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  1. Obviously poor performance if no 1 didn’t want regular repeat performances. Presumably no 2 wasn’t enamoured either, wonder how no 3 is faring? Personally I think relationships are a lot more about love and respect resulting in mutually non sexist satisfying physical experiences
  2. I was 14 when some man exposed himself to me and my friend who were walking past the ‘Donkey Woods’ on Walkley Bank Road on the way back from Rivelin 53 years ago. When my mum reported it to the beat bobby he told her to tell me to get a boyfriend to escort us. Knowing 14 year old boys then it might have been equally traumatic for them. An older lady told me of when a man exposed himself to her and she told him that she had seen more meat on a butcher’s pencil and he came back with the quip ‘ well you’re wouldn’t like it on your eye for a wart’
  3. I visited the Moor on Saturday for the first time since last July and found it comfortably unchanged apart from some chain store closures. Thankfully Sheffield’s own Atkinsons remains alongside most of the outdoor market stalls and there did seem to be less people under the influence of substances. Lovely corner cut beef joint from Slattery’s market butchers with veg from assorted greengrocers resulting in a lovely family reunion post pandemic Sunday dinner
  4. Sometimes I feel a bit bored so will ask their name and then pretend their name is someone I know from the craft/walking/ swimming/origami group. When they get irritated at me talking to ‘my friend from my social group ‘ I ask them if this is the point they want my bank details- it’s amazing how quickly they end the call
  5. Yes, it was so low over my bungalow on Langsett on Friday afternoon/evening for about 3 hours I think I saw the whites of his eyes but who was he/she????
  6. Great pinged PM and Chancellor had to back down from ‘taking part in trial ‘ and will now self isolate alongside many workers whose absence is affecting many businesses. After all ‘we’re all in this together ‘!!!!
  7. I’ll always have a brew but you have to let it mash before pouring
  8. I’ve lived in my property for nearly seven years and have had problems getting the council gardens dept to maintain the communal council garden hedges adjoining the front and back of my bungalow when they carry out other communal areas. Previous complaints used to result in operatives attending to cut the hedges, more recently an inspector came on 2 occasions and deemed the growth over my path, steps and handrail as a H &S issue. Last year I was told, as gardeners were consistently failing to maintain the hedges, I needed an assessment which determined SCC responsibility. The hedge has not been cut for well over a year with growth completely covering the handrail alongside the path and 8 steps, with the rope like weed in the hedge covering the steps and over growth blocking access to the lower steps. As I now have a disability and have had a fall on the path due to inaccessible handrail I am unable to use my front door to leave or access my property. I have contacted SCC gardening and housing depts on several occasions but only been told issue has been reported. Any ideas how I can get resolution?
  9. Sorry got to disagree, my bread maker goes into action 2-3 times a week producing lovely bread, sliced by an electric knife. Electric steamer provides healthy veg to accompany meat and/or other veg cooked on a health grill sometimes with mashed potatoes via a ricer or jacket potato via microwave. My sons bought my breadmaker because I hated having to freeze bread whilst shielding during the pandemic and I love the luxury of a variety of fresh breads
  10. Of course this is not just about commercial interest, there are a lot of ethical issues involved but, as some people have eluded to, they would opt for care provided by fully vaccinated staff and home owners will see the commercial advantage of this
  11. Yes, I think my first point alluded to that from a resident/relative point of view. However there are many occurrences where ‘caring’ organisations have prioritised finances over appropriate provision. Just today a private provider of secure accommodation for young people has been closed after keeping children isolated for 23 hours per day during the pandemic and citing staff shortages
  12. The chances of this ‘man’ being caught and successfully prosecuted are quite low according to statistics. I do hope the woman involved gets the support she will need irrespective of the outcome
  13. There are a couple of important points for care home owners: *having all staff vaccinated will make them more attractive to potential residents/relatives *having unvaccinated staff could leave them vulnerable to legal action, possibly without insurance cover, if residents contract Covid. Although I ‘m not entirely comfortable with compulsory vaccination I think commercial interests may well prevail
  14. I would want to know if I had Covid so I could isolate to protect my family and friends as my personal responsibility. What is done with that statistic is out of my control but I think it would me more than little old me who influenced the ending of lockdown
  15. I’m scared of getting anything touched by a policeman/woman 😳
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