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  1. Woken up 6am on Easter Sunday morning by helicopter hovering over lower Walkley for about an hour. Anyone else hear it?
  2. catmiss

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    At 65 I’ve voted in every eligible election but have no idea who to vote for this time. A lot of my friends feel the same way. I think Brexit has uncovered so many hypocrites that it’s coloured my attitude to all politicians
  3. catmiss

    Spice in Sheffield.

    I’m no way an apologist for SCC but it does look from previous posts that they’re dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. Condemned for allowing spice users to run down the City Centre but accused of wasting money if they try to address the issue. To me there’s something very wrong with something that renders users so very vulnerable
  4. Seems as though I’ve chosen the right day to retire 😀
  5. catmiss

    Best roast pork sandwich shop ?

    It is Helens but pulled pork rather than sliced and a tendency to be a bit greasy
  6. I remember this vividly. When I first heard the news I was returning home to Hillsborough from a week long residential training course at Liverpool University.
  7. catmiss

    Sex education in primary schools

    I think you’re missing the point here. Most primary school aged children are influenced by their adult family members views, attitudes and prejudices so much so that even nursery school children can reiterate racist, homophophic or sexist views. Surely trying to teach children the value of appreciating and acceptance of diversity will mean future generations will me more tolerant of future divesity and less likely to pass prejudice on to their own offspring
  8. catmiss

    Sex education in primary schools

    Perhaps you were lucky. If growing up in a diverse world without guidance was enough there wouldn’t be any prejudice
  9. catmiss

    Penny Farthing Nightclub

    Memories flooding back- kick out at 2am but hanging around with everyone outside for another half hour then up to all night Wimpy on Fargate until first bus at 3.20am
  10. catmiss

    Knitting groups

    Does anyone know of any knitting groups still active in Sheffield?
  11. catmiss

    Sex education in primary schools

    And this exactly the response of the developer of the programme. I’ve always been open with my kids and answered questions honestly so much so that my eldest couldn’t understand why his fellow 11 year olds were sniggering in the first sex education class.
  12. catmiss

    Craft groups

    Thanks for this, hoping to meet up in the next few weeks
  13. catmiss

    Sex education in primary schools

    We live in a very diverse world and introducing this to children in an age appropriate way can only be for good. Pity that it’s left to schools to teach rather than just being normal life with parents answering any questions which may occur earlier than school age. I felt much more equipped to answer these sort of questions when my kids were young than “why is the sky blue”. Perhaps that’s why they’re quite rounded individuals but not asto physicists 😀
  14. catmiss

    Java Lounge (ex) Holme lane

    Java lounge had extensive works done to the rear exterior. 2 years of scaffolding in the private pleasant courtyard garden which also had a covered area seemed to coincide with its demise
  15. Thanks for the info. Seems as though a lot of groups have closed just as I’m in a position to attend. 😀 does anyone know if the group at Zest in Upperthorpe is still running?

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