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  1. I'd like to have a mega outragoius name, but I am not brave enough
  2. Spiders make my stomach quiver. I was clearing under the bad last week and holy cow the biggest house spider you ever seen came running out! I screamed and lept onto the bed I told steve to come move it, he was like no you do it, I said "OMG if I squash that, it'll crunch!" He left me with it, evil so and so
  3. Sorry to say this folks, but I'm going to have to ask for my ID to be deleted permenantly. It had come to light that someone is stalking me via the internet and has got photo's of me stored on thier computer. I will be informing the police in due course. If you would like to stay in touch please by all means feel free to email me. I ask for my account to be left open until tomorrow and then be removed. Many thanks, I will miss you all Liz x
  4. Has anyone/ Is anyone watching this? I watched it on Sci Fi and must say I thought it was pretty good! I hope they show the 2nd series over here!
  5. I think I'd pull out too if I was threatened tobe pelted with eggs
  6. The smell of a newborn baby is right up there, along with my nans cake baking and tumble dryer sheets
  7. Its free mate, what more can you ask for
  8. I would definately complain. I did once complain about a chicken and vegtable pie having only one pea and a load of carrots. I got an appology and £5 off
  9. How sick and sadistic can some people be, they were only peope for goodness sake
  10. It creeps me out too, and makes me feel sick to my stomach
  11. I don't have any daughters but if my boys had gotten thier girlfriends pregnant at a young age they'd be getting a blumin job!
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