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  1. My husband also worked for Davys and he died in 2016 of asbestosis and Mesothelioma which is when asbestos fibres have been swallowed. I do not know of a Facebook page but I have been in touch with one of my husbands colleagues who may know of others who have worked at Davys who have passed away with the same disease. Could I ask your dads name and whereabouts he worked at Davys. I have a solicitor also and it seems that you have to know someone who worked alongside the person who has died of asbestos an asbestos related disease to make a claim. I am on Facebook and we could message each other on there.
  2. Hi My husband worked directly on the Jodrell Bank telescope project. Unfortunately, he passed away with cancer in 2016. Is there are particular reason why you ask only I do have some photo's. Begora
  3. My husband Ashley Jenkinson also worked with Brian Brooke. Did you know him by any chance. Begora
  4. Thank you for this. However, I have already been through Irwin Mitchell and they couldn't find anyone in their records that has been in contact with asbestos who had worked at Dunfords or Davys.
  5. My husband was an electronics engineer whilst at Dunfords working on and modifying multiple circuit boards. It is thought that he had inhaled asbestos fibres whilst carrying out this work. Have you any knowledge or know anyone who has passed away from asbestos exposure whilst working at Dunfords.
  6. Can you remember if asbestos was present at Jodrell Bank. My husband worked on a telescope there is in 1960's. Begora ---------- Post added 09-08-2017 at 16:38 ---------- Hi My late husband installed the equipment at Jodrell bank in the 1960's. We visited approx. 12yrs ago and the original equipment was still being used. I think he was working for either Dunford & Elliotts or Alfred Peters at that time. ---------- Post added 13-08-2017 at 21:07 ---------- Have you any names/contacts for the people who worked for Dunford & Elliotts. I only know two who worked there and they are Les Crofts & Tony Middleton. Begora
  7. Hi Was the asbestos at Dunford & Elliotts or Davys. My husband was Ashley Jenkinson did you know him?
  8. Hi Would like to hear from anyone who worked at Alfred Peters & Sons on Gell Street in the 1960's/70's. Even if you had a father, uncle or brother who worked there who may have known Ashley Jenkinson (would have been aged around mid twenties at that time) begora
  9. Hi Les I have been trying to contact you. I am Ashley Jenkinsons wife. Unfortunately Ashley passed away on 12th |November 2016. He has lung cancer caused by inhaling asbestos fibres. I am trying to contact anyone he worked with him at Dunford & Elliotts in the hope that they may be able to help confirm that the circuit boards he worked with contained asbestos. Apparently they all contained asbestos until 1980 but we need a witness to say that they definitely worked with him at Dunfords. If you would be kind enough to get back to me it would be much appreciated. Sorry to be the bearer of such sad news but hope you are keeping well.
  10. Hi, Can anyone please provide any information relating to Davys & Dunford and Elliotts? My husband worked at both companies in the 1960's/70's and 80's. I am trying to find out any information relating to possible exposure to asbestos within these two companies? Thank you in advance for any information / source / names of workers you can provide Begora
  11. Hi My husband used to work at Dunford and Elliott (in the 1960s) - is anyone still in touch with any one who worked there during this period?
  12. Hi. I do believe my friends husbands name is on the list you have and she would like to surprise him with a copy for his birthday. Unfortunately, I don't know what you mean by send a "pm". If you could possibly enlighten me I would be very grateful. Begora
  13. Hi Val I remember you well as I am a friend of Pam's. We have known each other for approx. 40 years. I haven't seen Barbara for a long time though. The last time I saw you was at your house when your parents were still alive or it could have been at Pam & Barbara's 60th Birthday bash.
  14. Hi you have found one of us....Ashley Jenkinson is still alive and well. I am only in contact with one other ....Tony Middleton who lives in Bridlington, I still live in Sheffield. Not sure who originated this????
  15. Would it please be possible for anyone to check if a Harrison child was baptised and/or buried at Darnall Holy Trinity Church during 1909 - 1911. Many thanks Begora
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