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  1. Me too-The thought of being arrested really shook me up and, although I live alone, I am aware that scams exist and have the ability to enlist the support of family.
  2. LOL- we’re stuck with this lot though ‘til the next election and then Richie Loads a Money Sunak will be up for PM and another Tory government will prevail
  3. I have COPD which causes shortness of breath which is worse in very hot or very cold weather. I’ve shielded for 16 weeks and am now trying to join everyone else in the new normal. Although I could be exempt I wear a mask but sometimes have to lower it to come up for air and try to do this away from others. On Friday when the weather was very hot I cancelled my trip out as I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with a mask. I don’t think I have a greater right to transmit the virus and will try and conform but sometimes unseen disabilities get in the way.
  4. I had an automated phone call last week telling me I was being investigated for tax fraud and needed to press 1 to be connected to the investigator for further details. If I didn’t press1 a warrant would be issued immediately for my arrest. I put the phone down but was a bit shaken, my son rang 101 on my behalf and was told it was a scam and I would have been pressured for bank details had I continued the call. Despite this reassurance for a few days I was jumpy at every knock at the door.
  5. I think there are a lot of children showing or harbouring mental health issues which, given the state of children’s mental health services, will come home to roost
  6. Exactly. I watch tv via a Freeview box and, quite happily pay the licence fee for the entertainment I enjoy. I began listening to radio 4 whilst feeling brain dead on maternity leave many years ago. You ought to give it a go-you’d be surprised at the diverse content and contributors (you can even hear the Yorkshire accent) and , I agree ‘More or Less’ debunks the world of statistics
  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that Britain is a bum about faced country. Many in favour of allowing economic migrants (applications for asylum should be made in first safe country) arriving by boat but will only accept economic migrants applicants earning more than £28,000 and able to pass a language test. The former will cost the country a lot of money, lowering the income threshold for the latter will increase tax receipts. No doubt the legal action to prevent returning the Calais migrants will be successful and France will quite happily literally ship their problem over here. No doubt there will be an outcry should the overstretched Dover or surrounding area social services miss a vulnerable person/child abuse case
  8. I totally agree, if the Star was offering a quality product I would subscribe. I stopped taking the physical newspaper some years ago for the same reason
  9. Real shame- they’ve been there as long as I remember and we’re always the go to trusted place for jewellery repairs. The bus queue outside was always a hindrance to perusing the shop windows and access to the wonderful old fashioned shop and service.
  10. I can only agree, I believe everyone should have religious freedom and I will follow mine- atheism. The problem for all of us is when religious doctrine conflicts with morality, which seems to be a difficult balancing act for all religions
  11. Does wearing a Tenna Lady give me extra protection?
  12. I don’t subscribe but take advantage of the supposedly free viewing of 5 articles per week. After 2 or 3 articles you get the invitation to enter your email address and can’t get beyond to view remaining ‘free’ articles. I’ve never provided details but can only imagine the emails I’d get pressurising me to subscribe
  13. You can’t really blame pubs for being lackadaisical with the rules if punters are resisting them. Businesses have lost a lot of money and, if scientific opinion is to be believed, pubs may have to close again to facilitate schools fully reopening it’s not surprising some are trying to make money whilst the sun shines
  14. I’m 66 and now retired and have paid for a tv licence since I was in my 20’s. I’m not eligible for Pension Credit and hopefully my pension won’t decrease when I get to 75 so why shouldn’t I pay for the licence? I now have a Freeview box which gives me ample viewing options for the the cost of the licence fee. I think a subscription cost would end up being comparable with other providers and a lot more expensive. I don’t know what is so magical about being 75, some a lot younger will sit in front of the tv all day whilst some a lot older will be out and about and watch tv minimally
  15. If news reports are to be believed, and government ministers not outrightly denying, over 50’s and those classified as extremely vulnerable to the virus are to be shielded again nationally should the infection rate carry on increasing. I’ve spent the last 4 months locked up only seeing family through windows and latterly in my garden and went out for the first time yesterday for a brief visit to the local shops. I think I’ve been shielded from reality, thinking that ‘we’re all in this together’ when what I saw was selfish behaviour- I have doubts that statistically all the people in shops minus masks were medically exempt, the several large groups going into pubs were all members of the same household and the number of people getting too close to others were all short sighted. I’ll carry on a weekly trip out but have resigned myself to a further imposed period of house arrest.
  16. From what I’ve read the grounds for retrial of a jury verdict are quite specific- either intimidation of witnesses or jury member and/or new evidence. Whilst there are rumours circulating re the former nothing had yet been proven so let’s hope the judge imposes appropriate sentences
  17. I’ve had a couple of reminders that my routine eye test is due. I’m released from shielding on Saturday and wondering if I ought to book a test. No problems but last test showed early signs of cataracts. Has anyone had a test? What happens with the bit of the test when the ophthalmic practitioner gets really close with the ophthalmoscope when cataracts are diagnosed? Previously this cheek to cheek bit gave me the giggles but not now
  18. I think a lot of these companies contact at random, I’ve had them contact me via my landline and mobile despite never having a driving license or claiming on any insurance or, thankfully never having a car accident
  19. No difference for me and still see postie delivering daily in my area with added benefit of earlier delivery time
  20. Had a frightening call on my mobile this afternoon from a Liverpool number supposedly from HMRC saying I was under investigation for tax fraud and if I didn’t press 1 a warrant for my arrest would be issued immediately. Although I terminated the call I was concerned but 101 assured me this was a scam call they were aware of
  21. Reported to have received warning of pending isolation on return but still travelled because he didn’t want to be seen as having privileged information. Now said to be coming back early to do his 14 day isolation
  22. I always hand treat heavily soiled or stained clothes with old fashioned green soap and a nail brush and wash whites separately at 60 or 90 degrees. Miss dolly blue for the final rinse for the ultimate white
  23. Bob, I think you’re beating yourself up. Look at how much progress you’ve made despite the difficulties you face and the fact that you feel able to open up on here about your feelings Look at your previous posts- when you’re climbing a mountain sometimes you take big steps forward and have a slide back. Get in touch with all the agencies you’re involved with and be as open with them as you’re on the forum-I’ve a feeling you put a brave face on. Good luck and keep in touch
  24. tv news says there are approx 140 people who have been deprived of citizenship who will be watching the outcome of the court case and some of them, depending on the outcome, will follow suit. Have we got the expertise to de-radicalise and monitor them?
  25. Mine sound every time I put the dripping in for Yorkshire puddings if I forget to shut the kitchen door 😳
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