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  1. I don’t know about ‘delusional people’ but I’m known as someone who speaks their mind, sometimes that offends people who disagree with me. Those that matter to me will have a reasoned argument and we probably agree to differ. Those that continue to be offended will continue on that path without me. So be it.
  2. I’ve spent the last year shielding and have only been out for a daily totter around the block and a couple of medical appointments. I didn’t have any company in the first lockdown, a couple of friends did a garden visit in the summer and my ‘bubble’ son visited bi weekly over the winter. What I’ve learnt is that I can keep myself occupied, can occasionally fall out with myself and don’t really like frozen milk and bread. Can’t help wondering the irony of ending shielding on April Fools Day 😀
  3. I’ve just filled out my census (on paper) and son’s (first one for him and he ‘doesn’t see point) online. Same questions but found online easier. Have I got paper version because, as retired, I’m perceived as computer illiterate. Paradoxically try ringing SCC telephone postal voting application service (possibly most needed by older people ) and you’re directed to the website and get a ‘goodbye ‘ if you opt to speak to an operative
  4. I think it’s telling that the latest Shielding email I received informs me that shielding ends on 31st March but still advises me to carry on with the same precautions and extends priority access to supermarket delivery. In fact the only difference seems to be the withdrawal of SSP with the advisory to discuss specific precautionary actions with your employer if you can’t work from home
  5. I, along with several friends in my over 60s age group, hate Meadowhall but have kids who love to shop there for a day out. The pandemic has forced many of us oldies to shop online when we’d much rather go shopping. The city centre has to encourage independent shops and leisure activities appealing to all age groups in order to survive
  6. Bit of inverted snobbery- my dad, a Yorkshire man born and bred, regularly used thee and tha but looked down on the young man I brought home 50 years ago who used ‘de and da’. He told me ‘tha can do better than that’, hopefully that young man has made a fortune somewhere
  7. Agree, that’s why I don’t answer if I’m in a public place.
  8. I don’t know if the Royal family are racist-how can we know? a lot of ordinary people only express their true feelings with family or trusted friends. Buckingham Palace have to be very careful with their response for fear of further high profile, money making interviews from the estranged couple. It was obvious that a forthright, independent, straight talking American actress would struggle to fit in a to the British monarchy and, given Harry’s issues with the establishment, the outcome was inevitable. With a living to make and axes to grind , dirty washing has been aired publicly and, as a result, Britain’s reputation has been damaged across the world at a time when trade negotiations are vital. I think we should be questioning the funding of a monarchy whose remit is to promote Britain but is actually bringing the country disrepute
  9. Something similar, I’ve had a couple of texts from ‘delivery’ claiming they’ve tried to deliver my parcel and asking for a fee to redeliver
  10. Thanks for that-lots of get out of jail cards there then😀 Going to be a nightmare for Who Do You Think You Are a few years down the line
  11. Saw an American broadcaster living in UK talking today about her attempts to convince the USA networks and population that we are not totally an emotional repressed and overtly racist nation and admitting she had failed. The lack of a statement from Buckingham Palace has given more credence to this view. Good news for republicans-why should we pay for an outdated monarchy whose actions/inaction denigrates it’s citizens. The royalist argument that the royals attract tourism might just have been turned on its head
  12. No problem but seems the ‘snapshot’ might be quite fluid and a bit different-e.g. university students being registered as living at home when they have (and are paying for) uni or private accommodation they can’t use or people normally resident in one city who have relocated during lockdown to provide care. Given one of the Census purposes is public service provision planning things might get a bit skewed. Not seen the questions so don’t know if these anomalies are covered and still don’t know if non compliance can result in fines
  13. My energy company told me I’m using a bit more energy than I did last year (lockdown-really?)and I probably ought to increase my direct debit. February statement says I’m £10.32 debit. That will probably be cleared by the time I switch in June
  14. We were always told to fill in the paper census on a given date to give a snapshot of the country at that precise time and record who was in what residence. Now it’s a date fluid record via internet/phone can we still be fined for non compliance?
  15. Occasionally have takeaway when visiting son feels guilty about mum always cooking. Uber Eats email discount codes rarely work and drivers usually ring to claim can’t find address (no other delivery company seems to have a problem) Son, after detailed directions fail, ends up going down hill to collect cold food. Complain and told address difficult to find so no fault -mum back on cooking duty
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