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  1. I stand corrected and sorry I should have made it clear that those not eligible for free NHS vaccinations would have to pay. Had my jab under social distancing regs at GP surgery on Saturday, virtually no queuing and no ill effects!
  2. I agree, from what I’ve read he’s disillusioned with the office of PM and the salary. The virus seems to have spoiled his jolly and I think there’ll be another spat with the back benchers when latest measures don’t work and he has to limit contact between households in the run up to Christmas
  3. I do feel for the younger generation who are having their social life (I can remember how important that was) curtailed when the virus doesn’t badly affect the majority of them. The students are returning and are having largely IT based tuition but still face the same fees. School kids have lost months of education and face losing more if anyone in their bubble becomes infected and can’t do many of their normal social activities. All this and being blamed for the current rise in infection and having the responsibility ‘not to kill your granny’ I think we may be facing a big demand for the already stretched young people’s mental health services
  4. The ebullient and affable London mayor whose ambition was to become PM must wish he’d stayed with his previous activities. Leading the country through a pandemic and Brexit, even with Cummings pulling his strings, is obviously beyond his skill set
  5. Only the City to Hillsborough side is being worked on this weekend, perhaps the other side will be done next week or perhaps they’ll save that for later on. It just seems that some part of the tram route is always under repair
  6. Perhaps he’s moonlighting doing Coronavirus testing
  7. Poor old Boris-still he’s only experiencing what a lot of the British people are. A job with a lot of stress for a wage which doesn’t cover all the costs
  8. At the beginning of lockdown in March NHS sent letters to everyone who had a longstanding health condition which made them ‘extremely vulnerable’ to the virus advising them to shield and pack a suitcase in case of hospital admission. Given the rise in infection rates shouldn’t these people be supported, if they choose, to shield again?
  9. I’m back to self imposed shielding, not overweight or diabetic but have a longstanding lung condition. Fortunately I’m retired, have priority access to on line shopping and supportive family and friends. Not every person classified as ‘extremely vulnerable to the virus ‘ had the same advantages and won’t receive support to shield unless government orders it
  10. After major works a couple of years ago works are again being undertaken on the tracks along Langsett Road with no service this weekend or next. Does anyone know why? According to posters at bus stops busses are being diverted down Flora Street onto Penistone Road and up Bamforth Street but are actually running normal routes with only tram replacement busses doing the diversion. Posters say busses from Hillsborough towards city centre are unaffected but are actually not stopping at some stops due to Supertram placement of traffic lights. Total chaos!
  11. I can’t see what a 2 week semi lockdown would really achieve given that children would still go to school, workers still be working and students still at university. Many people I’ve spoken to wouldn’t adhere to any new restrictions. I think the time will come when the government has to give people the facts and let them make their own decisions.
  12. As an older person with a health condition rendering me as extremely vulnerable to the virus I agree with your perspective but am concerned about similarly vulnerable younger people who may have to for go economic and social well-being to remain virus free. I’ve also spoken to older vulnerable people who want to enjoy what remains of their life and are prepared to play Russian Roulette with the virus. Both groups have the right to make their choices but could end up costing the NHS a fortune
  13. Always had mine via GP in mid/late September, this years appointment on Saturday
  14. I have an ‘underlying health condition’ - a lung disease which, thanks to years of care by the NHS is well controlled allowing me to work for 50 years and live an active life in retirement. About twice a year I’m knocked off my feet by the common cold causing chest infection and occasional pneumonia. I’m not at deaths door but Covid 19 would probably send me through it thereby shortening my life by several years. My demise at my age , 66 ,might not shake your argument but there are thousands of young people living full working, social and family lives and not categorised as ‘very ill’ who have the same or other health issues which render them very susceptible to the virus.
  15. I agree but hate ‘Hi’ and always use ‘hello’, the worst for me is the group email starting ‘hi you guys’. I got pulled at work for not responding but explained I thought it was only meant for the men
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