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  1. The 31 service is well used in the day time but I agree mainly by concession passengers. Carr Rd is a problem but recently only alternate busses have gone up to South Rd and I think there’s the same issue on Whitehouse Rd re parking. The road is also very steep so I can see the 135 being re-routed in icy conditions. Perhaps the eventual intention is to bypass lower Walkley altogether. By all accounts there’s not going to be a stop between the bottom of Whitehouse Rd and half way down Burnaby Crescent so it’s not accessible for more than a few bits of lower Walkley
  2. Just found out the 135 is to bypass my area altogether. Stop at bottom of Whitehouse Rd with next on Walkley Lane cutting off an area with many elderly and disabled residents. So much for concern re social and health isolation- there’s nothing in the area as most centred in soon to be inaccessible Hillsborough.
  3. I use the 31 to lower Walkley, it gets me +shopping up the hill from Hillsborough or city centre along with a lot of other older people. It’s going to be replaced by rerouted 135 whose timetable says it will travel on Whitehouse Rd rather than Whitehouse Lane but I can’t find out where the stop nearest me will be and can’t think where one would be feasible. Anyone any idea where I can find out?
  4. 2nd July Gee Vee day trip to Skeggi, on return home driver played CD which included Silent Night on a really warm and balmy evening-perhaps just hoping for quiet journey home
  5. Not to mention the time wasters attending with sore throats, colds and headaches who couldn’t wait until the chemists opened the next morning and were the loudest complaining about the wait
  6. It’s not just about bagging the poo. Despite having several dog poo bins around my area we have bags left as x marks the spot or even hung on tree branches
  7. I could never support the death penalty for any crime but I do think some drivers see speeding tickets as an occupational hazard and awareness courses as something to get through and avoid the fine. Guilty drivers should hear the full victim impact statements however harrowing to realise the effect of their crime
  8. Why would they have any sympathy when their temporary accommodation is one of several palaces and the one that caught fire is repaired poste haste at public expense and one reluctantly agrees to pay some tax
  9. Heard the stock car racing but the music, which was audible all day, was coming from a different direction. Asked around people from various cultures and no one knew of any events
  10. Boris and Trump, a cloned double act which would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening
  11. Thoughts on Chuka Umunna’s defection to Liberal Democrat’s. I always thought that MPs, elected on a party manifesto, should face a bi election if they changed parties. When this MP started Tiggers, Change/Uk he claimed the electorate voted for him not the party. Having secured a prominent position in the Lib Dem’s I wonder what those who voted for him think now. Personally I think he’s the worst example of the majority of self serving MPs
  12. I appreciate that if means testing is introduced there has to be a dividing line but there are a lot of pensioners who are just above Pension Credit limit. This means they get no help with rent or council tax leaving them worse off than PC recipients. I think this is the thin edge of the wedge- I ‘ve heard politicians discussing applying this to the winter fuel allowance too
  13. Not at all but the qualifying conditions have to apply to everyone. From my experience ESA and PIP have become increasingly difficult for anyone to be successful in claiming. The lack of a permanent address can make evidencing care need and provision difficult although I do know of one person who was successful and got Carer’s Allowance for a fellow homeless person
  14. Of course they do but that’s the same for all JSA claimants. DLA/PIP and ESA don’t have the same reporting conditions.
  15. Wrong-homeless people Wrong-homeless people can, and for the most part do, claim benefits using a basic post office account to receive their entitlement. A lot of homeless people receive DLA or PIP due to alcohol or drug dependency Heath related conditions. They can also claim Housing Benefit for nights spent in hostels such as Salvation Army and St Anne’s which is how the hostels receive most of their funding
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