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  1. I’m resigned to getting old but not the other bit!
  2. Tuesday nights at Top Rank and. Sunday afternoons at Heartbeat finished when I started work at 15. Replaced by under age drinking at Crazy Daisy, Cavendish etc. and additional job working behind bar at Top Rank aged 16 to fund first girls holiday to Spain. Different world now when my 15 year old granddaughter has to be put on and met off the bus
  3. Quite right, particularly from Boris who has a tubby Worsel Gummidge has his style guru😀
  4. Genuinely don’t know what to do given this decision. Clinically extremely vulnerable and spent most of pandemic first year shielding and isolating. Had all vaccination, as did my family with those hesitant doing so to protect me. Now need surgery with a one year wait, perhaps extended due to staff shortages due to NHS vaccine mandate but now may get treatment earlier by non vaccinated staff. As an ex NHS worker who had to have a Hepatitis B vaccine and accept treatment for positive mandatory monthly Strep tests am I wrong to feel the NHS mandate of ‘do no harm’ is being compromised? Get treated and be harmed by unvaccinated staff or live with safely with debilitating condition?
  5. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Pathetic attempt by Boris to deflect attention. Instead look at how many of the electorate view you and how international leaders, eg French spokesperson smirking over party gate. Man up and admit you’re a liability to the country, you’ve had your moment of fame, and given your assertion that you’re not earning enough as PM, take your sorry ass on the circuit and rake it in
  6. Having retired in 2019 I receive the new pension rate which is above pension credit qualification. I have a small NHS pension and lump sum which in, hindsight, I added to my meagre savings meaning I pay full rent and council tax. In hindsight I should have ignored previous government and parental advice to save
  7. I’m in my late 60s, female and 5ft 10 since aged 15. Always been tormented about it but came from a family of giants- mum same height and dad 6ft 3. Married 6 foot 3 man and spawned two sons 6 foot 4 and 6 foot 5. Common denominator -home cooked food with lots of veg, NHS and........genes.
  8. That’s the same setting as mine when it’s on and I feel positively balmy😀
  9. Jack Monroe’s estimate of the real cost of living rise for low income families being far higher than the figure quoted has been accepted by the ONS who are now going to extend the range of their average ‘shopping basket’ as a result
  10. Be back there soon what with the gas price rises😀
  11. Got to be English mustard, horseradish or even good old gravy 😀
  12. Anything in the new code about keeping cyclists off the pavement? Having been injured by a Lycra clad and helmeted middle aged cyclist dodging a tram delaying his journey I hope so. I’d also like pedestrian crossings adjusted so older/disabled people have time to cross. I was marooned in the middle of two lane traffic when drivers, who must have seen me, ‘obeyed’ the orange/green light before I had safely crossed. About six cars whisked past me before a white van man stopped and waved me across with several drivers behind showing displeasure by blasting their horns.
  13. Many commentators make the point that the Tory party won’t get rid of Boris because there’s no suitable successor or perhaps no one who can pull the wool over the electorates’ eyes as easily.
  14. I agree a leadership challenge or general election would delay dealing with the national and international challenges the country faces BUT I don’t think I’ll ever be able to believe a word Boris says again and have no faith in his, or the governments’ morality in making decisions in the interest of the country. His shinanagins has made the electorate distrust, particularly Tory, politicians who have defended his lies and underhand tactics. Even if he truly believed the ‘parties’ were legal work gatherings he should have had the foresight to see how they’d be seen by the public and the integrity to show solidarity with the mere mortals who were following the rules he set. He can’t negate all wrongdoing by continually reminding us of the successful vaccine rollout. I certainly don’t want levelling up to his standards
  15. Well said. I’ve never gone by use by dates preferring my eyes and nose. My kids though will bin anything ‘out of date’ even when it passes the Sight and smell test
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