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  1. sue is my auntie and she is a very nice women when you get to know her she has to be hard faced some times well would you be if you ran a pub with the crap she has had from men and women that cant take there drink she may seem like she been nasty but she is not i know you think i would say this cos she my auntie but when she not rushed of her feet she takes the time to talk to everyone and see if there ok and when we go out she is lot of fun just go there one more time and if you think she is bad then dont go back
  2. lol why thanks for that would like to hear you sing it lol i wanted to find it for my kids but no shops i have been to have it im gutted and im not getting it of net cos my hubby wont let me buy things on line thay should put it back on anyway it was very good tv lol
  3. some of them have ther own vans down there now gary fatty steven so thay are down there every weekend
  4. i have been trying to find this program i used to watch when i was a kid i dont know what it was called it was about a skercrow (sorry about the spelling)and he was in love with this doll that came to life aunt sally i think she was called dose anyone know what it was called and where i can find it i would like my kids to see this as i loved it as a kid
  5. anyone on hear fly pigeons if so has any of you got any pigeons in with orange plasticks in the last week or so s my dad and hussban have lost 25 of there young birds ring numbers start from gbo5p19450 to gbo5p19500 if so pleas let me know
  6. can anyone tell me the names of rossis brothers of woodthorp my dad was best m8s with allan goodwin and he is trying to remember them all
  7. ye but its not the same now i know its sad about terry and gail i was best m8s with kerry at the time of ther deths it was so sad i will tell him about you
  8. i been in hospital a few times and the last time i was there i found out that i had got mrsa from there the halamshir thay dint even tell me i had got it it was only becouse my hubby asked why i was barria nursed that thay had to tell us
  9. chip is my dad he in to opera now lol and still dolly ye murphy still got sherwood and littel murphy got got the shakey now dad not got trany van anymore he took is in the back of it to to skeggy did he sing for you to lol whats your name i will tell him about you
  10. stephan underhay is my dads brother i was out with him for his birthday at the weekend he is 50 now he is well funny
  11. i cant wate i love it not long now come on bb6 lol
  12. i was there till 19 90 loved it miss wild and miss barrat were well hard lol
  13. i like nick to but hursty and danny and jo jo in the mornings is well funny thay got to be the best i been on nick at night to chat about what he was saying about fat women cant be mothers i had a right go at him cos my mum is big and she is a good mother he is gd but he upsets alot of people
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