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  1. Totally agree that it takes courage to acknowledge the problem publicly and, although sadly unsuccessful, have taken steps to find help. There are a lot of non statutory organisations (not just AA) who can help. Have you thought of trying Fitzwilliam clinic?
  2. What is wrong with people! Why can’t we all choose what we want to eat. I’m not a vegetarian but if I have a vegetarian coming to eat I’ll give them something suitable just as I would I’d avoid giving food they didn’t like/have an allergy to etc. If my friends and family were as disrespectful as those mentioned in the original post It wouldn’t be my food choice I would be questioning
  3. I’ve seen this too when I’ve had to catch an early bus, paid accordingly, and have sided with the driver but I do think this is a minority issue and not representative of all OAPs.
  4. I think what you have both observed is a in the minority. I, and most of the OAP’s I know appreciate our concession passes which allow us to access health and social activities which might otherwise might be cost prohibitive. The pass doesn’t allow queue jumping or override disabled passenger needs-that’s selfishness -not a human trait confined to OAPs
  5. Worried in case when he gets back from hols he has to cozy up to Trump in exchange for a post Brexit Trade deal
  6. Everyone I speak to from across the city is complaining about the poor service, several drivers I know complain about the poor organisation and conditions they work under yet it’s ok for another fare increase??
  7. I think we have to accept that direct access temporary accommodation for single males in Sheffield is dire. The Salvation Army is nearly always full as they accommodate a lot of long term , residents who require 24 hour support. The often chaotic lifestyle of new residents can lead to conflict and their expulsion. St Anne’s is almost always full and ,when someone is excluded for contravening the no drink/drug policy there is a race for the free place. Unlike most cities Sheffield does not have a night shelter which, with outreach workers, might not only provide accommodation but support people to engage with appropriate services. There are a few SCC funded private accommodation providers for single adults deemed in priority need under the Homelessness Act but, in my experience, these are often low standard ,unstaffed and unsafe facilities which some people might feel is less favourable than rough sleeping which does have some camaraderie. Begging is not the preserve of the homeless, housed people with substance misuse or benefit claimants awaiting payment also beg to supplement their income
  8. No certainly not- I don’t think he would have spoken with the knowledge and experience the person I listened to portrayed. I believe ‘Sir’ IDS only contribution is to increase homelessness by way of his benefit ‘reforms ‘
  9. Initially you’re right- for the envisaged year long transition period nothing much will change whilst the UK continues to operate under EU directives. After that it’s up to the government so workers rights might go, food standards might fall, business might infiltrate all our social services. Who knows!!!
  10. In the early 80’s I worked in a local maternity hospital when during a really busy period there was a laundry strike. We were having to provide paper sheets and gown to labouring women and newborn babies and supplies were dwindling fast. In response to concerns A hospital manager shadowed my shift and concluded there was a manageable shortage but his only recommendation, based on my shortcoming, was to instigate signs in the laundry room to turn off lights on leaving
  11. A & E receptionists are well trained in this area and can fast track to triage nurse who can also fast track to diagnostic or medical options so this is a tried and tested approach to progressing the most urgent cases. I started work in the NHS in the ‘70s and this has always been the case but progress has meant this is now training backed intuition with the human attributes of erring on the side of caution. The only fly in the ointment is the ‘I was here before him’ and ‘ I pay to see a doctor’ attitude
  12. Heard a radio programme today featuring a man awarded in the New Years honours for his work with homelessness in Manchester. He’s pleased most people don’t give money to street beggars anymore but is now calling for the public to stop providing food and drink. His argument is that giving these deters the homeless and vulnerably housed from accessing statutory and charitable services who can provide social, medical and housing services-several charitable organisations supported his stance. He is supporting the removal/relocation to a less visible location of a nightly volunteer run ‘soup kitchen’ who also provide information re support services. His theory is to ‘starve’ people into accessing services and recommends this as a national strategy and asks that the public engage with individuals and provide info re services My question is are there enough accessible services and what about those whose life experiences mean they won’t engage with or conform to service protocols of no substance misuse In the programme an almost incoherent woman interrupted the interview and the man stated ‘she’s a passer through with a butane gas canister’ so we couldn’t help her.
  13. I don’t think our drinking habits have changed just abbeyedges analysis resulting in local pubs not appealing to people anymore. For years my local provided a “turn” on Saturday night which brought in the punters and guaranteed a ticket only Xmas and New Years Eve full house- turn, no taxi and party. Above points and nearby new cut price chain meant no revenue for turn so fall in customers
  14. Try the hourly 135, regularly missing so a 2 hour wait. Most people get another bus and walk take an up to 40 min walk or share taxis. Prediction is this route will go due to underuse!
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