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  1. On my local neighbourhood site there was a report of a sudden increase in food waste-possible panic bought perishables gone off before they could be eaten. Also report from supermarket spokesperson that March sales twice those of December 19-madness
  2. My son who has been delivering basics has been taken I’ll so I’m trying the advice of early hours attempt to get a delivery slot. No success so dilemma of shielding as vulnerable or dashing out to local shop
  3. Thanks for the advice-I’m doing all you advise. My son shops for me, his mum and gran in law as well as his own family of four so us oldies only order basic rations so he only has to shop weekly and can keep to supermarket quotas. If we’re not going to be eligible for life supporting treatment why should we not relieve the burden and go out to do our own shopping
  4. Listened to Radio 4 Question Time last night, final question about the economic effect of treating older and vulnerable Coronavirus patients and the effects of future generations. The panels answers included promoting palliative care and how this could be achieved. Today Radio 4s repeat was followed by the phone in Any Answers with all the respondents to this question, including some medical professionals, talking about Living Wills and DNR instructions. Although I am normally totally independent and, with medication, am able to manage my lung condition and lead an active life I am adhering to the solitary confinement the government has recommended to me as a classified ‘extremely vulnerable person’. I retired last year so am not currently economically productive but have been for the previous 50 years but, given the opinions expressed on these programmes I’m concerned the ‘extremely vulnerable’ label attached to me will affect the treatment I receive should I contact the virus
  5. Still waiting for my authorisation- does the minimum spend still apply and what is the delivery charge? I requested a Boots delivery of a prescription and, despite my extremely vulnerable letter saying government is helping pharmacies to deliver free, I was told I would be charged £5 for the service
  6. My son doorstep delivered the half dozen items I needed. Said no problem getting anything, he included a bottle of wine and chocolates so party for one tonight 😀
  7. No still advertising like usual and promoting Easter buys-but I suppose the commercial TV still needs the income
  8. Given that the government is having to spend to support business, jobs and incomes I think we’re in for austerity again when things improve. Whilst I’m not against the above I think some organisations are trying it on-radio report and interview this morning from rugby rep saying without gov support the sport would be lost forever
  9. Glad I got my 3 for a £1 last week!
  10. The bus pass is irrelevant if we do as advised and stay home. The supermarkets opening the first hour for those at risk is also at odds with government advice and encourages public transport use at busiest times when people are travelling to work. There are a lot of older people who say they won’t be told what to do and think it’s a lot of fuss about nothing- irresponsible not only about their own health but other people
  11. I can only agree with the above. A 90+ neighbour has been housebound for years and says she has had enough. Her 70+ son and daughter in law are her sole carers and visit several times a week and are continuing to do so despite being in the group advised to self isolate as they feel they have no choice
  12. Really confused by supermarkets dedicating specific times for elderly/vulnerable to shop. I appreciate they’ve trying to facilitate supplies to this group whilst on line shopping is so over subscribed but isn’t this at odds with government advice to self isolate. Also the time slots are at a time when public transport will be at its busiest getting people to work further increasing risk.
  13. I don’t think the government thought this through when they advised avoiding public places (as are supermarkets) resulting in people who would normally shop in store opting for home delivery and advising those self isolating to use home delivery if they have no support. Thankfully my son is willing to venture in store as I, currently following advice to self isolate as I have chronic lung disease, can’t get my normal home delivery
  14. Had an email from Aldi today saying customers only allowed 4 of any item so hopefully panicked/selfish people will be curtailed. Looks like my sons were right and I’ve got at least 12 weeks confined to barracks😲
  15. Going through puberty is tough and confusing. Now aged over 60 I remember my own confused emotions, attempts to fit in to what was expected by parents/adults and conflicting demands of peers. I’ve witnessed this in my own children and now seeing it with grandchildren. I’ve always thought puberty wasn’t the right time to assess educational ability (there’s too much else going on) and have now widened my opinion to believe, whilst acknowledging the depth of emotion etc, that life changing decisions made at this time are sometimes misguided.
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