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  1. I’m going to be investing in thermal underwear, hot water bottles and early nights 😀
  2. Is there any point in trading insults? Those who believe in conspiracy theories are not going to change their mindset. It’s up to the rest of us to do what we can to protect ourselves, our nearest and dearest and those we can of the wider population, including the pandemic deniers
  3. My GP surgery was quite good during the height of the pandemic, organising pre opening time appointments for my long standing respiratory health condition requiring shielding. 3 weeks ago I contacted the surgery and, after initially being told no telephone appointments were available and to ring back the next day, I was phoned by a GP and prescribed antibiotics. I rang back after the end of the treatment as symptoms persisted and again told to ring back the following day, I persisted and received a call back within the hour. I was referred for a chest X-ray which I had today ,8 days later, where I was the only patient waiting, and told to wait 10 days before contacting the GP for results. That’s 26 days of chest infection symptoms for someone with respiratory disease is quite worrying albeit GP telling me to ring 999 if symptoms got worse. Also told, earlier this year, by receptionist that X-ray showed severe arthritis of the hip but no opportunity to discuss implications or treatment on offer. No wonder A &E departments and walk in centres are overwhelmed
  4. Not true, it’s an organisational culture of closing ranks, a bit like the police are going through now. In the early 70’s, as student nurses, my colleague and I reported a member of staff for abusing elderly patients. As a result we were assigned to separate wards and warned our training was at risk by the ‘old style’ matron
  5. I am in no way dim. I have a NHS background and did due diligence of the research before I subjected myself to the vaccination. I’m aware of a tiny minority who have suffered ill effects of the vaccine and an even smaller minority who have experienced longer term damage. Whilst I appreciate your sentiment, if not your language, I think you ought to research statistics before you cast aspersions
  6. With the cost of gas and electric soaring I’d forget the electric blanket and get the hot water bottle out. With a bit of practice you can gauge the exact kettle capacity for the late night cuppa and the hottie
  7. For Universal Credit claimants, working or not, loosing £20 a week is significant when fuel and food inflation is looming, The governments call for higher wages will only increase costs for those in the gig economy or those unable to work. In the meantime fruit and vegetables are rotting unpicked, food standard pigs and poultry are to be culled on farm whilst food bank use is increasing. Britain has gone mad!
  8. I can only say with my two heads and three mouths via my Amazon /Facebook/Instagram implant the double vaccination I’ve had has resulted in no ill effects. My third arm will be presenting itself for a booster just as soon as my 4th ear gets the Twitter message
  9. As a trainee nurse and midwife I did two 3 month stints in the community with both my professional mentors having in depth knowledge of suitable toilet facilities in their areas. You wiped your feet on the way out of some of the properties I visited let alone venture into the loo
  10. I have no problem giving asylum to the refugees but I think the government need to adequately finance the additional burden on housing, NHS, education, welfare benefits and other support requirements to convince a lot of the British public
  11. Had a bad experience with one driver in April who, because the screens caused limited space in the rear of the car told me I shouldn’t be using taxis as this caused me difficulty entertaining and leaving the car. In July my son persuaded me to try again and this driver couldn’t have been more helpful- he didn’t have a screen because he felt he couldn’t keep it clean but wore a mask and kept windows open. He advised me to request a car without a screen for future bookings. However this was not an option on the automated system I booked with last week and the car arrived with a screen. When I explained the predicament the driver offered me a front passenger seat, we were both double jabbed, wore masks and had windows open. The latter two drivers couldn’t have been more helpful and patient so the company will continue to have my support
  12. Used my 3 tier steamer for years, veg keeps it shape, juices are concentrated for gravy. Have cooked fish and chicken but prefer health grill for red meat
  13. Just the latest in the government attitude of ‘do as I say not as I do’. Dom Cummings, Stanley Johnson, Matt Hancock, Boris and chancellor trying to avoid isolating. But we’re all in this together aren’t we😀
  14. Obviously poor performance if no 1 didn’t want regular repeat performances. Presumably no 2 wasn’t enamoured either, wonder how no 3 is faring? Personally I think relationships are a lot more about love and respect resulting in mutually non sexist satisfying physical experiences
  15. I was 14 when some man exposed himself to me and my friend who were walking past the ‘Donkey Woods’ on Walkley Bank Road on the way back from Rivelin 53 years ago. When my mum reported it to the beat bobby he told her to tell me to get a boyfriend to escort us. Knowing 14 year old boys then it might have been equally traumatic for them. An older lady told me of when a man exposed himself to her and she told him that she had seen more meat on a butcher’s pencil and he came back with the quip ‘ well you’re wouldn’t like it on your eye for a wart’
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