minority will - and those are the same ones that we know about, with other co-morbidities and underlying conditions.  


    These same people will remain vulnerable even if, and when, a vaccine becomes available.


    Do we restrict everyone on the pretext of protecting the few? Or do we make the few fully aware of the risks and get them to protect themselves and let everyone else get on with their lives?


    If we believe that it is better, morally, medically, whatever, to restrict everyone because of the threat from this coronavirus, then should we do the same for seasonal flu, which killed 12 times more people than coronavirus in the UK last month?

    And where should we draw the line?

    At what point do we consider what the implications are for people with other health conditions by having such a focus on coronavirus, and what damage will be done to people's lives because of the economic impact on society?


    So, we are not going to open our theatres then?  OK fine.  Personally, I think we should.  I think we should get on with life and allow people to make their own choices. 



    As an older person with a health condition rendering me as extremely vulnerable to the virus I agree with your perspective but am concerned about similarly vulnerable younger people who may have to for go economic and social well-being to remain virus free. I’ve also spoken to older vulnerable people who want to enjoy what remains of their life and are prepared to play Russian Roulette with the virus. Both groups have the right to make their choices but could end up costing the NHS a fortune 

  6. 7 hours ago, Easy livin said:

    I am struggling to  believe that there as still people that think this thing is even a tiny bit as dangerous as the media brainwashing has said it is.

    if your not already  very ill.  the  chance of  death from Covid - 19 is miniscule.   
    not very much




    I have an ‘underlying health condition’ - a lung disease which, thanks to years of care by the NHS is well controlled allowing me to work for 50 years and live an active life in retirement. About twice a year I’m knocked off my feet by the common cold causing chest infection and occasional pneumonia. I’m not at deaths door but Covid 19 would probably send me through it thereby shortening my life by several years. My demise at my age , 66 ,might not shake your argument but there are thousands of young people living full working, social and family lives and not categorised as ‘very ill’ who have the same or other health issues which render them very susceptible to the virus. 

  7. 3 hours ago, ECCOnoob said:

    I pretty much treat them exactly the same as I would a letter or note.


    To a company it would be ...Dear (name) or ...Dear sirs ending with either ...Yours faithfully or maybe ...Kind Regards.


    If it's to a colleague, friend or family it would usually begin ...Hi and ending with whatever I felt like, pleasant or otherwise.


    I'm sure I must be very old fashioned but I really get annoyed in my professional world when people use email as the excuse to be all casual in their wording with poor grammar.


    In my eyes its still a written business communication and should be treated with a certain level of standard.  Having said that I do work in a world that in 2020 is still dictating correspondence and documents to secretaries to type up - so there is no hope of me deviating too far from tradition. 

    I agree but hate ‘Hi’ and always use ‘hello’, the worst for me is the group email starting ‘hi you guys’. I got pulled at work for not responding but explained I thought it was only meant for the men

  8. 2 hours ago, Pettytom said:

    I had the temerity to go to Paris last week on urgent family business.


    I’m halfway through my quarantine period. Not ill,  but locked in my house in case I am asymptomatic. 

    The government are fine with placing me under house arrest, but not fine with testing those who may be asymptomatic.


    Yet more consistency from this most competent of administrations.*



    *Sarcasm, in case you were wondering 

    Sorry but no sympathy from me. Anyone who travels abroad (albeit as a matter of urgency) and especially to a country currently subjected to quarantine should be responsible for their decision and prepared to self isolate if required. There are symptomatic people having to travel to get tested, key workers, NHS patients and other priority groups to test. You made your choice so take the consequences, I hope you’re also not one of the whingers who expect the government to reimburse any lost wages. 

  9. On 08/09/2020 at 16:30, whiteowl said:

    As Tinfoilhat says, I think in certain places it could work well. However, the only downside with a sensible suggestion is Sheffield City Council - they'll probably end up putting in cycle lanes instead of one-way systems 🙄


    Something does need to be done though - I regularly have to walk in the road due do people completely blocking the pavement near me.

