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  1. I saw it yesterday morning about 9.00am on the outbound side of the carriageway near the bottom of the Parkway. Its extremely bright for an advertisement at the side of the road. Put a smile on my face though.
  2. Loudest thunder I've ever heard in North Anston at 6am this morning. Got me out of bed quicker than any alarm clock. Annoying thing is I could've had a lie in this morning don't start work till 9
  3. Hi Depends on where you are. Most greens are locked up if there are no members around. Our club is Meersbrook Park. If there is someone there we will always welcome you and you can hire bowls from the hut as well. I know that Millhouses is more accessible and they usually have someone on their hut on a rota as they hire out the tennis courts too. Happy
  4. A few years ago I was up at the top of the Cairngorms with my family when a woman scattered an urn of ashes alongside us without warning. The stuff went straight into my eye. Pretty sure she didn't ask my permission. Don't think I was that angry but I can definitely see dead people It would be nice to be scattered wherever we like when we are gone.
  5. Hi not sure how far you want to travel. Hall Court vets in Dinnington do Puppy Parties every other Wednesday at 8pm. I need to go with my 12 week old Westie but unfortunately can't do Wednesday evenings. Does anyone know of any others that are on a different day.
  6. Definitely agree with Saxon on this one. Lee is a fantastic instructor.
  7. We have been on a few Hoseasons Lodge holidays and they are fab. Depends what your after but they do top range and then more reasonable ones. We've stayed in Scotland, Northumberland and Shropshire with them but I know they have them in Derbyshire too. Failing that do a search for Lodges with Hot Tub and lots come up. Hope you find somewhere and you enjoy it as much as we do. Happy
  8. My hubby had it 4 years ago. He had to go for the more expensive treatment because he had astigmatism in both eyes and was very short sighted. He could see without his glasses within 2 hours and says it changed his life. We paid a few pound short of £3,000 worth every penny. Not sure of the newest procedures or reduction in cost but his procedure was 20ish seconds per eye with a next day check up.
  9. Hi Gabby My children started at Newfield a couple of years ago. They were one of the first in the new building. We moved away from that part of Sheffield but their time at the school was excellent. The new head teacher was ready to bring the school into the 21st century. We keep in touch with a few of our childrens' friends and they are enjoying the school and feel that it is moving in the right direction. When making my decision I stayed away from the negative stuff and went to make an informed choice for myself by attending meetings etc. People hardly ever take the time to say nice stuff. Hope this helps slightly. Happy
  10. Yeh I get that Murphy Jnr but who is now going to repair the damage they have caused by tearing up the carpets that someone glued down years before my In-Laws moved in? I fear that the tripping hazard far outweighs the fire hazard at the present time. Some holes in the concrete are over an inch deep.
  11. Yes it is true. Happening to my mother-in-law's flat. Don't have a problem if it is deemed a fire hazard but unfortunately where the carpets have been ripped up by the Council the tiles and flooring underneath have some serious damage to them. Some serious tripping hazards especially when the lights break and they don't get fixed for weeks.
  12. Another vote for the above because I too used to work with them and I can tell you they definitely are very nice people indeed.
  13. There is a place just opened at Meadowhall called Young Driver UK (I think). This is nothing to do with the outdated stuff on here about Norton though. Hope this helps
  14. Paul Woolhouse on Thirlwell Road near Red Lion at Heeley. He's a great bloke. Just wish we stilled lived over that way.
  15. Is the four or more minors in the same area documented anywhere?
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