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  1. catmiss

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    Boris and Trump, a cloned double act which would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening
  2. Thoughts on Chuka Umunna’s defection to Liberal Democrat’s. I always thought that MPs, elected on a party manifesto, should face a bi election if they changed parties. When this MP started Tiggers, Change/Uk he claimed the electorate voted for him not the party. Having secured a prominent position in the Lib Dem’s I wonder what those who voted for him think now. Personally I think he’s the worst example of the majority of self serving MPs
  3. I appreciate that if means testing is introduced there has to be a dividing line but there are a lot of pensioners who are just above Pension Credit limit. This means they get no help with rent or council tax leaving them worse off than PC recipients. I think this is the thin edge of the wedge- I ‘ve heard politicians discussing applying this to the winter fuel allowance too
  4. Not at all but the qualifying conditions have to apply to everyone. From my experience ESA and PIP have become increasingly difficult for anyone to be successful in claiming. The lack of a permanent address can make evidencing care need and provision difficult although I do know of one person who was successful and got Carer’s Allowance for a fellow homeless person
  5. Of course they do but that’s the same for all JSA claimants. DLA/PIP and ESA don’t have the same reporting conditions.
  6. Wrong-homeless people Wrong-homeless people can, and for the most part do, claim benefits using a basic post office account to receive their entitlement. A lot of homeless people receive DLA or PIP due to alcohol or drug dependency Heath related conditions. They can also claim Housing Benefit for nights spent in hostels such as Salvation Army and St Anne’s which is how the hostels receive most of their funding
  7. catmiss

    Farfield Inn, Neepsend Lane.

    Withdrawn from council temporary accommodation many years ago after complaints of vermin, non existent breakfast provision they were being paid for, hot water for 30mins per day and no heating. Overcrowding and people locked out from morning to evening. I think there was some undercover investigation after several years of complaints, from individuals and homeless charities and years of council funded profit for the owner, before the place was deemed unfit
  8. catmiss

    When is it ok to have an abortion?

    I don’t know of any health care professional who would terminate a viable foetus other than for a foetal abnormality incompatible with life. Given current ante natal diagnostics such occurrences are rare. After many years working in gynaecology and obstetrics I’ve not met any woman, and very few men, who have taken the decision to abort a pregnancy without much soul searching
  9. No problems with my surgery, non urgent appointment usually within a week and emergency same day. They did try early am appointments from 7am which was good when I was working but stopped due to poor take up. Sometimes difficult to get through on the phone but they are introducing on line booking
  10. Heathcliffe, it’s me, I m Cathy-I’ve come home again
  11. catmiss

    A to Z of British comedy’s

    Not going out
  12. catmiss

    What would you like on your gravestone?

    Is that it then

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