    I always thought pavements were for pedestrians but they seem to have become the domain of parked cars and cyclists 

  10. On 09/09/2020 at 07:51, pintor said:

    I've  never had a flu jab so  do you have to apply for a flu jab or does your doctor inform you that you're eligible for one

    Over 60s and those with some  underlying heath conditions are contacted by GP late summer to arrange vaccinations. As I understand it over 50s, young children and other health conditions will also be eligible for free jabs this year-probably when the usual cohort have been done. Previously most pharmacies offered jabs to those not eligible via NHS but not sure about that this year given the additional NHS demands 

  11. I’m surprised at some of the reactions to the latest restrictions. I’m no Tory but trying to keep infection under control whilst trying to get the economy moving is not easy and we were warned some restrictions could reintroduced if infection rates rose. We’ve all seen how individuals (not only the young ) and businesses have become complacent about social distancing so I hope this latest measure gives them cause for thought. If not I think pubs and restaurants nationwide will end up like those in Bolton

  12. 3 hours ago, deej said:

    I get my meds from pharmacy2u. They email when i need to order send, email when they get prescription from docs, email when its sent out. Iv used it for years as im disabled i cant get out in bad weather. I recommend them never had any problems at all. Keep well, keep safe. 

    I tried Pharmacy to You and they were ok for a while but then decided to increase the packaging on my 2 inhalers so they would no longer fit through the letterbox.  I’d gone with them as getting to the chemist whilst working full time was difficult but retrieving the parcel from PO depot when I wasn’t in to accept it was even more problematic 

  13. 1 hour ago, RiffRaff said:

    Able to finally move my left arm enough to be able to drive this morning! That's nearly a week since the pneumococcal jab...

    I think people react differently so I feel as though I ought to give my positive experience so others aren’t put off. I had pneumococcal and flu jab together, my arm was a bit tender and stiff the same day but fine the day after and no other symptoms. I think it’s more important than ever to have the vaccinations on offer this year 

  14. On 06/09/2020 at 09:10, Anna B said:

    Government guidelines are so confusing and contradictory, they have undermined public confidence rather than helped it. I wouldn't trust anything the government says at the moment. It all seems to come with a hidden agenda. They've messed up big time with the major issues like testing and  track and trace, and not testing at airports is a disgrace. I think we must be one of the few countries that doesn't have something/anything in place. 

    As I’m retired I don’t find the general regulations confusing but if I was still working and urged to get back to work (probably could do my job from home) whilst only using public transport if essential. If I lived in Bolton where instructions have changed 4 times in the last 10 days I might be struggling to keep up. Saw an expert on channel 4 news tonight saying that restrictions should be removed nationwide with shielding should be reinstated for the elderly and vulnerable to allow herd immunity to develop and the economy recover 

  15. Someone reported several dogs barking at a property nearby and action was taken pretty quickly. Turns out action had been taken before but residents had resumed dog breeding in residential garden. They had 12 female and 1 male dog so had a constant supply of puppies for sale 

  16. Surely the statistical chance of dying from Covid varies according to age, weight, ethnicity and existing health conditions. Current infection rate rises appear to be predominantly in younger people who, largely,  do not suffer severe effects hence the decrease in hospital admissions and deaths. Accordingly people seem to be carrying out their own risk assessments rather than following government guidelines 

  17. When government imposed shielding ended Aug 1st the provision of subsidised free delivery (prescription charges still applied) also ended. If pharmacies are continuing a free service they are paying for it 

    14 hours ago, El Cid said:

    I made a short general comment and not a detailed post about every posible person affected.

    That’s the problem with short general comments, you tar everyone with the same brush

  18. Sorry but the Lyceum needed to look at the seating arrangements well before Covid. My friend and I could only get seats in the gods and paid £25 for the most uncomfortable 2 hours we have ever experienced, both of us came out with the curved imprint of the seat in front on our knees and the imprint or bruises of a body part of the person in the neighbouring seats and, in case you’re wondering none of us were oversized 

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