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  1. In the first instance , the best thing is citizens advice,
  2. all just a prelude to , moving busness, jobs oversea as many have all ready gone.
  3. I have the answer at 65, bottle of Brandy in ( my case) and a state supplied poison pill (mandatory) ...............
  4. England GOT ALL COLOURS here, too bloody many
  5. I great idea to what it was like before, as normal ruined by stinking humanity
  6. hi all , I will be installing a electric shower, fuse board soon , what do I have to do for p reg
  7. how about the old way adverts in local shops.
  8. Beware , car boot yard sales, make sure you get a fair price for them, most at these types of sale will try to give you much less, than they are worth. proffesional scroungers.
  9. cycling on the pavement is against the law, I got a clip froma copper for that many years ago.
  10. We are getting like America, gang's the use of knives gun's . One time of day murder was somthing of of an horror event , now seems every day event.
  11. small coloured things 100s n 1000s and lucky bags
  12. Liqorice grand ma worked at bassett,s used to get piles of it Any one rember sweet tobbaco sweet cigarettes flying saucers .............
  13. hi I lived with my Grand parents about 1957...58 , my grand mother was Mrs Alice blearse at no 160 doe royd cresent , and was well know knitting dress making and wallpaper hanging. Grandad was blind . but found is way round the lump, allways wore a rain coat white stick eye shade, they had lived there be fore the war.
  14. In 1964 I was an apprentice Electrician in and around Totley, I was there today and enquired about Peter and Beryl Casson, they have retired. I see little has changed around the area, unlike the rest of my visit to the city and sourounding area, not for the best
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