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  1. I had smart meters with in home display with Shell energy but changed supplier to EON last spring. Despite constant reassurance that technology would be used to adapt them for use by EON I’m still waiting and have to submit readings monthly or risk my monthly direct debit falling short when the companies yearly read is done.
  2. Reports say that the school had employed a separate company to manage the hall bookings. Accepting or not cancelling the booking during lockdown and covering windows shows a deliberate flouting of the rules but the wedding hosts and guests are equally responsible as they must have also been aware of the restrictions.
  3. The JCVI decided the top 5 priority groups on age and vulnerability to the virus and their care givers to prevent transmission, deaths and severe illness and resulting impact on the NHS. From what I’ve heard they will be considering all front line workers when the next cohorts are decided. As with the pandemic the vaccine programme has brought out the best and worst in people- I’ve heard so many older people complaining about so and so who’s a year younger getting the jab before them. I would imagine the governments eagerness to get kids back to school will give the teaching unions a bargaining tool for inclusion in the post February groups
  4. Following the sentiment of this thread welcome to receiving your State Retirement Pension. If you’re chopping that amount of wood I don’t think there’s anything ‘old age’ about you
  5. A few things of concern me: Vaccination rates reduced over last couple of days, supply or distribution? The government can claim target success in ‘offering’ the vaccine to the priority groups if they, pre mid February, give appointments in March/April Why does my latest ‘Shielding’ letter state that even after receiving both vaccine doses I should continue to shield until further notice?
  6. Well that’s what happens after 10 months of shielding! It can be more thought provoking than Woman’s Hour, Cash in the Attic or Homes under the Hammer 🙂 I think this discussion has confirmed that the term ‘elderly’ is arbitrary and, thankfully, many of us don’t conform to the stereotype. I remember, as a trainee nurse aged 20, working on a geriatric ward with the admission criteria being over 60 , pension age at the time, and not questioning it.
  7. I heard an anti lockdown contributor to Jeremy Vine show arguing that ‘the elderly’ and vulnerable , whose lives were of limited expectancy anyway, should be the ones locked down whilst the rest of the population should return to a pre Covid working and social life to re-boot the economy. Putting aside all my other numerous arguments I wondered at what age you become elderly as, despite it being readily bandied about, I’ve never heard anyone actually define it.
  8. Just a few issues- *there would need to be comprehensive digital inclusion programmes to provide equality of access *who is responsible for repairs/replacement of the equipment *if they are for education purposes how is other use (social media, gaming) blocked *Who pays for internet access and can it be restricted to educational use only. *As technology dates so quickly won’t lap tops need replacing at least once or more in the 7 years of secondary education
  9. When I recently visited my GP on an unrelated matter she told me that several GP practices in my locality had joined together to staff a large medical centre in the area to provide efficient maximum vaccination. She also explained that the priority cohorts from each practice had been co-ordinated and people would be offered appointments in turn. I think this seems to be the general approach so I think it’s a case of waiting for the call.
  10. I’m certainly no Tory, less so a Boris fan but this is an unprecedented time and there would have been mistakes made by any administration. My main criticism is that the current one, 10 months in, doesn’t seem to have learnt from previous experiences. They continue to dither, delay, take last minute u turns, over promise and under deliver with no acknowledgement of shortcomings yet expect people to have utter trust in them. If, as individuals, they performed like this in an ordinary workplace they’d have have had the verbal, written warnings and P45 a long time ago
  11. Really appalling case on the news of an elderly person paying £160 for a ‘Covid’ jab. Some lowlife turned up and ‘injected’ , with who knows what, this vulnerable person in return for payment. Thankfully the individual seems ok but I hope the CCTV helps the police trace the perpetrator and he gets suitable punishment
  12. From what I can gather the vast majority of jabs given in the community will be the Astra-Zeneca one purely because it’s easier to transport and store and cost effective. The more expensive Pfizer one will be predominantly used in settings where appropriate storage facilities already exist e.g. hospitals. My experience of administering drugs in the Health Service is that, even in crisis situations, they always err on the side of caution. Even more so now when one error could destroy public confidence
  13. There are moves to try and impeach him again and prevent him from standing for public office again. Worry is Donald Trump junior spouting the same mantra is waiting in the wings
  14. I’ve used Boots online since the beginning of the pandemic after local Boots wanted to charge £5 per item even though the government had stated those shielding should get free delivery. Mostly ok but very difficult to contact if there are problems
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