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  1. Previous smaller busses didn’t use Whitehouse ROad they used the much wider Whitehouse Lane- First have decided this new route so they can miss much of Lower Walkley. I wouldn’t hold your breath re making the road bus only- the exact same problem has existed on Carr Road for years with smaller busses getting stuck regularly.
  2. I believe the Council have been trying to introduce a contact centre ,where staff will be trained to answer any enquiry, for 5 years. I don’t know what the hold up is but, if adequately resourced, would presumably reduce call waiting and the need to transfer calls
  3. The issue with parked cars on Whitehouse Rd, exactly the same as Carr Rd for 31 route, was highlighted when the proposed route was announced but was dismissed out of hand. I understand drivers may be directed ‘off route’ for various reasons but on a usually significantly late hourly service people can be left waiting hours for a bus.
  4. According to latest reports Boris believes his deal if rejected by thevEU will circumvent the Benn law and allow a no deal exit on 31st
  5. I worked in a housing repairs department with a designated number of full and part time trained staff. Monday mornings were always hectic as people reported non emergency repairs that had occurred over the weekend, followed up on ‘make safe’ repairs carried out over the weekend and, as instructed by weekend call out services, reported urgent repairs. The length of calls was always longer on Monday mornings as people off loaded the weekend frustrations. Fine weather and school holidays saw reduced calls with the reverse seeing higher call volume. Friday pm was also busy as people, mindful of the effect of an issue when everyone was at home over the weekend, rang in. Rather than deterring calls keeping people waiting extended call times as people vented their anger before addressing their issue. Unless you have a ‘standby’ staff, who at times might be twiddling their thumbs, taken from a department also under pressure and requiring constant updating you’ll never be rid of call queues
  6. I don’t expect a ‘taxi service’ from a bus service and the previous 31 was not without problems. I’d quite happily accept an hourly service that ran more or less to time on the 31 route between 8 & 6.30 for workers and people like me. A lot of concession pass holders have said they would pay a top up fare to maintain a service but this suggestion has been rejected. Even people on the new 135 service have given up on it as it is frequently late, missing or takes a different route according to the driver’s whim. One elderly lady last week travelling from Hillsborough to the estate ended up in town because the driver, 40 minutes late, bypassed the route around lower Walkley and Upperthorpe to make up time. Not the driver’s fault - a bus from Rotherham to Sheffield is always going to be late and drivers under pressure to get back on track.
  7. I find it difficult to believe that both persons were so mentally ill as to conspire together to kill/attempt to kill so many children in one family. Drugs/alcohol I can see as a possibility but how can such a duel toxic relationship not have manifested itself before this tragedy. Having said this I can only think of the parents who appeared on TV then set fire to the house where their 6 kids were sleeping
  8. How come they were allowed to trade under the same name?
  9. I agree. I can’t, as opposed to ‘less and less good ‘, walk up hills and can only afford a couple of taxis home weekly at the most. I love the SCC bungalow and area where I live and have really good neighbours. If I want to move for mobility reasons I will have one offer-possibly an area I don’t know in a high rise flat with a lift with a bus service that may be cut in the future ‘cos concession pass users have been rehoused there. I live in an inner city area with a lot of SCC accommodated elderly and disabled people housed ‘up hill’. Martin C- your ‘solutions ‘ are unrealistic and demonstrate a lack of understanding
  10. Or you can do what a man with a bottle of sherry in his hand did today around the seats outside Boots. With City Centre Ambassadors having just dealt with a complaint he, Sherry in one hand, relieved himself with the other hand against a bench occupied by a young mum feeding her baby. Classy!!
  11. I remember spending a week in isolation with my 16 month old son who had Salmonella and was quite poorly. Turned out he’d got a strain normally found abroad even though we’d not been out of England. As a notifiable disease Environmental Health traced the source to a contact at a toddler group whose parent had ignored isolation restrictions
  12. The Crawhaws in the Hillsborough Morrisons complex is still going strong and always busy despite the extensive meat offerings at Morrisons. I’ve heard that 2 brothers inherited Crawshaws and went in different directions with the Moor and Crystal Peak shops being managed by one faction and the Hillsborough one by the other
  13. It does but who by? SYPTE and First are only concerned with financial viability. Councillors and MPs cite lack of funds to support services predominantly used by concession passengers. The Mayor’s office response showed a lack of awareness of the area and pointed me to the availability of a Tuesday morning Community Transport bus to and from Morrisons. All this seems at odds with campaigns to address loneliness and isolation and to promote the Green agenda. We hear a lot about villages being isolated by withdrawal of bus services but this is happening in an inner city area populated by a lot of elderly and or disabled people and no-one seems to care
  14. To me dodgy salads are easy to detect by the limp leaves and soft watery veg. Pre prepared salads go off so quick that if I don’t get to eat them within 24-36 hours they always end up in the bin
  15. Don’t mind the spiders, it’s the crafty moths I can’t stand. They lull you into a false sense of security by playing dead and then fluttering round like mad when you try and move them
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