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  1. I'm not having much luck on social media,I've tried accessing electoral roll for her. It did come up with something for the early 2000s but nothing for her after that,would it be worth chasing that up. Regards Carole. X
  2. Looking for Joanne Nicholson from the parson cross area in the early to mid 1970s Her surname has possibly changed now. Friends from Colley School are trying to locate her. She had a sister called Kim and one called Lisa,her mum's name was Barbara. She Lived on Knowle Rd parson Cross. Maybe using the name Goodison Someone out there must know of her whereabouts,Social networks have come up with nothing. Thanks Carole.x
  3. Hi Diane yes that would be very nice to see you all again.. Will deffo pop up, I will pm you when I get chance.xx
  4. Hi Diane it's me Carole I'm really shocked to learn this, Hope your mum is ok bless her.xx
  5. Been searching for a very old friend susan cousins..she was born 1956 and married in 1976 to (Allen surname) I have traced her to the Manor on S2 she is not on fb.. Maybe I could find her here.. She was originally brought up on Attercliffe Sheffield. Known family members were her mum called Betty chipchase half brother Paul chipchase..Stepfather Albert chipchase she had a uncle called Leslie cousins.Any info wud be great..Thanks.x
  6. I'm posting flyers Saturday and putting in local shops etc. Still troubling I haven't found him,fingers crossed I find him. I looked on Gumtree and a fella in Wakefield found one think its a bit far for him to go,but u never know. I emailed him still waiting to hear back.x
  7. No luck as yet posted on nearly every fb group and put him on pets located,there has been no siting of him anywhere..I'm thinking someone found him and wants to keep him,he is such a beauty a gorgeous little ferret he is..Deeply Gutted.xx
  8. Goes by the name of Casper timid and friendly Large long haired and fluffy beautiful nature. Escaped from his hutch on Thursday 9th march 2016 A small reward may be offered for his safe return.. I have notified RSPCA on their missing animals website in Sheffield. and pets relocate site. Desperate to get him home. Please pm me .
  9. Species of animal to be rehomed Ferret Rehome or Sale? to be rehomed Reason for Rehome / Sale Wanting new homes as unable to keep. Sale Amount Free to good homes only. Location Rotherham Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes..but are babies they do mouth. Age & Sex Male and Female Breed/ Mix Ferret cross polecat. Colour/coat type White Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes with care Live in / out Both but have lived indoors from birth. living outside now with mum Neutered/spayed Not spayed as too young Chipped No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament Extremely good Vaccinated & Wormed Will be Wormed prior to being rehomed. Any special knowledge needed Experience in handling ferrets. General Information you can share both parents of kits are family pets and can be seen Would prefer the kits are kept as pets only and not to be worked. kits will kiss and lick face..They extremely tame. offering free to good loving homes. Wanting very good homes for my 3 baby Ferrets. They are 8/9 weeks old, my Jill pandora had 6 babies I'm keeping 3..But I cannot keep the other 3..So I'm looking for an experienced handler that can offer my babies good decent homes.There is 2 males red eyes and 1 female red eyes. They are very chunky and spoilt they've had the very best. I've named them Conan Loki and Suzy. ...They are very cute and only mouth your hands exceptionally tame as been handled daily..They love to play..Reluctant to let them go but as I say I have to really..Any more info you need just pm me. Regards Carole.xxx
  10. No motability scheme on these just that you receive dla and can afford repayments. Find this a bit out of the ordinary. ---------- Post added 11-05-2014 at 18:55 ---------- They have fb page and website They offering finance to all ppl in receipt of dla. Normally motability is given to folk on the top higher amount of disability. X
  11. I have seen this company offering car loans to ppl in receipt of dla and esa. No credit checks and you just have to pay a deposit. I'm very concerned tbh. As it sounds too good to be true, does anyone know or had dealings with this company.. My concern is that will some part with a deposit and not actually get the car..In fact will these lose their deposit. I very sceptical.
  12. If you are living in someone's house and eating their food then you should contribute to the food bill..own child or not that's how it is in the real world.Also car needs to go or he does I'm afraid ..you need to make ground rules and stop pussyfooting around him Make rules and stick to them its as simple as that.
  13. Pmd u thanks. Xx ---------- Post added 25-03-2014 at 20:27 ---------- Hi I have pmd u details but not heard back from you. X
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